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We've seen the future, Indian Prez tells Gates – and you're not in it

Each year, while Bill Gates parties at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Richard M Stallman makes a trip to Porto Alegre. Stallman takes part in discussions on alternatives to globalization, US-style, at the World Social Forum. His travel choice appears to be paying off.

Sun pushes faster CPUs, server price cuts

Sun Microsystems has sweetened up part of its low-end server line with faster chips and price cuts.
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Motorola to boost 0.13µ PowerPCs with low-k dielectrics

Speculation that Motorola may soon cease to be a supplier of processors to Apple may be premature. The chip maker yesterday said it had successfully implemented low-k dielectric materials in its 0.18 micron silicon-on-insulator (SOI) processors, bringing an estimated 20 per cent speed bump to the PowerPC line.
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FutureMark: Nvidia didn't cheat

It's official: Nvidia didn't fix its 3DMark 03 figures after all. So says no less a source than 3DMark 03 developer FutureMark, in a jointly issued press release put out this morning.
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SEC opens IBM's books

IBM yesterday admitting that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating how the company accounted for a proportion of its revenue in 2000 and 2001.
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Sonicblue's Linux tech toys head for final (?) roundup

Sonicblue, producer of several interesting Linux-based devices, filed for Chapter 11 earlier this year and sold off its ReplayTV and Rio business units as part of its survival bid. But although hardware supplies are drying up and official support has been largely cut off, a weird side-effect of Sonicblue's difficulties is that there are still a few bargains to be had, often at a fraction of build cost, and there are sufficient enthusiasts out there for there still to be support and development resources available.
Broken CD with wrench

Invensys sells Baan to US investment firms

Invensys today announced the sale of its enterprise application subsidiary, Baan, to two US investment groups for $135 million in cash.
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Intel offers Elpida $100m to drive DDR 2 production

Intel confirmed today that it plans to investing $100 million in Japanese DRAM maker Elpida.
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Government preps one-stop hub for e-services

The e-Envoy is due to announce a major new eGovernment venture that will create a single access point for online services, writes Ian Cuddy, of eGov monitor Weekly.
Ian Cuddy, 03 2003
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Net saves SMEs £4bn a year

The Internet saves small businesses in the UK more than £4bn a year, according to research published today to mark the start of the Internet World conference and exhibition in London.
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Chip biz body cuts 2003 growth forecast

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organisation has scaled back the amount by which its expects the global chip business to grow this year.
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Gartner predicts strong handset sales

Mobile phone handset sales in the first quarter were much brisker than expected and could reach 470 million units by the end of the year.

BT, Carphone Warehouse: accusations fly

BT and Carphone Warehouse are set to go head to head in the fixed line call market. Carphone Warehouse is eager to beat BT's tariffs but BT has accused its rival of confusing and misleading consumers in the process. As the two companies scrap it out, the increased competition means cheaper call rates and more choice for consumers.
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Sony announces UK PS2 online details

The PlayStation 2 will finally go online in the UK on June 11 as the Network Adapter kit arrives at retail, priced at £24.99, with two multiplayer-enabled titles available at launch and several more to come.
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Amazon trying to license Apple's Music Store – report

Amazon is talking to Apple about licensing the Mac maker's online Music Store, the New York Post reports.

More on the PeopleSoft JDE deal

Yesterday's news that PeopleSoft is acquiring JD Edwards took many by surprise, writes Fran Howarth, of Bloor Research. But PeopleSoft has made no secret about its growth ambitions over the last 15 months or so, and was touted as a potential acquirer of Baan.
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Businesses love broadband

Nine out of ten businesses now hooked up to broadband wouldn't go back to dial-up access - even if it was free.
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So what's your oldest piece of kit?

Small firms are not investing enough in office technology to ensure their future growth, according to corporate turnaround specialist Begbies Traynor.
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Halifax bins WAP banking

Halifax is to drop its WAP mobile banking service at the end of the month, ciiting lack of demand.
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Italian police raiding P2P users – not!

Italian Net users are in panic mode after leading newspaper and website Repubblica.it published an article last week claiming that the Guardia di Finanza (tax police) is prosecuting over 3,000 P2P users for illegal file sharing, staging a massive raid. The article has since been picked up by all media outlets, including national TV.
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BOFH cops a virus

Episode 10 Episode 10 BOFH 2003: Episode 10 Ah mornings! There's nothing like a leisurely cup of coffee, feet up on the table, enjoying the morning news. Well - reading people's email - but same difference. "Brown in accounts is sniffing around the new mail room girl again," The PFY comments. "Yes, I saw that yesterday - the odd ' …

HP sees blades reviving thin clients

HP plans to use blade servers in combination with thin clients to serve as PC replacements in the coming years. The company has revealed plans to push clunky hardware off the worker's desk and into the server room, hoping to make company-wide PC management easier, The New York Times and InfoWorld report.

Gartner restates server stats – analyst disappears

Gartner has retracted its most recent quarterly server numbers and published revised statistics. The new numbers show that HP actually saw revenue decline as opposed to the 54 percent gain first reported.
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IBM, Martha Stewart – dropping together

Add a falling stock price and a little corporate scandal to the list of things IBM and Martha Stewart have in common. Read on.
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Lawrence Lessig's birthday spam

It looks like copyright crusader Professor Lawrence Lessig needs a Mary Poppins to tidy his computer. With her supernatural powers, Disney's nanny could bring order to the most chaotic of households.