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iSync update: beware

Apple's iSync software needs a health warning: use at your peril.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jun 2003

Brocade feeds analyst dirt on Cisco switch

A financial analyst has started a feud between networking giants Cisco and Brocade by dubbing the Cisco MDS 9000 a switch of ill repute.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jun 2003
DVD it in many colours

Sun chip engineers talk multicore, SPARC delays

It was a bizarre afternoon Monday at the Sun Microsystems office here, as one chip engineer after another came bounding out from behind a thin client to tell us more about multicore processors.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jun 2003

US court rules against restrictions on violent games

The IDSA is celebrating a ruling by a federal appeals court in the USA which has overturned a Missouri law restricting the sale of violent games to minors, claiming that it is a key victory in its ongoing fight against censorship legislation.
gamesindustry.biz, 05 Jun 2003

Software biz urges tougher bug disclosure ‘rules’

A group of 11 of the largest software companies and computer security firms released the first public draft of a proposed bug disclosure standard on Wednesday, and asked the security community for comments.
Kevin Poulsen, 05 Jun 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Siebel makes a buy of its own

Siebel has ignored speculation of a possible takeover by completing a small acquisition of its own and upgrading its product line.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jun 2003

Wi-Fi Palm finds its voice

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
IT-Analysis, 05 Jun 2003

Palm signs Wi-Fi security, access, VoIP deals

Palm yesterday signed a handful of alliances it hopes will make its Wi-Fi equipped Tungsten C handheld more attractive to corporate IT departments.
Tony Smith, 05 Jun 2003

Buying 3 phones disappointing – report

"3" is flogging its 3G phone services based on the lure of low cost voice calls rather than multimedia services.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jun 2003

Abbey National bins WAP, Digital TV banking

Abbey National has joined Halifax in ditching its WAP-based mobile banking service. It is also scrapping its digital TV service.
John Leyden, 05 Jun 2003

eBay to charge VAT in Europe

eBay is to start charging value added tax (VAT) in Europe from July 1 to comply with EU legislation on digital services.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jun 2003

Intel plans October P4 price cuts ahead of Prescott launch

PC buyers awaiting cheaper 3.2GHz Pentium 4 machines rather than splashing out after the chip's launch on 23 June will have to hold off until late October.
Tony Smith, 05 Jun 2003

EMI sues Bertelsmann over Napster

EMI has joined Universal Music Group to sue Bertelsmann, parent of fellow 'big five' music label Bertelsmann Music Group, for investing in Napster and thus - they allege - promoting the piracy of their music.
Tony Smith, 05 Jun 2003

AMD stock downgraded

Banc of America Securities has reduced AMD from a 'neutral' investment rating to 'sell' ahead of Intel's mid-quarter market statement to be announced tonight.
Tony Smith, 05 Jun 2003

Singapore abandons Wi-Fi for 3G

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jun 2003

Cisco builds WLAN security framework

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
John Leyden, 05 Jun 2003

Worldcom screws down EDS bill

EDS has cut its annual outsourcing charges to Worldcom by a whopping $83m a year. In return the bankrupt telco will resume payments to EDS, worth an estimated $600m a year over three years.
Drew Cullen, 05 Jun 2003

Nokia upgrades 7250 handset with XHTML

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 05 Jun 2003

eBay punters hopping mad

Around 1,000 hacked-off eBay regulars in the UK have already jumped ship and signed up with rival auction site eBid.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jun 2003

3 UK unveils new pricing bundles

3 UK has unveiled two bundled pricing options for its 3G phones which it claims could save punters up to 50 per cent on monthly call charges.
Tim Richardson, 05 Jun 2003

UK ID cards – the incredible shrinking consultation

UK Home Secretary David Blunkett plans legislation to introduce ID cards this autumn, but possibly has a small problem in transforming the verdict of what must surely have been a heavily anti ID card public consultation into a favourable one. The Home Office does however seem to be trying.
John Lettice, 05 Jun 2003

Sendo sues Orange over MS SPV smartphone IP

Mobile phone company Sendo today started legal proceedings in London against Orange, claiming patent infringement in the design of the Orange SPV smartphone. Given that the "Orange" SPV uses HTC hardware with a Microsoft operating system and an Orange look and feel on top of that, picking on Orange might seem a tad odd - but once you've disentangled the rationale, it begins to look like the company with the problem is Microsoft, again.
John Lettice, 05 Jun 2003

Fossil says Wrist PDA will ship in the US this month after all

Watch maker Fossil has denied that the US release of its Palm OS-based Wrist PDA watch-cum-personal organiser has been delayed until early next year.
Tony Smith, 05 Jun 2003

Citywide ‘citizen cards’ to hit London

London is to introduce a transport smartcard system and boroughs in the city are looking to use it to develop the first stage of a London-wide "citizen" card.
ElectricNews.net, 05 Jun 2003

Symantec revamps education licenses (winners and losers)

Symantec risks raising the ire of parts of the UK education sector because of changes to its site licensing programme. Even though its revised charges for schools and colleges are a fraction of what it charges commercial organisations, many larger institutions could end paying substantially more for their anti-virus software.
John Leyden, 05 Jun 2003

College radio reprieved from pigopolist punishment

Last weekend college Internet broadcasters in the United States signed-off on an important royalty agreement with the RIAA that should keep non-commercial webcasters a'streaming.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jun 2003

More Gartner voodoo – IBM now on top

The tricky analysts at Gartner have pulled a fast one on rival IDC by ranking IBM ahead of HP as the worldwide server revenue leader in the first quarter.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jun 2003

Bugbear sequel spells fresh misery for Windows users

Anti-virus vendors today warned of the rapid spread of yet another mass mailing virus.
John Leyden, 05 Jun 2003

Let's all move to India (China, Vietnam, Eastern Europe etc.)

In a teleconference held June 5, 2003, IDC analysts said they expect global outsourcing in the IT industry to increase, which will put smiles on the faces of workers in China, The Philippines, India, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe, but will continue to depress U.S. and Western European IT workers. Except the French.
Robin Miller, 05 Jun 2003

On the iSync fiasco that didn't have to happen

Steve Jobs should pause for thought before carrying out one of the ritual executions that follow a public humiliation. The fiasco over the release of the iSync software update - which lost real data central to users' lives - could have been easily avoided.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jun 2003

US appeals court hands Barcelona.com back to original owner

The US Court of Appeals has handed back the domain Barcelona.com to its original owner after three years of protracted, convoluted and insidious legal argument.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Jun 2003

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