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Intel tightens revenue forecast

Intel has trimmed the range of its second quarter revenue outlook, according to a mid-quarter update released Thursday.
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Blog noise is ‘life or death’ for Google

Letters Sick of blog noise polluting the Google search results? We didn't realize how popular this idea would be. Evidently, the quality of information is dear to the hearts of many readers.
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Public Wi-Fi – the debate bubbles on

Letters Is there money in public hotspots?
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Wi-Fi prices: Europe is being ripped off

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Peoplesoft & JD Edwards: an IBM narrative

So PeopleSoft is to acquire JD Edwards. But what does it actually mean and what are the industry economics behind the deal, asks James Governor, of analyst firm Red Monk. The obvious conclusion is that it’s a defensive move for the two packaged application vendors, a bulking up in order to better compete against the likes of Oracle, SAP, and Siebel.
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Pogo brings TiVO-style recording to radio

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch MP3 Player Fed up of missing The Archers omnibus edition? Well, maybe not, but whatever floats your boat on the airwaves, Pogo Products' Radio Your Way portable AM/FM device could be for you. Not only is it a radio with ten station pre-sets, it's got a built-in recording facility backed by enough RAM (32MB) to …
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UK portals lag US giants

Home-grown portals in the UK continue to lag behind the Anglicised giants of the US, according to research from Forrester.
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Palm Tungsten-T follow-up revealed?

Is Palm about to upgrade its ageing Tungsten-T PDA? That's certainly the suggestion made by posters on a Chinese bulletin board dedicated to the device after a piccy of the T's successor, the T2, was uploaded.
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BT admits distribution talks with Dixons

BT has confirmed that it has held talks with Dixons Store Group (DSG) about replacing Freeserve in a key distribution deal with the high street electrical retailer.
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Microsoft pledges to cut Xbox costs

Microsoft has "aggressive plans" to reduce the cost of goods sold in its Xbox division as part of a broad cost management exercise, CEO Steve Ballmer says.
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Holy Grail of crypto to arrive in three years, say UK boffins

UK boffins have demonstrated unbreakable quantum cryptography over fibre links longer than 100km for the first time.

Oracle ambushes Peoplesoft with $5.1bn bid

Oracle has launched an ambush bid for Peoplesoft, just days after its target announced an agreed $1.7bn share offer for JD Edwards.
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KaZaA founders to ‘borrow’ your PC to distribute content

Joltid, the Swedish peer-to-peer software company formed by KaZaA founder Niklas Zennstrom, has launched PeerEnabler, a secure content distribution technology that utilises users' own PCs to disseminate content for publishers.
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Further Nvidia driver ‘optimisation’ detected – report

Nvidia has been accused - again - of using its Detonator FX graphics card drivers to reduce image quality in order to inflate its products' 3DMark 03 scores.
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Wired to publish Slammer code

Wired is to publish the code for SQL Slammer, the worm which caused havoc to Internet operations worldwide this January.
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boycottebay.co.uk flogged on eBay

It had to happen. A hacked-off eBay punter has registered his dissatisfaction in eBay's decision to increase in "seller fees" in the UK by flogging "boycottebay.co.uk" on the auction site.
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SCO's Second Amendment rebuffs Novell Unix claim

The army of paper shufflers beavering away at the SCO Group has managed to unearth a 1996 amendment powerful enough to block some of Novell's Unix claims.

Data speed record crushed

U.S. and European scientists have set a new data transfer speed record, shattering the previous mark using nothing but good old fashioned Ethernet.

Oracle to migrate PeopleSoft accounts to… Oracle

The normally staid world of the ERP gorillas has been thrown into turmoil this week, writes Fran Howarth, of Bloor Research. First PeopleSoft announced plans to acquire JD Edwards. Then Baan announced its sale and subsequent alignment with SSA technologies. Now Oracle has stated that it will be making an offer on Monday to buy PeopleSoft entirely.
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Return to sender, false address unknown

Are spammers deliberately getting mail servers to bounce undeliverable messages towards their targets as a way of getting their junk read?