23rd May 2003 Archive

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  • Java client offers cheaper, faster mobile email

    Trimming off the fat

    Mobile 23 08:31

  • Drop MS Passport, advises Gartner

    Wants 6-month freeze for bug-ridden sign-on system

    Software 23 08:32

  • Open Source Content Management arrives

    Bricolage is the Daddy

    Data Centre 23 08:50

  • Web standards move forward

    UDDI and BPEL4WS

    Data Centre 23 08:50

  • Let's all go to India

    Offshore IT: bowing to the inevitable?

    Data Centre 23 08:53

  • PayPal scam rises again

    Hit and Run

    Security 23 08:58

  • Mobile messaging revenues carry on climbing

    A $70bn market by 2007

    Mobile 23 09:31

  • E3: Sony announces PlayStation handheld

    'Walkman of the 21st Century'

    Personal 23 09:54

  • Blunkett to intro UK ID cards, via £25 passport tax

    Consultation? What consultation?

    Media 23 10:48

  • Google pulls anti-Dixons adwords

    Too little too late

    Media 23 11:41

  • Software piracy ‘kingpin’ captured in Bangkok

    US pushes for extradition

    Channel 23 11:44

  • Small.biz needs help with chip and PIN

    Banking on the banks

    Small Biz 23 11:57

  • Tiscali's email probs sorted

    C'mon, who left on the filters?

    Media 23 12:01

  • Madge Networks goes titsup, flips up as Madge Ltd

    Token Ring's last stand

    Channel 23 12:08

  • AOL's ‘Connie’ faces uncertain future

    Is this the end, sniff?

    Media 23 13:06

  • Credit card firms ‘profit from Net fraud’

    Racketeering claims in US class action

    Small Biz 23 13:11

  • EC moots trackable cyber euro

    Lost your wallet? Help may be at hand...

    Business 23 13:31

  • Fujitsu tarts up mobile line

    A brace of Centrinos

    Broadband 23 14:13

  • Invisible GIs to heal selves, leap tall building with nanotech

    Yes folks, hollywood.mil is back, and it wants your money...

    Bootnotes 23 15:28

  • Pay-as-you-go rural wireless broadband

    Bring me Sunshine

    Broadband 23 16:08

  • Tiscali calls in debt collectors over ‘unpaid’ bills

    What unpaid bills, punters demand

    Media 23 16:11

  • Tablet PC chat bug scuppers Tablet PC chat

    Please call back later

    Bootnotes 23 19:08

  • Analyst, three men at airport to acquire Sun

    Speculation on demand

    Servers 23 20:30