30th May 2003 Archive

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  • Browser wars suit ends with death knell for Netscape

    Microsoft, AOL settle for $750m

    Business 30 03:46

  • Court confirms DMCA ‘good faith’ web site shut down rights

    The least worst place

    Media 30 07:49

  • California Supremes hear DeCSS case

    'Burglary tool'

    Media 30 08:02

  • Intel touts ‘real servers’ for Small.biz

    Xeons for the World

    Channel 30 08:27

  • mmO2 launches Active mobile Net offering

    Chasing more data-driven revenue

    Mobile 30 08:59

  • UK.gov streams advice for Small.biz

    Only Connect

    Small Biz 30 09:08

  • GSM SIMplicity for WLAN sign-on

    Ericsson twofer

    Broadband 30 09:52

  • Intel to boost Pentium M to 1.7GHz next week

    Last speed bump before Dothan?

    Channel 30 10:08

  • Samsung and LG to push up LCD prices

    Increases for 15in and 17in panels

    Personal 30 10:44

  • Lindows.com claims SCO immunity via Caldera deal

    One from the archives?

    Software 30 11:24

  • NEC UK beats Intel to launch 1.7GHz Pentium M

    Unannounced CPU announced in new notebook

    Personal 30 12:23

  • Most bloggers ‘are teenage girls’ – survey

    Of all ages

    Media 30 12:44

  • Nokia N-Gage games phone now available in UK

    Well, one of 'em

    Mobile 30 12:48

  • US cyber crime losses tumble

    Just as many attacks, though

    Security 30 12:51

  • Americans love texting (true)

    OK. Tolerate it

    Mobile 30 13:07

  • Windows broken by Intel Centrino

    Can't handle certain VPN clients

    Data Centre 30 13:19

  • The Register signs up for Bricolage

    Time for a new CMS

    Site News 30 13:26

  • Asus crosses Intel with PAT compatibility claim

    Is its mobo's chipset an i865 or an i875?

    Personal 30 15:02

  • When is e-money not e-money? When it stays on your mobile phone

    Prepay phones get their premium rates cut off

    Mobile 30 16:52

  • Fizzer blasts Klez-H off top spot in viral charts

    We have a new winner

    Security 30 16:53

  • Make way for the contender to Google's crown

    Turbo10 really is that good

    Media 30 17:06

  • Server market slumps in Q1

    IBM and Dell make gains

    Servers 30 18:07