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This is the future of online newspapers

The Guardian yesterday announced that it was going to start charging for online services, making it the last UK broadsheet newspaper to install a paid-for element on its website. The end of universal free news content has finally come.
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Wi-Fi Alliance passes out 802.11g kit

The Wi-Fi Alliance today announced the certification of the first eight products as 802.11g compatible.
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Microsoft profiting from antitrust punishment

Microsoft's gift for turning its punishments into business opportunities continues to rankle with the States who brought antitrust suits against the software giant. A filing with the US Department of Justice reveals that Microsoft has already been asked to reduce the licensing fees for its communications protocols it is obliged to publish. Under the joint Se[a]ttlement between the Department of Justice and the States, Microsoftmust provide the information under a RAND (reasonable and non-discriminatory) license.
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Thailand imposes curfew on online gaming

Authorities in Thailand are set to impose a strict curfew on online gaming which will see access to online game servers blocked between 10pm and 6am every day, with Internet cafes also facing curbs to their business hours along the same lines.
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Intel to boost Xeon cache, cut prices Monday

Intel will ship Xeon chips with 1MB of L3 cache for dual-processor systems next Monday and cut the prices of its current Xeon line-up while it's about it.
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Skullcandy Link

Reg Review Skullcandy's Link is a simple product: a pair of over-the-ear headphones, a 3.5mm audio jack and a cellphone connector, all wired together. And that's it. Simple, yet incredibly useful.
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Britain is a nation of Net tourists

Almost a half (47 per cent) of UK households now enjoy Net access, according to the latest government statistics.
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We've found the perfect solution to spam

The Internet Research Task Force's (IRTF) quest for an effective solution to spam has struck gold in the form of IT specialist Mark McCarron.
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Send to Mobile = brass in pocket

With broadband, point and click, web browsing, there's a world of information at your fingertips, writes Rob Bamforth of Bloor Research. When you move away from the desk and take the information with you, what could be simpler than printing some piece of information you've found and putting it into your pocket? Instead of printing why not have a digital pocket, managed for you to access from your phone when and where you need it?
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Chip industry turnaround coming in Q4

The semiconductor industry's recovery will commence during Q4, despite the recent forecasts from industry organisations that 2003 will experience significantly lower growth than expected, chip market watcher Advanced Forecasting (AF) has claimed.
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3Dlabs brings Wildcat III, 4 cards to Linux

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Graphics 3Dlabs has posted Linux drivers for its Wildcat 4 and Wildcat III graphics cards, the company said today. The cards are aimed at high-end scientific and content creation applications and are pitched against Nvidia's Quadro series and ATI's FireGL cards. The Wildcat 4 series, comprising the 7110 and 7120 …
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Memix 128MB USB Memory Watch

Review We like USB Flash drives. They're easy to use, make cross-platform file swapping a doddle, and they're incredibly convenient. Why lug around an external drive or a pile of Zip disks when you can carry 1GB on your keychain?
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Dell to tighten systems security

Dell is to pre-configure Windows 2000 installations on its desktop and notebook products in a bid to provide its customers with more secure systems, the company said today.
Cat 5 cable

3Com welcome to join Cisco-Huawei dispute

A US court has granted 3Com's motion to get involved in patent violation dispute between Cisco Systems and 3Com's joint venture partner Huawei.
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TVBrick to pump Japanese TV across Net

French open source software company Nexedi has launched TVBrick an Internet-based system designed to help Japanese folk overseas keep up with the favourite TV shows.
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MP sets up spam busting site

Derek Wyatt MP, Chair of the All Party Internet Group, has set up a Web site to mobilise consumers against the mounting menace of spam email.
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P2P fans unite, the RIAA fight is on

The thunderous grunt let out two weeks ago by the RIAA has served as a call to arms. P2P advocates are ready to prove the technology has merits that outweigh the music labels' self-serving concerns.
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Verizon launches MMS

US carrier Verizon has launched a picture messaging service that's compatible with the global MMS standard. But you can't send picture messages to friends on rival networks - at least, not yet.
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RIAA faces antitrust suit

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) could find itself on the end of an anticompetitive lawsuit filed by Internet broadcasters.
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Revolution needed for rural broadband success

The Access to Broadband Campaign (ABC) put the contentious issue of bringing affordable broadband to rural areas under the spotlight in a one-day conference today.

DARPA puts millions in U.S. vendors' pockets

DARPA has done its part to keep U.S. computer makers alive and kicking by handing out millions in grants to Cray, Sun Microsystems and IBM.

Serverworks spots flaw in Grand Champion LE chipset

Serverworks has issued a software utility which lets OEMs spot dud versions of its Grand Champion LE chipset.

Sun replaces Ethernet card with donkey

Customers hoping to get their hands on Sun Microsystems' new V210 and V240 servers will have to wait a little bit longer.