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Radio royalties: the ticking timebomb under the RIAA

An obscure backroom deal that took place in Washington DC last Fall - unreported by the specialist music press, then dismissed as insignificant after extensive coverage here at The Register - could yet be the undoing of the Recording Industry Association of America.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Jul 2003
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Trojan serves porn off home PCs, not many dead

A new Trojan is turning Windows PCs into porn and spam relays, possibly as a means of harvesting credit card details, researcher Richard M. Smith has discovered.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jul 2003
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‘Open and helpful community’ – of credit card thieves

Credit card fraud "power users" with programming skills and no fear are making it easier for newbies to break into white collar crime, according to a report from the Honeynet Research Alliance this week.
Kevin Poulsen, 12 Jul 2003
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Well, my PC thought it was funny

The office may start to sound like a fun place with the development by an Australian university of laughter-recognition software.
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Of Infinium's Phantom

More information about the rather publicity-shy Phantom console has been unveiled, revealing that the system is indeed a Windows PC designed to download PC games securely over a broadband connection.
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‘Tread carefully as technology stocks rise from the ashes’

'Tread carefully as technology stocks rise from the ashes'
IT-Analysis, 12 Jul 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Analyst fires shot into Itanic's hull

A small analyst firm has issued a massive warning to HP customers considering a move off of PA-RISC-based servers and onto Intel's Itanic-powered systems, saying some users may be in for a painful migration.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jul 2003
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BOFH and The Engineer

Episode 13 Episode 13 BOFH 2003: Episode 13 Picture if you will a computer room, late at night.. Late, late at night... Almost morning, in fact.... All lights - bar several system status indication lamps - are off..... Suddenly a lamp, previously glowing Blue, changes (hereafter) to Orange....... Seconds later an SNMP trap, …
Simon Travaglia, 12 Jul 2003