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ISPs and labels ‘must cooperate’

Since broadband providers and music labels have not shown a willingness to cooperate, European consumers are unlikely pay for e-music anytime soon.
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Intersil quits ‘overcrowded’ WiFi, finds sucker to buy

The writing is on the wall for WiFi chip suppliers. The WLAN market may be about to boom, but the main beneficiaries of the boom look like being Cisco and Intel - so Intersil has sold off its Prism line of chips to someone who thinks they can out-think those two giants.

Oracle consolidation is ‘one-way bet’

It is entirely plausible that Oracle's attempt to buy PeopleSoft was an attempt to throw a spanner in the works of the latter's acquisition of J D Edwards, writes Phil Howard of Bloor Research.
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Hotspots – cold turkey or Big Mac?

How do hotspot locations make money out of wireless connectivity - simple, by not selling it.
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Congress threatens two hi-tech Gestapo programs

The US Senate this week proposed denying funds to two Orwellian surveillance programs sought by the Bush Administration.
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Apple posts highest revenue for three years

Apple posted a net profit of $19 million (five cents a share) for its third fiscal quarter last night on sales of $1.545 billion - it's highest quarterly sales since 2000.
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Micron, Infineon battle for second place in DRAM chart

While Samsung continues to rule the RAM roost, the real cock-fight is for the number two position, with Micron coming increasingly under pressure from Infineon, according to the latest data from DRAM market watcher Semico.
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Nokia Q2 profits slide on flat revenues

Nokia saw its profits tumble 27 per cent during its second quarter over the same period last year on flat sales, the company said today.
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Dell halts PPC 2003 Axim PDA shipments

Dell has halted shipments of its Axim x5 PDA until it can fix a problem that has knocked Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC performance for six.
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Microsoft issues doubleplus critical security fix

Microsoft yesterday warned of a critical flaw affecting all versions of its operating systems bar Windows 98 and ME.
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Severe Windows security hole patched

Every version of Windows with the exception of ME (and including the "Trustworthy Computing" engineered Windows Server 2003) has a nasty stuff-up in the RPC (remote procedure call) process, which yields complete system ownership to a third party.
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Congress mulls prison terms for KaZaA users

Not satisfied with hacking P2P networks, or destroying the computers of file sharers, House Hollywood sock puppet Howard Berman (Democrat, California) is now sponsoring legislation that would jail people who trade as little as one MP3 on the Internet.
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Trojan turns victims into DDoS, spam zombies

Anti-virus vendors are warning of the mass mailing of a new Trojan program "Webber" (aka "Heloc" and "Berbew") which is capable of turning infected PCs into pr0n or spam propagating zombies.
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Sage acquires Timberline

Sage is to buy Timberline Software, a US developer of financial and operations software, for $91m net cash.

SAP profits up, sales down

First the bad news: revenues were down in Q2 and a weak dollar and a sluggish global economy means that sales will be weak, at least for the rest of the year. for SAP, Europe's biggest software house.
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Windows device development faster, cheaper than Linux?

A survey of embedded device developers claims a 4:1 development cost advantage in using Windows embedded platforms over Linux ones. By happy coincidence the report was funded by Microsoft, and will no doubt therefore be playing its part in Redmond's current 'get Linux' campaigns, but nevertheless it should not be dismissed out of hand - its numbers do have a certain validity, and warrant examination, although the report may not ask all of the right questions.
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Sanmina buys Newisys

Sanmina SCI is to buy Newisys, a server maker that's been one of the few to sign up to use AMD's Opteron processor.
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Service tunes 56Kbps modems up to 784Kbps

Data compression specialist QuikCAT Technologies has launched a service it claims is capable of accelerating email and web page access by up to 14 times.
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PC price war good for business

Consumers flocked to pick up lower priced PCs in the second quarter, as worldwide sales jumped by the largest margin since 2000.
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Thawte issues doppelganger certs warning

Digital certificate specialist Thawte has discovered that its systems have issued certificates with duplicate numbers over the last few months.

HP's old Bluestone team found off New Jersey Turnpike

The case of the missing HP Bluestone developers has been solved with close to 20 of them turning up at an Oracle XML sweatshop located in New Jersey.
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DirecTV dragnet snares innocent techies

In recent months the satellite TV giant has filed nearly 9,000 federal lawsuits against people who've purchased signal piracy devices. But some of those devices have legitimate uses, and innocent computer geeks are getting caught in the crackdown, writes Kevin Poulsen of SecurityFocus.
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Congressman pocketed $18,000 for RIAA ‘lobbying trip’

The powerful Congressman at the center of the controversy over royalty rates for small webcasters took $18,000 from the Recording Industry Association of America.