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Hi3G opens stores in Austria, Sweden

Hutchison's 3G European roll-out is gathering pace with '3' store openings in Austria and Sweden.
Drew Cullen, 08 May 2003

To patch or not to patch

We know one of the biggest security vulnerabilities is not technology per se but the implementation of technology, writes John McIntosh, Bloor Research. When it comes to security patches, we often find ourselves in a position where risk versus reward is uncertain.
IT-Analysis, 08 May 2003

Moores Law retains grip on IT statute books – IBM

"The power of computers has increased by six orders of magnitude in the last 36 years and it will increase by a further six orders of magnitude in the next 36 years", claimed Nick Donofrio, IBM's Senior VP of Technology and Manufacturing to an audience of IT analysts at IBM Pallisades, writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 08 May 2003

Palm OS 6 to be designed for wireless

Palm OS 6 will ship to licensees by the end of the year, PalmSource says.
Tony Smith, 08 May 2003

Radio Intel – future or fantasy?

Intel opened the doors on its radio work yesterday, allowing us an early glimpse into what it has promised will be a decade long project. Labs leaders said the culmination of integrating analog and radio into silicon would take that long, or at least - as they assured us several times - that they would have retired or left the company by the time it would be achieved.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 May 2003

Sony ‘very comfortable’ with $199 PS2 price point

Responding to mounting speculation of an imminent price cut, SCEA president Kaz Hirai has told news agency Reuters that he is "very comfortable" with the $199 price point, and criticised game bundling moves by competitors.
gamesindustry.biz, 08 May 2003

m-Payments for Edinburgh parking meters

Irish company Itsmobile has signed a major new deal to sell its parking meter payments service, mPark, to the city of Edinburgh in Scotland.
ElectricNews.net, 08 May 2003

‘Monopolistic’ BT kicked where it hurts

BT was left with little option but to cut the cost of its Datastream wholesale broadband product - or face regulatory action from Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2003

Telewest email hit by spam attack – again

Telewest has been hit by yet another spam attack leading to delays in its email service.
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2003

‘Athens’ – MS defines the next Windows PC standard

OK, reality check. Your PC is fundamentally unreliable and broken. It doesn't switch on immediately and stay on, working, like your stereo, TV, fixed line or mobile phone, granny can't just play music and videos, stay connected to the Internet and collect her emails without regular calls to tech support (i.e., you), and in addition to making annoying whooshing, whining and rattling noises the PC is prone to various hardware components mysteriously dropping dead (or not so mysteriously, given that the noises and the failures are frequently connected).
John Lettice, 08 May 2003

Dell anoints UK boss

Dell has looked to its own ranks for a UK boss. He's called Bill Rodrigues, he's American, and he replaces Brian McBride, former Northern European veep, who tipped up at T-Mobile in February.
Drew Cullen, 08 May 2003

Team targets 802.15.3 for wireless video networks

The latest attempt to get 1394 Firewire operating across a wireless network kicked off last week with the foundation of a working group seeking to tie the connectivity standard to 802.15.3 Personal Area Networks (PANs).
Tony Smith, 08 May 2003

Microsoft is no threat – Sage

Microsoft's assault into the SME business apps market is no threat - yet - to Sage, as the UK accountancy software firm is selling to much smaller businesses than its alleged rival.
Drew Cullen, 08 May 2003

High Velocity Networks Web host outfit goes titsup

Wiltshire-based Intensive Networks Ltd - which trades as High Velocity Networks and provides Web hosting for small business - has gone tits up.
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2003

Severed cables wipe out Telewest service

Some 10,000 households in the South East are without their Telewest TV, phone and Internet services today after workmen severed two major cables
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2003

MSN ditches free photo storage service

MSN Photos - currently a free service that allows snappers to store their photos online - is warning punters to download the piccies or face losing them forever.
Tim Richardson, 08 May 2003

IBM's Unix servers ready on demand

IBM took a nice step this week to back up the marketing fluff behind its "On Demand" computing program with a new processor pricing system for its high end Unix servers.
Ashlee Vance, 08 May 2003

$2 trillion fine for Microsoft security snafu?

Microsoft's latest security lapse with its Passport information service could trigger a $2.2 trillion fine on the company courtesy of the US government.
Ashlee Vance, 08 May 2003

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