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DVD it in many colours

Munich airport offers choice of WISP

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Dell and EMC renew their vows

Something must be going right between Dell and EMC with both companies agreeing to extend the length of their storage partnership.
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ReplayTV to forbid ad skipping

The single most distinguishing feature of ReplayTV, namely its ability to skip commercial propaganda automatically, will be dropped from the next line of DVR boxes, Reuters reports.

What constitutes the mid-market?

As enterprise application vendors have seen their licence revenues slip recently and average transaction sizes plummet, many have turned their attention to focus on the "mid-market". Notwithstanding the recent flurry of acquisition announcements in the enterprise applications space, many of the vendors in this market, including Siebel, SAP and Microsoft, have made announcements over the past couple of years that they are moving down the market in their focus.
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Text complaints on the up, up, up

Complaints concerning premium rate email, SMS and fax services have gone through the roof in the last year as more and more people have been diddled by unscrupulous operators.
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Chip makers to increase spending this year

The world's chip makers will spend 13 per cent more on plant and equipment this year compared to 2002, market watcher Strategic Marketing Associates (SMA) has forecast.
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Nvidia preps NV40 for PCI Express migration

Nvidia will move from today's AGP 8x interface to the next-generation PCI Express buys during the last three months of 2003 and the first three months of 2004, according to roadmaps revealed by German web site HardTecs4U.
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Glow-in-the-dark keyboard lights up nightly Quake sessions

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Illuminated keyboard Auravision's EluminX illuminated keyboard isn't entirely new, but since we've not come across it before and as the company plans to show off its wares at CeBIT USA next week, we thought we'd mention it anyway. Taking a leaf out of Apple's 17in PowerBook, the EluminX keyboard glows in the dark …
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Microsoft enters AV market

Microsoft has entered the anti-virus market with the surprise acquisition of little known Romanian AV firm GeCAD Software. Financial terms of the deal, announced yesterday, were not disclosed.
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New WPA wireless security on its way

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Intel touts early access to new tech

Intel's services division, Intel Solution Services (ISS), has launched One Generation Ahead, an initiative developed to provide businesses with access to future technologies and the company's "business expertise". The goal: to help firms roll out new technology more quickly and maximise ROI while they're about it.
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Reg to attend 3rd Annual Nigerian Email Conference

Get rich quick scheme: Those readers interested in the potential fiscal benefits of unsolicited e-mail marketing might like to join key members of the Register Strategy Boutique in Nigeria this November for the 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference.
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BB growth doubles in Europe and US

2002 was a bumper year for broadband in Europe as the number of punters hooking up to high-speed Net access more than doubled to 13.4 million and access revenues topped $4bn.

Orange flogs cheapo voice/data leased line combo

Orange UK and Cisco have developed a service which enable companies to access both voice and data services through a single leased line.
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Find! A! Date! On! Yahoo! UK! France! Germany!

Yahoo! today launches a dating agency for its UK and Ireland, French and German properties. Called Yahoo! Personals, subscription will cost between €15 and €25 per month. But the service is free for the first few months.
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Taiwanese gather sales in May

Taiwanese companies issue regular monthly sales reports, and the latest figures, for May, from the leading chipset and chip makers are now in.
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Hutch sues KPN over 3 funding (or lack of)

Hutchison Whampoa is sueing Royal Dutch KPN over its alleged partner's decision to stop funding 3.
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E-Plus snaps up Mobilcom's 3G hardware

E-Plus, KON's German mobile network operator, is taking over Mobilcom's 3G infrastructure in Germany for the knockdown price of €20m
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Suicide chicken terrorises NZ

A suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand, was brought to a standstill earlier this week by a suicide-bombing chicken.
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WLAN alert! Get your helmets on

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Tony Blair like ‘Robert Mugabe and Fidel Castro’

Tony Blair has been lumped in with the likes of Robert Mugabe and Fidel Castro - and all because he doesn't have an email address.
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Telewest hit by ‘particularly large’ DoS attack

Telewest was hit by a "particularly large" DoS attack yesterday evening causing problems for thousands of users in the North of England, London and the South East.

Oracle says PeopleSoft keeps legal attack dogs on leash

Oracle has cranked up the spin machine to full throttle, announcing PeopleSoft's decision not to pursue legal action against the hostile takeover bid made last week.
Cat 5 cable

3Com stokes Cisco Huawei fire

3Com has asked a Federal judge to rule that products created as part of the joint venture between 3Com and China's Huawei Technologies are outside the scope of a legal dispute between Huawei and Cisco.
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Intel brings 533MHz FSB to Mobile P4

Intel today extended its mobile Pentium 4 family with faster clock frequencies and a 533MHz frontside bus, as anticipated. The launch follows reductions to the prices of older mobile P4s earlier this week.
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What G? Fone fraction fragmentation

Ready for 4G? Unstrung's Justin Springham shares our bafflement at the appropriation of the term in a recent column> for the online wireless mag. He points out that 4G has to date meant the as yet undefined successor to 3G, loosely scheduled to come on stream as many of the ten year 3G licenses expire in 2012.
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NTL working on ‘intermittent’ email problem

NTL claims it is working as "quickly as possible" to rectify an "intermittent" email problem that's dogged users since the weekend.
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Dell, HP see the Java light

Dell and Hewlett-Packard are to make life easier on their customers by shipping a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) made this century with their PCs.
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Reports slam WorldCom corporate culture

Two reports into the collapse of WorldCom argue that a strong culture of secrecy saw management repeatedly burying financial data from its board and auditors.
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Moto scrubs own Java for phones – buys in Aplix

This week's Java One show will be a triumph for Aplix Corporation, a specialist in deploying the Java application environment in mobile phones. It has displaced Motorola's own version of Java in Motorola phones, it announced at the show.

UK.gov funds nanotech study

The government today launched a new independent study to examine the benefits and risks of nanotechnology.

Sun finds its networked computer

Sun Microsystems has found its networked computer and done so in style.
SGI logo hardware close-up

New Sun workstation lurks in the channel

Sun Microsystems has a new workstation geared up and ready for delivery.
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Cracking down on cyberspace land grabs

The people who keep the Internet running are coming to terms with address space hijacking, an old scam that's turned suddenly nasty, writes Kevin Poulsen of SecurityFocus.