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UK will ‘miss e-gov deadlines’

UK local authorities are unconfident that 100 percent of services will be e-enabled by the government's deadline of 2005, a Datamonitor study reveals.
ElectricNews.net, 06 Jul 2003

WHO drops Taiwan from SARs list

The World Health Organisation (WHO) yesterday dropped Taiwan from its list of SARS-affected countries. This is welcome news for the world's IT hardware vendors, which depend upon Taiwan for their components. A string of companies, most recently AMD, blamed the impact of SARS on lower sales.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jul 2003

Dutch mass spammer loses grip

Martijn Bevelander is not a happy man. The 23 year-old Dutch entrepreneur was exposed last week by the BBC as a mass spammer. Now his company Megaprovider is sinking.
Jan Libbenga, 06 Jul 2003

Now Blunkett wants to charge £39 for ID cards

David Blunkett wants us all to pay £39 a pop to the government so that it can afford to spy on us, a leaked letter on ID card proposals reveals.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jul 2003

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