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Ballmer shoots for a billion in Microsoft share sale

Don't mind the $1.2 billion Steve Ballmer sold in Microsoft stock. He really is very committed to the software maker's future.
Ashlee Vance, 28 May 2003

Wi-Fi hotspots mean some burnt fingers

Wi-Fi hotspots are hot indeed, but they could end up being too hot to hold, for the network operators at least. Although companies are piling on board, the latest two to announce packaged wireless hotspots for sale being Toshiba and Evesham Micro, the business and revenue models still haven't come together.
Bryan Betts, 28 May 2003

KaZaA is download king

Sharman Networks, the company behind the KaZaA file-swapping service, said its software has been downloaded a staggering 230.3 million times.
ElectricNews.net, 28 May 2003

Apple halts iTunes' Internet sharing ability

Apple has knocked on the head iTunes 4's ability to stream music over the Internet.
Tony Smith, 28 May 2003

Frankie Says… broadband should not be a fad

The UK Government is being warned not to regard broadband as some "fad" - wot, like Deely Boppers and "Frankie Says..." T-shirts? - and is being urged instead to take a longer-term view about the benefits of high-speed Net access.
Tim Richardson, 28 May 2003

Seagate denies Taiwan hard drive recall claims

UpdateSeagate today damned as "inaccurate" a report that the company has begun taking dodgy 40GB and 80GB hard drives off Taiwanese distributors' shelves - a move alleged to be taking place by local channel sources.
Tony Smith, 28 May 2003

Retail consumer PDA sales drove 34.6% growth in April

April has proved a bumper month for PDA vendors selling into the UK, France and Germany, the latest data from European market researcher Context shows.
Tony Smith, 28 May 2003

The Number creates 300 jobs in Plymouth

Some 300 new jobs are to be created in Plymouth following the decision by directory enquiries (DQ) outfit, The Number 118 118, to open up a second centre to handle calls.
Tim Richardson, 28 May 2003

Office XP – when is a price cut not a price cut?

When is a price cut not a price cut? Microsoft has garnered a certain amount of positive publicity thanks to yesterday's estimated 15 per cent cut on Office XP, and alongside this cut it announced it would be bundling some support services with its volume Software Assurance licensing scheme.
John Lettice, 28 May 2003

Sony unveils the PSX

The PlayStation 2 hardware is to be integrated into a new home media device from Sony's consumer electronics department, codenamed the PSX, as the Japanese giant struggles to extend the success of its games division to other operations.
gamesindustry.biz, 28 May 2003

Crucial offers own-brand USB Flash drive

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 28 May 2003

ASA raps UK Internet Registry

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered domain sales outfit UK Internet Registry to stop sending out letters that look like invoices.
Tim Richardson, 28 May 2003

Network security tailored to Small.biz

The security demands that their larger supply chain partners place on small and medium businesses (SMBs) means that they will soon be burdened with organising and managing security for themselves to a greater extent and financial cost than they currently do.
IT-Analysis, 28 May 2003

Tiscali's debt collectors demand cash from ‘PC Plod’

Following yesterday's story Tiscali's debt collectors demand cash from 'PC Plod', Tiscali UK queried Greg Palmer's claim that he had never been a Tiscali punter. They did not, however, deny the fact that a letter demanding cash had been sent to "PC Plod".
Tim Richardson, 28 May 2003

MS withdraws XP security update

Microsoft has withdrawn a security-related update for XP after conflicts between it and third party firewall products left some users unable to connect to the Net.
John Leyden, 28 May 2003

First Sony Ericsson T610s appear – and then disappear

Rotten news for eager geeks awaiting Sony Ericsson's super camera-phone, the T610, with Bluetooth. No, you can't even read a review of the thing; they're being recalled. It's not a problem, though, says S-E.
Guy Kewney, 28 May 2003

Survey: Do punters really want TV on their PC?

Tony Smith, 28 May 2003

Microsoft down and out in Munich

Linux zealots all over Munich have strapped on their lederhosen and knocked back a few liters of beer after the open source operating system beat out Microsoft's Windows for a major city contract.
Ashlee Vance, 28 May 2003

Red Hat, Linux, consumers, money – do they mix?

Earlier this year Red Hat split its range into two segments - effectively, business and everything else. It did this in the wrong order, as The Register remarked at the time, but subsequently the company has padded out its Enterprise range to consist of Advanced Server, Enterprise Server and Workstation, so here at least it has a complete set.
John Lettice, 28 May 2003
Cat 5 cable

Cisco looks for WLAN boost

Two successive quarters of flat sales of wireless LAN kit in the enterprise market have prompted Cisco Systems to look to the consumer and small office market for growth in the immediate future.
John Leyden, 28 May 2003

Exclusive: HP's printer team in espionage drama

Hewlett-Packard's top secret printer labs are under attack from an audacious rival using the art of deception to gather confidential information.
Ashlee Vance, 28 May 2003

Novell torpedoes SCO's Unix IP claim

In the latest installment of "The Canopy Family" - a drama to rival the The Magnificent Ambersons - Novell has rebuffed SCO's claim to hold Unix copyrights and patents.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 May 2003

End the tyranny of bomb-happy RIAA

LettersRe: RIAA attacking our culture, the American Mind
Andrew Orlowski, 28 May 2003

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