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TI, Nokia, ARM team up for common phone silicon

In something of a coup, Texas Instruments has turned a trademarked brand name for its proprietary silicon into an "open" industry alliance.
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The Bell Micro tolls for $35m share offer

Bell Microproducts yesterday announced its intention to raise up to $35m by issuing a new line of equity. The international distie group said it will use the money to "fund the growth of the Company, to pay down debt, to facilitate selective acquisitions, and to fund performance improvement programs that have a rapid return on investment".
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Bookham junks disruptive technology, disrupts 180 jobs

Bookham Technology, the lossmaking UK fibre optics comms components maker, is axeing 160-180 jobs in a move to reduce cash burn.
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Bertelsmann exits Barnes and Noble online JV

Barnes and Noble is stumping up $164m to buy Bertelsmann's 36.8 per cent stake in its ecommerce arm, barnesandnoble.com.
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Tapwave charts Zodiac handheld release

Tapwave's upcoming Palm OS-based handheld gaming console will be branded the Zodiac, the company said yesterday.
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Intel not guilty of securities fraud

The US District Court of San Jose, California has thrown out a class-action lawsuit that alleged Intel executives of securities fraud.
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Sinn Fein withdraws Sniper at Work t-shirt

Sinn Fein has withdrawn the Sniper at Work t-shirt from its new online shop, following huge criticism of the "seditious" design.
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‘Cautious optimism’ for UK IT jobs recovery

There's evidence today that any tentative recovery in the UK's IT jobs market is patchy with the number of contract openings on the up while permanent position are on the slide.
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Hynix ready to mass produce DDR 500

Hynix yesterday pledged to put 256Mb 500MHz DDR SDRAM chips into volume production next month - the first of their kind, it claims.
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ATI rises on growing mobile market leadership

Securities specialist Goldman Sachs has upgraded ATI stock to its 'outperform' rating on the back of expectations that the company will increase its share of the mobile graphics chip market.
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Single-channel Springdale coming next month

Intel will start to ship the single-channel DDR version of its i865PE chipset during the middle of next month.

IBM pre- announces AMD Opteron 246

IBM's Opteron-based eServer 325 will power the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology's new Linux-based supercomputing cluster - set to be the world's third most powerful supercomputer.
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Japan yens for RFID chips

As Europe mulls the idea of implanting radio chips into euro notes, Japan has gone a step further with plans to incorporoate the controversial technology in currency that will enter circulation next year.
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Pentagon pulls Kill-An-Arab futures trading website

A Pentagon-funded website which invited participants to join a "futures exchange" speculating on the assassination of Middle Eastern heads of state, nuclear attacks on Israel, and similar catastrophes, was abruptly axed yesterday.
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Save Money and Enjoy Life

Home working is not new but a recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Group for AT&T indicates organisations expect much more home working in the future, writes Martin Langham of Bloor Research.
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Sony details PlayStation Portable specs.

Sony has offered more detailed specifications for its upcoming handheld PlayStation console, the PSP.

Court of Appeal rejects Storage Computer HDS appeal

The Court of Appeal has dismissed Storage Computer's appeal over a ruling last year that the company's uropean Patent (UK) 0,294,287, ("'287") was invalid in an action against Hitachi Data Systems.
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Oftel admits Komtel banning order now invalid

"Tough-talking" Oftel has admitted that an order it made two weeks ago prohibiting a Welsh company from making 100,000 "nuisance calls" a day has no legal clout whatsoever.
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Eidos reverses profit warning

Games publisher Eidos has said that the problems it had getting Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness out before the end of its previous financial year won't affect the company's performance after all.
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Tiscali seeks resellers to flog broadband

Tiscali has set up a UK channel sales division to flog wholesale broadband services to "data centric/technology resellers who provide IT outsourcing solutions including first line support and billing services to SMEs typically employing less than 500 people". Try saying that in one breath.
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UMC toasts much improved Q2

UMC, the world's second largest chip foundry, today said second quarter saw significant gains over Q1, with revenue rising 21.3 per cent to NT$21.71 billion ($631.66 million) and operating income rises 255.4 per cent to NT$2.48 billion ($72.16 million).
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Nortel in network security product blitz

Nortel Networks is retro-fitting its Alteon Application Security Switch with security features and reinventing the appliance as a security - rather than Web switching - product, much like Blue Coat Systems has done before it.
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Pirate Naked Chef book goes wild on Web

A file purporting to be a new cookbook by richly-rewarded-but-still-naked TV chef Jamie Oliver is not all it might appear. The 100-odd page Word document currently doing the rounds is titled "The Naked Chef 2" does contain genuine recipes from the chirpie chef, but they've been cobbled together from various earlier Oliver oeuvres into a picture-heavy glossy package of the sort that can be expected to command a goodly price in the TV-chef mass market.

IBM whacks lone iSCSI box

IBM has culled another low end system from its storage lineup, eliminating the highly marketed but slow selling 200i iSCSI box.
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EMC bulks up Symmetrix

EMC has added the largest Symmetrix system to date to the high end of its storage line. At the same time it is rolling out improved technology for sending data over long distances and native iSCSI support for the new kit.

MCI denies national security ‘compromised’

Scandal-smeared MCI has insisted that all US government secure calls on MCI networks have been handled properly and denied that national security was compromised at any time.
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I'm working for the FBI, claims accused hacker

Self-styled grey hat hacker Jesse Tuttle is fighting charges that he broke into his local council's computer network with a claim that he only did it as part of his work with the FBI.
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Whitehall laptop theft prompts security concerns

A London man has been charged with stealing a government laptop in a case that prompts renewed concerns about the security of government computers.
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Deutsche Bank dismisses IT jobs report

Deutsche Bank has issued a statement, denying a Die Welt report that it plans to outsource 5,500 IT jobs worldwide. "Speculative", "no concrete figures", "theoretical figures", "misinterpreted" are some of the terms it uses to describe the article.
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What has Sheep Shagger and Bluetooth got in common?

A survey by TDK Systems published today has revealed some of the more unusual names people give to their mobile devices.
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Firms to spend big on mobile e-mail

Currently, only a tiny proportion of people with business mobile phones use their handsets for e-mail, but Analysys says this is about to change.
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Netscreen pilots security support for IPv6

Anyone looking to improve the security and scalability of their Internet activities has had IPv6 earmarked for a while, writes John McIntosh of Bloor Research.