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German court blocks $17bn Bertelsmann suit

The German Constitutional Court has intervened in the $17bn lawsuit filed in New York in February against Bertelsmann over the funding of Napster.
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Vodafone boasts of good Q1

Vodafone has put in a good Q1, gaining 2.5 million customers net, and improving blended ARPU (average revenue per user) up in Italy and the UK, holding steady in Germany, but down slightly in Japan, compared with the previous quarter.
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Napster 2.0 by Christmas

California-based Roxio will later today announce key elements of its launch strategy for the new Napster music service in a keynote address at Jupiter's Plug-In conference in New York.
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Dell promises Axim PDA fix, fails to post it

Dell has delayed releasing a patch that allows its Axim x5 PDA to operate correctly with Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.
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Sex.com owner can sue VeriSign

Gary Kremen, rightful owner of the Sex.com domain name, has won the right to sue the registrar duped into transferring the lucrative domain to a convicted felon, Stephen Cohen.

AMD Opterons to power Great Supercomp of China

AMD Opteron processors are to power the fastest supercomputer in China, under a deal between the microprocessor firm and Chinese server vendor Dawning announced today.
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Apple confirms Panther OS will be 32-bit

Apple has confirmed a Register report that Panther, aka Mac OS X 10.3, will not be a fully 64-bit operating system.
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Bitboys offers tiny mobile graphics chips

Finnish company Bitboys, the one-time golden child of the graphics chip arena, today made its Acceleon mobile graphics chip design available to licensees.

Microsoft brings Secure Web Services closer

As the noise of secure communications and identify management continues unabated and vendors clamour at the door, Microsoft's recent announcement of Web Services Enhancements 2.0 might have been missed, writes John McIntosh of Bloor Research.
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Arrow to shut UK warehouses

Arrow Electronics is going pan-European on the distribution front, shutting down two UK warehouses in the process. The move which will see distribution centralised in the Netherlands, is expected to save $5m a year. The number of staff affected has not been published.

ITNET bags £83m Cabinet Office gig

ITNET has won a £83m deal to handle the web hosting infrastructure for The Cabinet Office. The five-year contract is the biggest in its history and its first major Central Government win, the company said today in a press release. The contract contains a provision for a two-year extension.

Cavium touts wireless security processor

Cavium Networks today announced a new range of security processors for Wireless LAN applications and protocols.
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It's Alive! Blake's 7 rises from the grave

Blake's 7 is returning to the TV screens, a mere 23 years after the cult Brit SF series ended its run on the BBC.
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NTL admits billing letter blunder

NTL has apologised after sending out 800 letters by mistake to customers demanding payment on "overdue" accounts.
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Copying is Theft – and other legal myths

Opinion As the war over P2P downloading heats up, and the record companies launch the novel marketing technique of suing their customers, I think it is an appropriate time to settle some of the pervasive myths about U.S. copyright law which fuel both sides of the debate, writes Mark Rasch, SecurityFocus columnist and former head of the Justice Department's computer crime unit.
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Maxtor Maxes on Max Services

Maxtor is bringing all its customer care ops under a new global brand called MaxServices.
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Ryanair blocks flight search engine

Fledgling flight comparison Website -Openjet.com - has accused Ryanair of blocking access to its airline schedules.
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MusicMatch to offer subscription free downloads

First BuyMusic.com, now MusicMatch. The online music company today said it will offer an Apple iTunes Music Store-style subscription-free service in the autumn.
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‘Divorce is a cakewalk compared to losing email for a week’

More than a third of IT staff find the "loss of email more traumatic than events such as a car accident or getting a divorce".
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EU mulls closure of Madeira ISP tax loophole

Europe is considering closing a loophole that allows ISPs and e-commerce operations to pay less tax.
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ALi licenses Rambus for PCI Express

ALi, formerly Acer Labs, has licensed Rambus' PCI Express physical bus interface technology for use in future core logic chipset products, it said today.
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Plextor unveils DVD+/-, R/RW CD-RW drive

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Optical Plextor has introduced an optical drive to burn DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and CD-R/RW discs. The PX-708A supports 8x DVD+R, 4x DVD-R, 4x DVD+RW, 2x DVD-RW, 40x CD-R and 24x CD-RW burning. Its reads CDs at 40x max. and DVDs at 12x max. The drive contains 2MB of data cache and offers a burst transfer rate of …
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So what info does WinXP really send to MS?

Germany's tecChannel has launched an English-language version of its site, and has celebrated with a seriously trainspotter analysis of the interaction between Windows XP's product activation and Redmond central control. Despite (or possibly because of) Microsoft's insistence that the WPA process is completely harmless and doesn't send the company any of your personal data, the system has since its introduction been the subject of much paranoid speculation.
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Atheros touts top-end Wi-Fi products

WLAN chipmaker Atheros is now selling more than a million 802.11b/g and a/b/g chipsets a month, the company boasted in a statement put out on the wires today.
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Lastminute.com available on 3 handsets

Lastminute.com is to provide its online travel service direct to people's 3G phones.
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You can buy Win2k server, but pretend it's 2003?

It's how you count them. History tells us that the success of quite a few next generation Microsoft products is aided by it becoming progressively more difficult and expensive for customers to carry on buying the previous product. For some lucky licensees Microsoft institutionalised this procedure last year by getting them to pay for the new products and then letting them install the old products anyway, if that's what they want to do, but the Big Red Switch for the OEM channel still plays its part, and do we see the first signs of it being thrown for Windows 2000 Server?

BMC cuts 900 jobs

Software maker BMC said today it is to slash 900 jobs globally in an effort to stem losses.
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Privacy: US, full marks, Europe, null points – study

Privacilla.org, "your source for privacy policy from a free-market, pro-technology perspective", has lined up behind the, er, interesting argument that the US approach to privacy is superior to the European model. Hailing a supporting AEI-Brookings study, Privacilla.org editor Jim Harper says: "While Europe has built a creaking privacy bureaucracy, America is poised to move forward with new innovations that benefit consumers. Countries that follow the bureaucratic model will stand on the sidelines as US consumers consistently enjoy more goods and services at lower prices, along with the privacy protection they want. Europe may have all the regulations, but the American system delivers real privacy for real people."

Unisys brings J2EE and .Net to new mainframe

With the release of a new mainframe, Unisys is trying to provide its customers with a route out of the dark age.
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Fraud cases up, financial losses down

The number of fraud cases reached a record high during the first six months of this year, according to KPMG Forensic's latest Fraud Barometer.