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Java client offers cheaper, faster mobile email

An optimised email client for Java-capable phones could drastically cut the cost of reading and replying to email on the move, according to British developer Imhotek.
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Drop MS Passport, advises Gartner

The Gartner Group has advised customers to avoid Microsoft's Passport authentication system for at least six months. If businesses continue to use Passport, they should bolster their defences with "an additional, more secure form of identification for all issued Passport identities," says Gartner.

Open Source Content Management arrives

The rise and rise of Linux is opening up the whole software market to open source products, writes Martin Langham, of Bloor Research According to a recent CIO survey of 375 IT professionals, the IT community is growing more comfortable with the open-source development model, reporting that open source will dominate their Web server application platforms and server operating systems within five years.

Web standards move forward

Two meetings of OASIS have moved web services standards forward significantly, writes Peter Abrahams, of Bloor Research.

Let's all go to India

Offshoring, which has been popular in the financial services industry for years, is arguably the biggest threat to indigenous IT careers in North America and Europe. IT workers will want to try to prevent the mass exodus of jobs to cheaper labor markets, but such protests are likely to have minimal effect in the end.
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PayPal scam rises again

PayPal users are once again the targets of a hit-and-run e-mail scam aimed at conning them out of their personal and financial information.
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Mobile messaging revenues carry on climbing

Mobile messaging revenues will double by 2007 to $69bn, according to Analysys forecasts.
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E3: Sony announces PlayStation handheld

"This is the Walkman of the 21st Century," said Ken Kutaragi, as journalists amassed at Sony's pre-E3 conference stood there gazing, dumbfounded at the wily SCE chief. PlayStation Portable, or PSP, due out in Q4 2004, finally signals Sony's large-scale entry into the handheld gaming market. And we have a hunch they'll give Nintendo a run for their money where the likes of SNK have failed in the past.
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Blunkett to intro UK ID cards, via £25 passport tax

UK Home secretary and award-winning serial threat to freedom David Blunkett is set to foist identity cards on the UK public under the cloak of dealing with ilegal immigration. The UK public prints (here's one) report that the legislation will be brought in this autumn, "as part of a package to tackle illegal working by migrants" (spot the cloak, people) and Blunkett intends to put a policy paper recommending cards to the Cabinet during the next six weeks.
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Google pulls anti-Dixons adwords

Google is pulling anti-Dixons ads run by consumer champion, Marie Griffiths, because they fail to meet its Ts&Cs.
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Software piracy ‘kingpin’ captured in Bangkok

A Ukrainian man alleged to be the mastermind behind a multi-million dollar computer software piracy racket has been captured in Thailand.
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Small.biz needs help with chip and PIN

Banks are being urged to help more small firms embrace new point-of-sale terminals designed to eradicate credit card fraud.
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Tiscali's email probs sorted

Tiscali UK has admitted that a problem with its email service over the last couple of days was its own fault.
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Madge Networks goes titsup, flips up as Madge Ltd

Madge Networks N.V., almost the last man standing in the Token Ring market, has gone bust in the Netherlands.
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AOL's ‘Connie’ faces uncertain future

AOL UK has denied that the omission of "Connie" from its current series of TV ads spells the end of the road for its annoying advertising cyber-genie.
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Credit card firms ‘profit from Net fraud’

A class action lawsuit against credit card firms alleging merchants are unfairly left to shoulder the burden of credit card fraud has begun in the US.
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EC moots trackable cyber euro

The European Central Bank (ECB) is considering embedding tiny radio tags into euro notes in a bid to combat counterfeiters and money launderers, a report today notes.
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Fujitsu tarts up mobile line

Fujitsu Siemens has refreshed its mobile line up with a brace of Centrino notebooks.
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Invisible GIs to heal selves, leap tall building with nanotech

Their shared love of expensive tech toys and massive grants to buy them with meant it was only a matter of time before the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and us.mil* got together. And so it came to pass - yesterday saw the unveiling of an MIT army contract to set up the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, and an opportunity for US Army chief scientist Michael Andrews to do the PR bit in aid of the military budget.
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Pay-as-you-go rural wireless broadband

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
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Tiscali calls in debt collectors over ‘unpaid’ bills

Tiscali UK customers are up in arms after some received letters from debt collectors demanding they pay-up - or else.
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Tablet PC chat bug scuppers Tablet PC chat

Tablet PC enthusiasts eager to chat online with Microsoft managers were disappointed this week. A bug in the Tablet PC software meant that Tablet PC users couldn't join the scheduled session, "Take All Your Notes Electronically with Tablet PC".

Analyst, three men at airport to acquire Sun

Three middle-aged men were waiting at the SFO baggage claim, when one asked, "So, who's going to buy Sun?"