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Fresh twist in nthellworld protest site saga

The long-running saga of disgruntled NTL users seeking a forum to express their displeasure at the cable operator has taken a fresh turn.
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Dixons to create 2,200 jobs

Dixons, the electronics and appliances retailer, plans to create 2,200 new jobs across the group this year following better than expected annual results.
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Sony to demo Cell by March 2004

Development on Sony's Cell microprocessor continues apace, with SCE boss Ken Kutaragi promising a shareholders meeting in Tokyo that demonstrations of the technology will happen within the current financial year.
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Smallest nation goes wireless – totally

If you go whale-watching at the Pacific island of Niue, somewhere near New Zealand, you should take your Centrino PC, because you'll be able to get on the Internet as soon as you moor up in harbour there. Free.
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So why has Linux failed to live up to expectations?

Paris held its first Linux Expo around five years ago and the hype then had Linux equalling or surpassing Windows on the desktop within five years, recalls Bruce Tober, who wrote about several of those Paris Expos. Linux is gaining significant ground, especially in the business world, but that early and optimistic prediction has clearly failed to bear fruit.
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Oracle hints there's more to come

Coming hot on the heels of the announcement that PeopleSoft had agreed to acquire J.D. Edwards, Oracle's attempted hostile takeover of PeopleSoft took many by surprise, writes Fran Howarth, of Bloor Research.
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IBM hunts for Euro ISVs

IBM wants to get approximately 80 to 100 European headquartered ISVs into IBM's mid-market partner program by the end of 2003, up from the 50 or so in place today, writes Tony Lock of Bloor Research.
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Apple denies fiddling G5, Xeon tests

Apple has defended its benchmark comparison of its new Power Mac G5 and two Dell Pentium 4 and Xeon-based systems, stating that the tests performed and the way those tests were conducted is all above board.
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Bosses and workers split over flexi-working

Parents and business bosses are firmly split over the benefits of working from home, new research reveals.
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Intersil ships universal Wi-Fi chip

WLAN chip maker Intersil has begun sampling its latest dual-band 802.11 chipset, Prism WorldRadio, which it claims can be used anywhere in the world.
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Claim your business grants now

Small businesses are urged by Abbey National to take up the millions of pounds worth of grants left unclaimed every year.

Novell ports network service to Linux

Novell yesterday fleshed out its plans to make port its network services platform to Linux, with the announcement of Novell Nterprise Linux Services.
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PC, CE giants propose digital interoperability scheme

PC players and consumer electronics giants came together today to launch yet another industry body, this time charged with finding a way to make sharing digital content between digital devices much easier.
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Techno cops needed to catch cyber criminals – Blunkett

Police must embrace cutting edge technology to stay ahead of criminals in the fight against crime, the Home Secretary will tell an audience of senior policemen tonight.
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ATI Q3 turns loss to profit

ATI today reported Q3 2003 income of $12.4 million (five cents a share) on sales of $342.1 million.
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Motorola hurries release of 0.13µ G4

Motorola appears to have brought forward volume production of the next major G4-class PowerPC processor, the MPC7457, from Q4 to Q3.
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Hitachi preps 250GB Serial ATA drive

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Hard Drive Hitachi Global Storage will ship its Deskstar7K250 250GB Serial ATA drive at the end of the month, the manufacturer said today. The 3.5in unit will be offered at capacities of 40, 80, 120, 160 and 250GB. Depending on capacity each drive has between one and three platters, and up to six GMR recording …
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We're UnitedLinux – are you Ready?

UnitedLinux, the collective of Linux distro wannabes, hasbeens and neverweres, has set up a testing and self-certification programme for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

IBM lowers entry point with Express

IBM has lowered the bar for its Express software license bundles, putting them in reach of medium-sized businesses for the first time.
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Intel launches 2.5, 2.6GHz Celerons

Intel rolled out two new desktop Celeron processors today, clocked at 2.5GHz and 2.6GHz.
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Microsoft declares war on spam

Bill Gates yesterday pledged to step up Microsoft's efforts to fight rising spam nuisance which he described as a "pollution of the email ecosystem".
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Tiscali buys C&W's French Net ops

Tiscali has scooped up the French internet ops of Cable & Wireless for &euro5.6m cash. It also inherits 100 customers and 120 C&W employees. The pan-European ISP says the deal will take its annual business-to-business revenues in France to €50m.
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‘FAUX News’ parody site draws FOX News lawyers

A parody Web site called Agitproperties.com has drawn fire from FOX News legal beagles for selling an amusing line of 'FAUX News' and 'O'Reilly Youth' t-shirts and similar merchandise.
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Motorola to make Orange brand handsets

Orange has selected Motorola to supply two handsets for its Signature own-brand line.
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Line'em up! RIAA to sue thousands

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has issued the biggest threat to date against online file-traders, saying it will sue thousands of individuals into submission.
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Linux: it's the Desktop, Stupid!

Why hasn't Linux lived up to the hype of the last few years?

Dell gives Itanium a second chance

Dell Computer has returned to Intel's 64bit fold with a new server based on the upcoming Itanium 2 (Madison) processor.