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RFID spy-chippers leak confidential data on the Web

Public relations flacks eager to win the public over to the benefits of mass RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip proliferation have ironically managed to leave their own confidential plans unprotected on the Web.
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Yahoo! posts! record! quarter!

Advertising money is coming back, and Yahoo! could not be more excited, as the company hit record profit marks in its second quarter.
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Legato: EMC supplies lifeline

EMC has confirmed its long-rumored intention to buy Legato Systems, announcing a $1.3 billion stock swap for the storage management and backup software supplier. A lifeline for struggling Legato, the deal will help EMC reach its aim of seeing around a third of revenue come from software by 2004.
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IE bugs keep coming

Microsoft issued a patch Wednesday for a critical vulnerability in most versions of Windows that gives attackers remote control of a user's machine though Internet Explorer. But if the results of a new survey are any guide, most users won't install it.
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Sherwood accepts Sungard offer

Sherwood International's board has accepted a 140p a share cash offer from Sungard Data Systems which values the UK insurance software company at £65.1m.
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Kingston targets gamers with 500MHz DDR

Memory specialist Kingston Technology yesterday began offering memory modules based on 466MHz and 500MHz DDR SDRAM.
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Ali chipset targets 800MHz FSB Pentium 4

ALi has launched a North Bridge part that supports the Pentium 4's 800MHz effective bit rate frontside bus, courtesy of the company's ULi subsidiary.
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RIAA sues Spanish music site

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said Wednesday it has filed a lawsuit against the Spanish company Puretunes.com, claiming the service had defrauded its customers into believing that its service was licensed by record labels. Puretunes disappeared last month without any explanation, leaving behind many seething customers, some of whom had paid a full year in advance.
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Rambus renames Yellowstone as XDR DRAM

Rambus has rebranded its Yellowstone memory interface technology. From now on, the system will be known as XDR, the company said today.
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Sony recalls 18,000 Vaios

Sony is to recall 18,000 Vaio laptops capable of giving their owners a very mild electric shock. The company blames a dodgy modem.
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BT sets trigger level for 500 more exchanges

BT set broadband demand trigger levels for another 500 exchanges (PDF list) today.
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AMD to replace Duron with Athlon FX?

Farewell, Duron. Hello, Athlon FX.

Sun: Rave on over to the other side

Sun's Rave environment will face competition from several similar products. But worse, it could actually help competitors succeed at Sun's expense. Sun hopes to grow the community of developers building applications with Java in Rave, but these individuals might be quickly filtered away to rivals' Java platforms.
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Bill Gates tops email hoax list

Bill Gates isn't only the richest man in the world - he's also the subject of more email chain letters, virus hoaxes and scams than any other person or subject on the planet.

HP sends SMI-S invite to partners

HP has kicked off a new developer program designed to make it easier for storage software partners to design and promote SMI-S code for HP storage gear.
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Prescott to clock higher at launch than anticipated

Prescott, the next generation of Pentium 4, is likely to debut at a higher clock speed than previously anticipated, if the latest leaked Intel roadmap is adhered to by the chip giant.
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PS2 gaming service browser hacked

A PlayStation 2 owner has figured out how to access non-Sony web pages using the browser software provided with the console's online gaming service.

Intel's Tanglewood pumped full of DEC Alpha goodness

Intel's recent hiring of Alpha guru Peter Bannon has helped provide a clearer picture as to what the Tanglewood processor will look like.
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London police quiz suspected US DoE cracker

An 18 year-old Londoner suspected of commandering US Department of Energy computers to store illicitly obtained music and video files was arrested and questioned by police yesterday.