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Broken CD with wrench

Brocade gets big backing for new software

Brocade is in the midst of a pretty good run with analysts and partners such as EMC, Hewlett-Packard and Hitachi heralding the company's storage switch business.
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Of the Playstation Portable

A host of new details about Sony's forthcoming PlayStation Portable (PSP) console have been revealed by SCEE president Chris Deering at a summit in London, including software pricing details and the company's view on the Game Boy Advance.
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Security researchers nibble at Bluetooth

On Tuesday the organization responsible for the Bluetooth wireless standard unveiled version 1.2 of its official spec at the Bluetooth World Congress in Amsterdam. But for real evidence that that the technology is finally gaining acceptance turn to the conference program for this summer's DefCon hacker convention, or the front page of the Packetstorm security tools site. After years of neglect, security researchers are beginning to gently sink their teeth into the technology.
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Excel snafu costs firm $24m

A simple spreadsheet error cost a firm a whopping US$24m.
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VIA ships KT600 chipset for Athlon XP 3200+

VIA has begun shipping its Apollo KT600 chipset for 400MHz frontside bus Athlon XP processors, and has signed 20-odd mobo makers to use the product.
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Bulldog goes live with 6Mbps DSL service

Bulldog has unveiled a 6 Mbps DSL service for really bandwidth-greedy home users.
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HP confirms future product will use Athlon 64

At last, the truth behind HP's mysterious model t182k PC, revealed yesterday to be the company's first AMD Athlon 64-based offering, can be revealed.
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Premium rate txt on the rise

Interactive telly shows such as Big Brother have led to an explosion in the number of premium rate text messages being sent and received in the UK.

IP Telephony far better than ‘two cans connected by string’

IP Telephony has matured from having the "sound quality equal to two cans tied together with string" to become a serious consumer service, market analysis organisation In-Stat/MDR has claimed.
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Researchers build gadget to see through walls

British boffins have developed a radar-based system that can see through walls and behind closed doors.

‘Madison’ Itanium 2 to ship on 30 June

Intel will unveil the next version of its Itanium 2 processor, codenamed Madison, along with next-generation Xeon MP chips, aka Gallatin, on 30 June.
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AMD to ship Athlon 64 3400+ in August – report

AMD will ship the Athlon 64 in August, well ahead of its September launch, Taiwanese motherboard-maker sources claim.
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Fortinet fortifies anti-virus firewalls

Fortinet has upgraded its network-based anti-virus firewall appliances to defend against a wider range of malicious attacks.
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Win free tickets to the LinuxUser & Developer Conference

Site offer The Register is offering readers the chance to win free tickets to next week's LinuxUser & Developer Conference -The Linux Zone taking place on the 24, 25 and 26 June at Networks for Business at the NEC Birmingham.
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Corel shareholders rebel

Corel Corporation shareholders are revolting. They say the struggling software company has sold them down the river by agreeing to flog the business for a bargain basement price.
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Micro-engines to power next-gen PDAs, PCs, phones

Forget about fuel cells: 'micro-engines' are the future of mobile device power supplies, if the predictions of a team of scientists at the UK's University of Birmingham come to pass.
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Nimble reveals personal multimedia phone

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Videophone Nimble Microsystems has launched the Nimble V5 personal video conferencing player, a compact information appliance based on VIA's C3 x86-compatible processor. How compact? The V5 measures 19.3 x 19.3 x 5cm (7.7 x 7.7 x 2in), says Nimble. It offers e-mail, web browsing, instant messaging, IP telephony …
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RSA gets into fingerprints

RSA Security is to add biometric recognition technology to its popular line of two-factor authentication products. This will give customers the opportunity to add another layer of authentication to its identity management system.
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BTo tops Oftel complaints league table

Oftel receives three times more complaints about BTopenworld than any other ISP, according to official stats published today.
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Battery makers to try Splash Power wireless recharge kit

Imagine charging your PDA, phone and notebook all at the same time, from the same source, simultaneously. That's the goal of SplashPower, a UK-based start-up that has developed a 'wireless' recharging system.
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Engage is now DisEngaged

Engage, the once high-flying ad serving software and Internet sales house, has gone titsup. It has filed for Chapter 11 and is selling all of its assets to a firm called Scene 7 for the knockdown price of $1.2m cash and the assumption of liabilities of approx. $650,000 to $850,000.
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‘Pirates’ told to pack it in – RIAA

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has sent "cease and desist" letters to four people it alleges were illegally offering hundreds of copyrighted songs over the Internet.
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Net fraudster nailed – in East Ham

Members of the scheme to warn UK retailers about credit card fraud have been commended by the Metropolitan Police for their part in assisting the arrest and conviction of a serious Internet fraudster.
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mPay Day for Network365

Irish mobile software company Network365 has raised €10 million in new venture capital, as it prepares for expected growth in its sector.

Veritas retools cluster software

Veritas has added a few new bits and pieces into the latest release of its cluster management software.
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Eating Lawyers is good for you

Letters Re: Lawyers must be culled like rabbits - Nokia VP
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Quantum Crypto – It's in the fiber

Letters : Holy Grail of crypto to arrive in three years, say UK boffins

Cisco switch price cuts a bad sign – Analyst

A pair of recent price cuts for Cisco storage switches have one analyst questioning how successful the networking giant can be in the high-end storage market.

StorageTek signs FalconStor for data pooling

StorageTek is to develop and resell a version of FalconStor's IPStor disk pooling and virtualisation software. The strategic alliance between the two companies also gives StorageTek's resellers and its professional services group access to IPStor.
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US Senator pauses on PC destruct button

US Senator Orrin Hatch (Republican, Utah) backed down slightly from his bizarre remarks Tuesday advocating the remote destruction of computers belonging to copyright scofflaws.
SGI logo hardware close-up

Sun ready to ship the whole Enchilada

More details on Sun's upcoming Ultra SPARC IIIi-based workstations have emerged thanks to a generous Register reader.
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Nintendo wins Lik-Sang piracy case

Hong Kong based Lik-Sang, a mail order company which distributes videogame software and hardware worldwide, has lost a crucial court case brought by Nintendo over the sale of devices which could copy Game Boy software.