1st August 2003 Archive

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  • Fed: Cyberterror fears missed real threat

    Effort was 'misdirected'

    Security 01 06:58

  • RIAA challenged by ISP

    Excessive punishment

    Media 01 07:02

  • How do you tell fake memory from the real deal?

    Welsh distie calls for better guidance from vendors

    Channel 01 07:04

  • Sun turns to Tech Data to answer mid-market prayers

    Xeon servers need homes

    Channel 01 07:05

  • Transmeta deepens China presence with nested JVs

    Little fleas have lesser fleas...

    Channel 01 08:39

  • Intel's MIPI invite arrives in mail

    Still considering whether to RSVP

    Channel 01 09:45

  • US bars MCI Worldcom from new federal contracts

    Too little, too late

    Data Networking 01 09:47

  • Nvidia DirectX 9 market lead chipped away by ATI

    State of play

    Channel 01 09:51

  • US court rules Telsim owners guilty of fraud

    Orders Uzans to pay $4.3bn, issues arrest warrant

    Mobile 01 10:51

  • Mobile phone handset sales picking up

    Cameraphones, smartphones attract consumers

    Mobile 01 12:48

  • Blame game starts as Wi-Fi Bubble pops

    At least someone is doing Due Diligence

    Broadband 01 13:06

  • Open Groupware.org completes Office productivity software set

    'MS Exchange replacement'

    Software 01 13:16

  • On F5 and uRoam

    Sigh of relief

    Security 01 13:23

  • MS flaw highlights e-security laziness

    Dept of Homeland Security warning

    Security 01 13:39

  • Sun and SuSE admit they like each other

    Public stance

    Data Centre 01 16:54

  • Nintendo warns importers over Advance Wars 2

    Back Off

    Personal 01 19:21

  • Dell's support not very supportive

    Fix it yourself

    Letters 01 19:49

  • Onyx: new business model

    Low cost, low risk

    Data Centre 01 20:13

  • Did Loyola University Chicago lose its innocence to the RIAA?

    Lawyer calls for some privacy

    Media 01 21:48