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The FAQ on UK data retention czar's shady video past

Privacy International is concerned with some pretty serious issues, so it's understandable that it's ordinarily pretty serious itself. But the appointment of Bob Lack to run the UK Home Office's data retention consultation has moved it to produce a Lack FAQ, which is amusing in a knockabout sort of way until you remember that this is a pretty serious issue too.
John Lettice, 22 May 2003

Catalan wireless broadband takes to mobile masts

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
IT-Analysis, 22 May 2003

Hey! You! Get onna The Cloud

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
John Leyden, 22 May 2003
Cat 5 cable

HP embraces and extends with BEA

Hewlett-Packard has extended a deal with BEA Systems that provides a free trial version of BEA's WebLogic Server with its Unix hardware to the rest of its server line. Users can try out BEA's application server on HP's Intel-based ProLiant servers running Linux and AlphaServers running OpenVMS. Come June, NonStop server users will be able to do the same.
Ashlee Vance, 22 May 2003

UK has 2 million BB connections – Oftel

The UK now has two million broadband connections, Oftel has announced today, with new connections running at around 35,000 a week.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2003

BT Broadband is a flop

BT Broadband - the no-frills, access-only high-speed Net service - is a flop failing to live up to the telco's own expectations.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2003

SCO pulps Caldera-MS trial archives

The Caldera antitrust lawsuit included some of the most damning evidence of Microsoft misconduct; breakware, black propaganda, all was there, the potential embarrassment being such that there was good reason for Microsoft to settle, then try to pretend it never happened. Now, however, maybe it didn't ever happen - because the evidence is being pulped.
John Lettice, 22 May 2003

So Mr Blair, you really think techies can all get jobs?

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is calling on Prime Minister Tony Blair to explain why he believes there is full employment in the IT sector.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2003

Slow Cube sales drag down Nintendo profits

Nintendo has reported a 36.8 per cent fall in net profit for the year ended March 31 due to poor sales of GameCube hardware and games - but the company still posted a 67.72 billion Yen (€494 million) annual profit.
gamesindustry.biz, 22 May 2003

US anti-terror law used against hackers, thieves

The enhanced search and surveillance powers Congress gave the Justice Department in the USA-PATRIOT Act haven't just been used in the war on terror: it turns out they're helpful in everything from spying on credit cards fraudsters to tracking down computer hackers.
Kevin Poulsen, 22 May 2003

EURid wins .eu domain contract officially

Brussels-based consortium EURid was today officially announced as the organisation that will run the new .eu domain registry.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 May 2003

Baltimore seeks White Knight

Troubled Irish tech firm Baltimore Technologies is up for sale, with the company seeking a strategic partner to help develop its sales potential.
ElectricNews.net, 22 May 2003

E-minister calls on Comms.biz to bridge Digital Divide

E-minister Stephen Timms is to call on the communications industry to invest in developing countries to help bridge the global digital divide.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2003

Future of WiFi? – it's the mobile phone

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
Guy Kewney, 22 May 2003

Gates justifies stronger chains for hardware makers

The Register first noted Microsoft's plans to seize control of the PC standards-setting process over two years ago, and we're therefore pleased to see the final confirmation that this process is now in place - Bill Gates is denying it. Actually the denial, which comes in an interview with Associated Press, represents a welcome post-antitrust return to form - Bill is arrogant, implausible, and couldn't give a stuff about non-Microsoft systems.
John Lettice, 22 May 2003

DRM is your fluffy friend – Ballmer stakes out MS' turf

Sooner or later it had to happen. Microsoft is putting a lot of money into Digital Rights Management, and expects to get a lot more money back out so long as it can persuade consumers that DRM is their fluffy friend, and most certainly not a fiendish plot to allow the music companies to squeeze even more money out of them. This time, the knife was pointing at Steve Ballmer when it stopped spinning, so the prez's name went onto a DRM apologia sent out as Microsoft's regular customer information email.
John Lettice, 22 May 2003

SGI renders 400 redundant

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) wants to return to profitability and thinks a ten per cent cut in its workforce can help.
Ashlee Vance, 22 May 2003

GSM heads for 50pc of US phones

AnalysisWhile the battle to set Iraq's mobile phone standard may be over, Nokia thinks that GSM can grab 50 per cent of the market back in the Homeland. And analysts seem to agree it's far from impossible. You might be as skeptical as we are, but the global GSM standard and its variants are indisputably on the rise in the United States.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2003

Gray Panthers gun for MCI

The Gray Panthers carry a big cane and have waved their geriatric wood at MCI (WorldCom), calling for the US government to cut back business with the troubled telco.
Ashlee Vance, 22 May 2003

US Robotics doubles up on 802.11g data rates

The Register's Wireless LAN Channel
John Leyden, 22 May 2003

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