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MIT says RIAA is legally challenged

After issuing a subpoena to the MIT, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) finds itself in yet another legal battle as university officials have refused to divulge their students' names. MIT is protecting students suspected of trading copyrighted files, citing privacy concerns and improper legal tactics by the RIAA as a defense.

Business Objects: not quite Crystal clear

Business Objects has agreed to buy Crystal Decisions in a stock transaction valued at $820 million.
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Northern Ireland aims for 100pc broadband

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland wants to make broadband available to 100 percent of its population in three years.
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UK.gov urged to crack down on ID theft

The Government has been urged to take steps to help combat the growing problem of identity fraud, which costs the UK economy a massive £1.3 billion a year.
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Sales down at Black Box

Black Box Corporation, the hyper-acquisitive networking equipment reseller, saw a big sales fall in the three months ended June 29, 2003, its Q1.
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Siebel de-installs 490 staff

Siebel Systems is culling 490 staff -nine per cent of the pay-roll in an effort to hold profit margins steady at 15 per cent as sales fall.
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Sprint goes Wi-Fi

Sprint PCS, late to the table, has announced that it will have over 800 Wi-Fi Zones ready for its mobile phone customers in two months - and 2,100 Zones by the end of 2003. In fact, the first 800 are a simple franchise deal.
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Time looks to India for call centre pilot

UK-based Time Computers has rejected claims that outsourcing a tech support call centre to India will lead to job losses in the UK.
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Antitrust trouble brewing for Microsoft in Israel

Israel's antitrust director has been blasted for dragging his feet over declaring Microsoft a monopoly.
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Welsh virus writer loses appeal

A Welsh virus writer who created three computer viruses has failed in an appeal to get his prison sentence reduced.

3Com-Huawei wins US, UK export licenses

3Com says its joint venture with Huawei to make networking equipment is moving closer to becoming fully operational, after it gained export license approvals from the US and UK governments.
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Palm launches Tungsten T2

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch PDA Palm today officially launched the Tungsten T2, as anticipated, though we note it's been on sale for a couple of days now from some outlets. This new version of the existing Tungsten T doubles the memory to 32MB (29.5MB of which are available to the user), adds a superior 320 x 320 transflective colour …
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Have big IT companies had their day?

Perceived and historic wisdom was that the large IT Companies gobbled up smaller IT Companies, once they had reached a size or prominence, writes Bob McDowall of Bloor Research.
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Infineon loss narrows during Q3

Infineon saw sales remain flat during its third quarter, the chip maker said yesterday, which led to its ninth consecutive loss-making period.

IBM fills out Lotus Workplace with Aptrix

IBM has joined the ranks of the other major vendors of content management and collaboration software and decided to acquire a key building block of its enterprise content management strategy, rather than build it itself, writes Martin Langham of Bloor Research.
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ARM Q2 profits slump

ARM's second fiscal quarter saw revenues of £31.4 million ($50.3 million) yield a profit of £4.3 million ($6.9 million), the company reported yesterday.

Asus drives dual Xeons with P4 chipset

Intel's i875P chipset, aka Canterwood, supports dual-processor Xeon chips and not just single Pentium 4s, as the part's documentation suggests.
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Extended warranty hard sell to end

Shoppers could be spared the hard sell for extended warranties when buying electrical goods if proposals put forward today by the Competition Commission (CC) are adopted.

SCO not playing by Aussie Rules

An Australian Open Source group has filed a complaint with the country's competitition regulator over SCO's attempt to extract license fees from enterprise Linux users.
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Iomega touts 1.5GB micro drive as Flash killer

Iomega is having another go at getting its removable disk technology incorporated into devices other than PCs.
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Lucent wins $1bn Sprint gig, splashes more red ink

At last some good news for Lucent, the hard-pressed networking equipment vendor. Yesterday it won a $1bn contract to supply 3G infrastructure kit to Sprint, the US mobile network.
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Vodafone seeks UK Mobile Gaming Champ

Vodafone is offering the chance to win a holiday in Ibiza and a share of £700 worth of mobile gaming goodies to tempt gamers to participate in what it claims is the world's first mobile games championship.
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BT inks US Wi-Fi roaming deal

BT has struck a roaming agreement with US outfit Airpath Wireless Inc that means its punters will be able to use Wi-Fi on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Spam clients outed, credit card details published

Anti-spam activists have upped the ante in their fight against junk email by publishing the details - including credit card information - of people who've ordered spamming services online.
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BuyMusic offers 300,000 songs to US PC users

The latest challenger to Apple's online iTunes Music Store launched in New York today. And the new service, BuyMusic.com, is already claiming to be the world's biggest music download store.
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Epson inks: a modest proposal

Letters Epson, we don't have a problem
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Those ghostly Iraqi mobile networks in full

The mysterious sightings of mobile phone networks that shouldn't even exist yet in Baghdad aren't even half the story, Register Middle East sources reveal. Although nobody yet has a licence from anything you might care to class as a current Iraqi government, there are four networks in the country, and more will be bidding, starting with a meeting in Amman, Jordan on the 31st.
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Greek games ban breaks EC rules

The European Commission yesterday issued a warning against Greece for passing a law to crack down on Internet gambling.
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Cracking Windows passwords made easy

Cryptographic researchers have outlined techniques to greatly reduce the time it takes to crack alphanumeric Windows passwords.

Sun's shares tumble, The Loon grumbles

Sun Microsystems shares took a serious hit in the early hours of Wednesday trading, opening the door for Merirll Lynch's top server analyst to wax eloquent on Sun's demise.
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Google says the VAT Man should exercise, not excise

Letter As you know many American companies have had to register for VAT. Including Google. It thefore made me laugh when Google sent me an email asking me to change my adwords advert for my website.
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‘Online banking in SA was a time-bomb waiting to go off’

South African bank Absa has been criticised for its handling of a series of raids its Internet banking service that have seen hundreds of thousands of rand disappearing from its customers' accounts.

Veritas has record run in Q2

Software maker Veritas reported record revenue in its second quarter and only expects things to improve in the coming three months.
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Carly's ‘Mean One’ jibe offends HP veterans

"Certainly we have very good relations with the Packards and the Packard Foundation,'' HP chief executive Carly Fiorina told a Silicon Valley audience on Monday.
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AT&T Wireless promises all-IP real 3G

AT&T Wireless today repeated its commitment to launch a scaled-back 3G network Stateside by the end of next year, alongside its upgraded "2.75G" EDGE network.