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BB punters would ‘tolerate’ price rise

Freeserve, BT and AOL continue to dominate the UK's ISP sector accounting for almost two thirds of market share.
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PI calls on punters to test Govt data retention

Campaigners opposed to the UK government's controversial data retention policies are going on the counter-offensive.
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Microsoft iLoo was no hoax – official

Microsoft has now admitted that its wired Dunny - the iLoo - was not a hoax.
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Fujitsu Siemens goes a SuSE bundle on Intel

Fujitsu Siemens is to bundle SuSE Linux Enterprise Server with all Intel Xeon-based PRIMERGY servers, from the entry-level system with one processor right through to the high-end 16-way server.
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Microsoft toilet troubles continue

Analysis Troubling questions are being asked about Microsoft's toilet initiative.
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My Life in a Terabyte

In the course of our lives, we accumulate a vast amount of documents, photographs, pictures, videos and even e-mail messages that are too important to throw away, writes Martin Langham of Bloor Research.
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Six firms named as Govt BB suppliers

Six companies have been chosen to supply broadband services, kit and consultancy to the public sector.
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Security research exemption to DMCA considered

Computer security researchers would be allowed to hack through copy protection schemes in order to look for security holes in the software being protected, under a proposed exception to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) being debated in official hearings this week.
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Traffic news and views on your GPRS phone

In a week when the operators of the first private motorway in the UK announced its toll rates, it's comforting to know that technology can provide some alternatives. At least alternative things to pay for.
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BT ‘telling porkies’ about its phone services

Telewest has accused BT of "twisting the truth" and telling "porkies" about its phone services.
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Hynix ups output of 0.10 micron SDRAM

Hynix has begun mass-producing 0.10 micron SDRAM chips, the company said yesterday.
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Reg readers devote 1600 years to cancer cure quest

The Register's valiant band of Cancer Busters continue to generously dedicate their unused CPU cycles to sniffing out potential cures of the disease.
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UK gov seizes data on 100m calls, 1m users, a year

Police and other UK government agencies are demanding personal data concerning over 100 million phone calls, subscriber data on almost a million consumers and an unknown quantity of email and Internet logs, every year, claims Privacy International. The data, to be unveiled today at Scrambling for Safety 6 at the London School of Economics, is based on estimates supplied by the Home Office, Ministerial statements, legal experts, the communications industry and the All Party Internet Group of MP's, and according to Privacy International director Simon Davies is "very much on the low side... We literally halved the Home Office estimate... just to be on the safe side."
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E-biz video diaries not waste of money

UK online for business - a Government-backed scheme to promote ebusiness among firms - has denied that an online video diary soap is a waste of taxpayers' money.
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IBM debuts T-Rex mainframe

IBM yesterday introduced its most powerful mainframe to date, the zSeries 990.

2002 is IT services Annus Horribilis

Last year was the most difficult year on record for worldwide IT services industry, according to analysts Gartner Dataquest.
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Gartner's look at Alternatives to Microsoft

An increasing number of companies and governments are looking at non-Microsoft options, with Linux the number one threat, Gartner says.
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Hitachi creates dedicated notebook 7200rpm HDD

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Hard Drive Hitachi has unveiled what it claims is the first 7200rpm hard drive designed for mobile systems, the Travelstar 7K60. To date, mobile-oriented drives have had to run at 5400rpm, says Hitachi, in order to maintain acceptable noise levels and power consumption. Vendors have offered 7200rpm hard drives …
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NTT DoCoMo claws back to black

DoCoMo has returned to profitability, but its main rival KDDI has leapt ahead in the 3G subscriber race. DoCoMo has just 330,000 subscribers compared to KDDI's 7.5 million. Also worrying are DoCoMo's low expectations for revenue growth, as increased spending on data services seems to be coming at the expense of conventional calls.
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Worldwide Q2 PC sales up a little on last year…

Worldwide PC shipments will grow just 6.4 per cent this quarter, compared to Q2 2002, market researcher Gartner believes. However, shipments will fall sequentially by 10.9 per cent, a point the company doesn't make in its press release.
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Buffalo Spammer arrested

Howard Carmack - the Buffalo Spammer - has been arrested and charged in New York for four felony (i.e. criminal) and two misdemeanour counts relating to his alleged fraudulence in obtaining Internet access accounts to send more than 825 million spam emails.
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NTL Q1 BB growth ‘unusually high’

NTL has around 691,000 broadband customers, the UK's biggest cableco announced today.
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Nvidia set to up GeForce FX 5600 speeds

Nvidia is preparing to boost the performance of its GeForce FX 5600 graphics chip, the company told The Register yesterday.