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DataCore waves the flag for Windows 2003

DataCore has reaffirmed its ties to Microsoft, releasing version 5.2 of its SANsymphony storage management software which makes use of new storage-related features in Windows Server 2003.
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Web, email more important than phone

Internet and email services are now so vital to small firms that they are considered to be more important than the telephone, according to a new survey.
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Guess settles with FTC over cybersecurity snafu

A little hacking went a long way this week when the Federal Trade Commission announced that Guess Inc. has agreed to overhaul its information security practices, to settle a rare FTC action kindled by young Southern California programmer who discovered a security hole on the fashion retailer's e-commerce site last year.
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IP Telephony – next gen heats up

Revenues from overall IP-based solutions in Western Europe will be just under $6 billion in 2005. The convergence of voice and data networks presents a vast opportunity for voice and data vendors, service providers, value-added resellers, system integrators, and consultants.
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Apple graphical glitch reveals Power Mac G5 specs.

Updated Apple inadvertently revealed its hand last night, posting - albeit briefly - specs. for upcoming Power Macs on its online AppleStore.
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South Korea appeals to WTO over Hynix DRAM tariffs

The South Korean government is to complain to the World Trade Organisation over the punitive tariffs imposed by the US government and expected to be levied by the European Union on imports of Hynix DRAM products.
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Nvidia source confirms ATI Xbox 2 design win – report

Internet gaming site Spong.com has claimed its recent story ATI will provide the chipset and graphics technology for the Xbox 2 has been confirmed by an unnamed "senior source close to Nvidia".
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Back to the Future with the MS Real-Time Communication Server

If you saw the film "Back To The Future Part 2", you may remember the episode where Marty McFly was sacked by a combination of FAX, email video, mobile-phone, etc. - a true multimedia sacking, Martin Langham Bloor Research writes.
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Wireless fun and Games at JavaOne

While the number of phones is large compared to the number of personal computers, the market for developers of sophisticated mobile applications has been struggling to find its place, writes Rob Bamforth, of Bloor Research.
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70 jobs ‘at risk’ at Telewest Business

Up to 70 jobs are under threat at Telewest's business division following a decision by the cableco to restructure the operation in a bid to cut costs.
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Oracle vs. Peoplesoft: Linux wins, no matter what

Oracle is a vociferous Linux supporter. PeopleSoft is busily porting all of its applications to Linux. If Oracle manages to buy PeopleSoft, we'll see a growing push toward more Linux in the enterprise. And if PeopleSoft stays independent, we'll see... a growing push toward more Linux in the enterprise.
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Terrifying outbreak of rebranding madness in France

LogoWatch LogoWatch Our story earlier this week about a serious outbreak of rebranding madness in Spain has clearly failed to alert French authorities as to the seriousness of the threat. Chillingly, it may already be too late. Oil monolith Total - the new front for merged Total, Elf and Fina - displays all the classic symptoms of having …
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Freeserve gets frisky at AOL's expense

Freeserve has had yet another mischievous pop at AOL UK's VAT-free status ,claiming that thanks to a loophole, the ISP has avoided paying £150m in tax since it was established in the UK in 1996.
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Meet Stumbler: Next Gen port scanning malware

Security experts are tracking the spread of a mysterious piece of malware which has been linked to an upsurge in distributed port scanning on the Internet.
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Openwaves goodbye to 180 jobs

Mobile software developer, Openwave Systems, is to cut 180 jobs. The US company said on Thursday that it was making the lay-offs, which amount to around 12 percent of its workforce, as part of an attempt to reduce its expenses.
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Intel to launch 3.2GHz P4 on Monday

Intel is expected to announce a 3.2GHz Pentium 4 on Monday at $637 a pop.
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Dell patent ‘infringement’ comes to trial

Dutch PC manufacturer Tulip will face Dell in court on Monday (June 23, 2003) as its $17 billion intellectual property infringement case finally comes to trial in the US District Court of Delaware.
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USB Forum speeds up USB by renaming it

The trade group responsible for marketing the USB peripheral interface has given the older 1.1 specification a speed-boost -simply by changing its name.
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NTL axes nthellworld.com feedback forums

NTL has effectively pulled the plug on its customer feedback site nthellworld.com in a move that has angered many of its punters.
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Public opposes ID cards, govt admits

The UK government has finally admitted that the majority of responses to consultation on its ID card scheme were strongly opposed to the controversial idea.
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Polish researchers launch game-phone concept

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Game phone Polish hardware developer ATELAB Research has announced Chameleon, a gaming-oriented mobile phone concept, and the company is looking for a manufacturer to help it develop the device commercially. ATELAB says it is seeking "patent protection" for the device, but its key feature, a five-way game …
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Moto to make hybrid WLAN phones

Motorola is to partner with Texas Instruments to produce hybrid WiFi cellphones. The phones use VoIP when on a wireless network, then revert to using 2.5G and 3G networks when outside the campus or office.
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Vendors in Wireless G upgrade scramble

Vendors are scrambling to upgrade their equipment following last week's ratification of the 802.11g wireless LAN standard.
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Come up and see me some time

WebcamNow, a streaming image service with more than 1.5 million users a month, stores user ids and passwords in plain text in the registry of users' computers.
Mike Kemp, 20 2003
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McNealy slams Sarbanes-Oxley

Neither IBM, Intel nor Microsoft has what it would take to drive Sun Microsystems' CEO Scott McNealy out of the tech industry, but Uncle Sam does.
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Evesham hijack gang jailed for 99 years

Nine men convicted of the gunpoint hijack of a lorry containing thousands of pounds worhth of PC equipment from Evesham Technology were sentenced to prison for a combined total of 99 years at Worcestershire County Court today.
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Senate decries FCC big-media coup

The US Senate is shocked, shocked, by the FCC's recent pro-big-media decision basically enabling America's TV and radio broadcasters, big Internet content providers and newspaper publishers to merge into a monolithic and self-serving commercial propaganda machine.
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Congressmen turn on ICANN

Incredibly, after nearly five years of well-documented and widespread abuse by the organisation charged with running the Internet, ICANN, US Congress has decided it doesn't like what's going on and two Congressmen have introduced legislation "to ensure healthy competition in the Internet naming market".