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Citizens Advice refute Welsh hack allegation

Our article yesterday suggesting that Welsh nationalists had hacked the Citizens Advice Bureau website failed to impress a number of readers.
Lester Haines, 02 May 2003
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IBM x450: Stuck between Power and a hard place

AnalysisIBM's release this week of its first Itanium 2 server gave the public a glimpse into the internal schisms affecting a company trying to be a one-stop server shop while still showing its mettle as a vendor with enough engineering expertise to go it alone.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2003

Scottish Linux centre helps secure boat to Rockall

Charity appeal updateThere was a tremendous response to our appeal to Register readers for support for The Rockall Times 2003 charity assault on Rockall, wittily entitled Rockall Ho!
Lester Haines, 02 May 2003

NTL has 380k 128K ‘broadband’ punters

More than half of NTL's customers use its always on 128K service, The Register can reveal.
Tim Richardson, 02 May 2003

Microsoft's growing threat to biz app rivals

Microsoft is placing increased significance on its Business Solutions division, investing $2 billion and merging the SMB (small to medium businesses) and Business Solutions sales teams. The division's history of seeming semi-independence is over, and the increased level of backing will give specialist mid-market business application vendors a fresh cause to be fearful of Microsoft.
Datamonitor, 02 May 2003

Computer crime sentences are ‘not good enough’

A senior policeman has called for higher sentences to combat hi-tech crime.
John Leyden, 02 May 2003

Chuck out your handsets, here come the wristphones

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 02 May 2003

EC waves through 3G UK network share

The EC has given the thumbs up for a 3G site-sharing agreement struck between T-Mobile and mmO2 in the UK. It says it expects to approve soon a similar site-share between the two companies in Germany. By teaming up in both countries, the duo can expect to save a few hundred million euro in capital expenditure.
Drew Cullen, 02 May 2003

AOL centralises European ops

AOL's UK business - which doesn't pay VAT due to a loophole - is to start paying the tax indirectly via a new centralised European company from July 1.
Tim Richardson, 02 May 2003

Will the WiFi Bubble hypesters kill WiFi?

"Or the arrival of the Web browser, which blew millions of minds, making a mouseclick feel like teleportation." - Wired
Andrew Orlowski, 02 May 2003

UK gov's ‘save on MS software’ deal slip-sliding away?

Is the Office of Government Commerce pushing water uphill when it comes to saving money on UK government software licences? A report published by the National Audit Office this week, Purchasing and Managing Software Licences, contains not a few hints that this might be the case.
John Lettice, 02 May 2003

US advises against Taiwan travel

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially recommended that travellers steer clear of Taiwan because of concerns over the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
Tony Smith, 02 May 2003
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Dell ‘looking closely’ at AMD's Opteron – again

The old 'Dell to offer AMD-based systems' chestnut has been pulled from the roasting tray again following comments made by various senior Dell executives to the effect that the company is taking a very close look at AMD's Opteron chip.
Tony Smith, 02 May 2003

Intel to counter Athlon 3200+ with 3.2GHz P4

AMD will launch its anticipated 400MHz frontside bus Athlon XP processor later this month ahead of the official debut of further 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 parts from Intel.
Tony Smith, 02 May 2003

Finns swoop on Commtag

Commtag, the always-op mobile email start-up, is to have a new owner. Step forward, Smartner Information Systems, of Finland, which is to wrap Commtag's Duality Always-On Mail technology into its mobile office suite, Office Extender.
Drew Cullen, 02 May 2003

St Albans e-voting trial goes horribly wrong. Almost

It's still too early to say whether evoting helped increase the number of people taking part in last night's local elections in England.
Tim Richardson, 02 May 2003

Cisco's IP phone eavesdropping kit ready to go

Cisco is pressing ahead with plans to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to monitor IP telephony calls.
John Leyden, 02 May 2003

IT certification scam rumbled

Pearson VUE, the electronic testing business of Pearson Education, is trying to track down a rogue outfit offering guaranteed online IT certifications - at a price.
Tim Richardson, 02 May 2003

NJ couple accused of mass ID theft

An office junior at a New Jersey mortgage broker and her boyfriend have been charged with fraud by the FBI following the theft of thousands of credit reports from Weichert Financial Services.
John Leyden, 02 May 2003

What really happened with the NewZealand.com case

Following the saga over the NZ$1 million (£350,000) that it was recently revealed the New Zealand government had paid for NewZealand.com, further parliamentary questions have uncovered more revelations behind the expensive cock-up.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 May 2003

HP shuffles hardware execs

Hewlett-Packard today announced a sweeping set of management changes in its enterprise hardware group in a much-needed move to better align the company's overall strategy since it acquired Compaq one year ago.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2003

RIAA flames Sun

Sun Microsystems employees have been caught with their hands in the file-trading cookie jar, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is not happy about it.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2003

DRMing up support for Steve's music shop

LettersA frantic surge of email in defense of Apple's online music service appeared yesterday. Here's a selection of letters from the week.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 May 2003

CA geeks told What Not to Wear

The good old days of strolling to work in a pair of torn jeans, a t-shirt and sandals have passed at Computer Associates. The software maker has instituted a new dress code, allegedly after Chief Sanjay Kumar expressed shock and awe about some of CA's unkempt engineers.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2003

Anti-spam packages ‘too unreliable’ to certify

Poor performance of anti-spam packages is frustrating attempts by a leading certification vendor to develop benchmarking standards.
John Leyden, 02 May 2003
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Off the starting Grid

IBM last week highlighted the availability of grid solutions to four new industries; petroleum, electronics, higher education and agricultural chemicals, complementing those already existing in the aerospace, automotive, financial markets, government and life sciences sectors, writes Tony Lock, of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 02 May 2003

Linux and DRM – succeeding where MS failed?

Letters Re: Linus Torvalds blesses DRM, and nothing happens
Andrew Orlowski, 02 May 2003

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