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HP will service VMware users

Hewlett-Packard has firmed up its relationship with software maker VMware, hoping to squeeze a few more dollars out of an industry-wide server consolidation campaign.
Ashlee Vance, 29 May 2003

Merrill Lynch analyst deemed too close to Tyco

Another one of Merrill Lynch's elite analysts has been placed among the fallen by a U.S. regulator angered over dealings with troubled Tyco International.
Ashlee Vance, 29 May 2003

RealNetworks offers paid music downloads

RealNetworks, maker of the popular streaming media software, has launched an on-line music subscription service, letting users download songs for $0.79 apiece.
ElectricNews.net, 29 May 2003

Trojan Horse warning, as Cisco ‘gives away’ extensions to WLAN

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
Guy Kewney, 29 May 2003

The falling dollar and the Tech sector

We are all aware that the US dollar recently declined to a four year low against the euro, writes Bob McDowall of Bloor Research. Perhaps, it is more accurate to state that the dollar has retreated from its overvaluation of the past four years. More importantly, many so-called experts suggest that the dollar will not recovers its strength for "a long time to come."
IT-Analysis, 29 May 2003

‘Too much cyber security’ at CIA

While other government agencies struggle with their cyber security practices, the Central Intelligence Agency apparently suffers from the opposite problem: too much security -- according to a recent study of the agency's use of information technology.
Kevin Poulsen, 29 May 2003

RealNetworks drops MusicNet for Listen.com

RealNetworks has transferred its allegiance from major label-backed online music service MusicNet to Listen.com's Rhapsody offering. Real's new service will be called RealOne Rhapsody.
Tony Smith, 29 May 2003

IOMO buys Covert Operations

UK mobile games developer IOMO has acquired mobile gaming studio Covert Operations for an undisclosed sum in one of the first internal consolidation moves within the mobile development sector in the UK.
gamesindustry.biz, 29 May 2003

Sony to ramp chip spend to $9 billion over three years

Sony plans to spent ¥500 billion ($4.3 billion) over the next three years on chip fabrication facilities and the same figure on chip R&D, the chip giant said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 29 May 2003

Cellphone shipments grow up to 49 per cent in Q1

Sales of mobile phone handsets grew by double-figure percentages in key regions during Q1, market watcher Strategy Analytics has reported.
Tony Smith, 29 May 2003

Lindows.com CEO pickets Bill Gates speech

In a move which The Register feels moved to applaud, Lindows.com CEO Michael Robertson this week took to direct action in his struggle against Microsoft, handing out a two page "Fact Sheet on Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation" to the audience prior to a Gates speech at University of California, San Diego. Robertson is himself a UCSD alumni, and therefore had at least arguable turf rights, but no doubt his eye for a stunt carried at least as much weight in the planning of the exercise as any righteous indignation over the alma mater hosting The Enemy.
John Lettice, 29 May 2003

API expert claims Windows Explorer app breakthrough

Whirling Dervishes Software, the company founded by Windows API expert Henk Devos, claims to have broken Microsoft's monopoly on applications that reside in Windows Explorer. Microsoft allegedly opened up Windows APIs last year, and Devos had some pithy comments on the subject. Now, Devos claims that Microsoft's disclosures remain sufficiently inaccurate and incomplete for developers to continue using his own documentation.
John Lettice, 29 May 2003

Ask Jeeves flogs enterprise search biz

Ask Jeeves has done a reverse FAST by flogging its enterprise search business. It will concentrate on its consumer business and is raising $100m in convertible notes to fund expansion.
Drew Cullen, 29 May 2003

Microsoft nets massive loss in Telewest sale

Microsoft has flogged its 23 per cent stake in UK cableco, Telewest, to US telecoms outfit IDT Corporation for $5m in cash, netting a massive loss on its investment.
Tim Richardson, 29 May 2003

Sony-Ericsson P800 smartphone

ReviewSince the days of the Newton, I've been waiting for a killer gadget that combines the functionality of a good PDA with the communication abilities of a mobile phone. The Sony Ericsson P800 was launched into exactly this gap in the market with much fanfare. Does it live up to the hype? Well, no it doesn't, but it is a good solution to carrying all those phone numbers in your pocket, and it does a bit more too.
Iarla Kilbane-Dawe, 29 May 2003

Translation from Swedish: the Sony Ericsson Codex!

Reader Mikael Fransson has taken pity on those of our readers who were baffled by the machine-translated news report in the Swedish web site which first revealed the problems with the T610 phone from Sony-Ericsson.
Guy Kewney, 29 May 2003

Avnet veep resigns following Compaq fraud suit

A senior executive at Avnet Computer Marketing resigned last Friday amid allegations that the company used counterfeit components in Compaq PCs.
John Leyden, 29 May 2003

BB in Europe ‘finally taking off’

An extra ten million people in Europe will hook up to broadband over the coming year, according to research published today.
Tim Richardson, 29 May 2003

Clear Channelization of America to commence Monday

OpinionRegulations preventing the complete colonization of America's television airwaves by a handful of media cartels are set to be relaxed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday, much to the chagrin of the few surviving independent publishers and broadcasters and the few remaining American citizens not already whipped into a state of strenuous flag-idolatry and xenophobia by said media cartels.
Thomas C Greene, 29 May 2003

UK Plc clueless about Web site value

Two thirds of UK businesses haven't got a clue whether their Web site gives them value for money.
Tim Richardson, 29 May 2003

EU extends Safer Internet scheme

A European scheme to tackle illegal and harmful digital content is to be extended for another two years.
Tim Richardson, 29 May 2003

MobiliX v. Asterix in plea to top German court

The mobile open source project formerly known as MobiliX has stepped up its fight to have its long-running trademark dispute with the firm behind Asterix and Obelix heard by Germany's highest civil court.
John Leyden, 29 May 2003

Malaysian govt tells public to quit buying CDs, DVDs

If the music and movie industry won't lower the price of CDs and DVDs, there's only one thing to do: punters should stop buying them.
Tony Smith, 29 May 2003

3DO Trips up, goes titsup

3DO, the one time console firm turned games software firm, has filed for Chapter 11.
Drew Cullen, 29 May 2003

UK plc neglects basic VPN security

Corporate UK is failing to configure and manage its firewalls and VPN services properly. Just like more publicised Web server vulnerabilities, issues with security software are frequently left unaddressed - months after a problem comes to light.
John Leyden, 29 May 2003

Wakey, Wakey it's Patching Day. Again

It's patching time again for sys admins with the release of a further set of enterprise software patches by Microsoft last night.
John Leyden, 29 May 2003

HP aims low with new NAS system

Hewlett-Packard will add to the low-end of its storage line with a new network attached storage (NAS) storage system slated to be announced next week at Microsoft's Tech-Ed conference.
Ashlee Vance, 29 May 2003

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