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3 UK adds NEC e808Y to handset roster

3 UK has added a fourth 3G phone to its line-up.
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Cheap DSL will hurt providers: report

A broadband strategy based on cut-rate prices could hurt the commercial viability of broadband providers, a new report says.
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Iraq: the view from the ground

With post-war Iraq continuing to create huge controversy - non-existent WMDs, organised Iraqi resistance, uncaptured Saddam, little or no electricity or running water - we thought we'd look at the wholly less controversial issue of IT infrastructure. What there is, what there was and what efforts are being put in to make it better.
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Amsterdam: home of the 419 lottery scam

"Fortune Trust Finance & Securities opens a whole new world of opportunities providing you with that financial security you can count on," reads a brand new web site. Take a closer look and you understand why. Profiles of "our dedicated Executive Directors" make you laugh: the low res-pictures are noticeably copied from other websites. And the web site's visual effects are totally inappropriate for a trustworthy financial institution.

Consolidation: what does it mean for small players?

Anyone interested in the enterprise applications market will have had their eyes focused recently on the potential mergers among some of the larger players - Oracle, PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards. But, as uncertainty reigns, what is happening to the other players in the market, asks Fran Howarth of Bloor Research.
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EC launches Infineon state aid probe

The European Commission has launched as "in-depth probe" into financial aid the Portuguese government plans to provide to a local DRAM plan owned by an Infineon subsidiary, the Commission said this week.
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We've found the perfect solution to spam: Mark takes the stand

Right of Reply We have found the perfect Solution to Spam
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Axe-wielding Texans savage oak tree, post pics, get caught

Updated One guiding principle of committing the perfect crime is to leave or no evidence of the misdemeanour. A good set of prints on the murder weapon or a size-ten shoeprint in the flowerbed will not help your case when the Feds come hammering on your door.
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Intel enables RAID 1 support on 865, 875 chipsets

Intel has updated its chipset support software to enable RAID 1 arrays. It also adds support for Windows 2000.

Web Conferencing – Ready for Prime Time

Like many new technologies, when teleconferencing was first introduced it was desperately difficult to get it to work, writes Martin Langham of Bloor Research. I can remember struggling to match 10 different plugs to 10 different sockets and configure a PC in a desperate attempt to have a teleconference. In the end, the struggle was too much and I resorted to speakerphone. Several factors prevented the wide scale adoption of teleconferencing:
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About that Sony static electricity claim

Letter "A spokeswoman likened the shock to strength of a static electricity charge"
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Sharp cans Linux PDA in Europe?

Update Sharp's introduction of two new Linux-based PDAs for the Japanese market appears to have heralded the death of earlier members of the Zaurus line in Europe.
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Chip VAT fraud gang sentenced to 31 years

A criminal gang found guilty of an £11m VAT carousel fraud * involving computer chips has been sentenced to a total of 31 years in jail. Confiscation orders totalling £7.1m have been made against some of the nine gang members.
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GSM Association calls for MMS push

The GSM Association yesterday issued a rallying call to the wireless industry to speed the arrival of enhanced, fully-interoperable Multi-media Messaging Services (MMS) services and devices.
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Let's do PS3 launch… in 2005

A late 2005 launch date for the PlayStation 3 looks increasingly likely today, with confirmation from Elpida that it will be beginning production of memory chips for the console early that year.
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Chip makers' 2003 capex to buck downward trend

Semiconductor manufacturers are set to increase spending on chip-making equipment this year, reversing the downward trend witnessed over the last few years, market watcher Gartner claimed this week.
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ATI gears up for Q3, Q4 chip launches

ATI's release schedule is proceeding as planned, with follow-ups to the Radeon 9600 Pro and 9800 Pro coming later this month and mid-to-late August.
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BBC Domesday Project saved for Nation

The BBC's Domesday Project, the groundbreaking multimedia tour of the UK as it was in 1986, is again open to the public.
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Oftel dismisses Freeserve BT complaint

BT's broadband marketing does not breach the Competition Act, Oftel has ruled.

Autonomy swoops on Virage

Autonomy, the world's most hyped search software company post-AltaVista and pre-Google, is snapping up Virage Inc. for $24.8m.
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Virus hysteria debunk-site in difficulties

The popular Vmyths Web site which has for several years ridiculed the excesses of virus and cyber-terror hysteria may be going down for the count.
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DTI doles out £5.4m in hi-tech research grants

The Department of Trade and Industry today dished out £5.4m in high-tech research grants, "the largest DTI payout in recent years" to EUREKA projects.

Premium rate scam hits London

Parcels delivery company Interlink Express today distanced itself from a premium rate telephone scam taking place in the London area over the last few days.

Oftel should ‘raise awareness’ of BT rivals

Oftel, the telecoms watchdog, should do more to raise public awareness of BT rivals, the National Audit Office claims.
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90% of notebooks to bundle Wi-Fi by 2008

The Wi-Fi hotspot bubble may yet burst, but WLAN access is going to play an increasingly important part in the notebook market over the coming years, according to the latest report from market watcher Strategy Analytics.
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UK ID scheme complex, costly, won't work, says expert

UK home secretary and serial control freak David Blunkett's national ID card scheme has come under fire from an unlikely source - the company currently deploying Belgium's national ID card scheme. This has a certain piquancy, given that Blunkett thinks the UK is "out of kilter" with Europe on ID cards, yet here we have an outfit that knows what it's talking about reckoning that he is out of kilter with ID card thinking.
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Apple attempts to patent fast user switching

Apple has filed for a patent that suggests the company is working on a new mobile device capable of supporting multiple users. Either that or it's cunningly trying to outflank Microsoft's lead on fast multi-user switching by retrospectively patenting the technique as its own.

IBM, Sun and HP locked in giant Unix OS spat

Analysts say the Unix operating system market is dwindling with speed, but the major server vendors are fighting hard to hold onto their clientele and to attract new customers with a host of Unix migration offerings rolling out in recent weeks.
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Inflexible work kills creativity

UK companies are jeopardising creativity through inflexible working hours.