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Tech writer axed for thinking

The San Francisco Chronicle today sacked technology reporter Henry Norr in an apparent response to his protests against the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Bruce Lindsay on Codd's relational legacy

Thanks to IBM's Bruce Lindsay for some more thoughts on the value of Tedd Codd's relational work. Bruce worked on System/R with Gray and Chamberlin, whose words about his legacy you can find here. Codd died last Friday.
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Palm mobilises for invasion of China

Palm is mobilising its forces to pursue a strategy of regime change in the Chinese PDA market in a bid to take command of the largest handheld arena in Asia Pacific.
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Momentum builds for E3 launch of Nvidia NV35

Evidence continues to accumulate that Nvidia will launch its NV35 chip at the E3 games industry show next month.

Ballmer ushers in Windows 2003 Server

There were few surprises at the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server launch held in San Francisco today, as a svelte Steve Ballmer walked the crowd through the bells and whistles in his company's latest operating system.
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Verizon loses RIAA piracy case

Verizon has vowed to continue its fight to refuse to reveal the identity of one of its punters accused of pirating music, claming the matter could have a "chilling effect" on Internet users.
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AOL signs on to Symbian

AOL Time Warner has joined the Symbian partner program, which it says will help it contribute its content catalog, along with AOL and ICQ messaging, and T9 text input, to Symbian-based phones.
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William Gibson ‘gives up blogging’

The second-greatest living American writer [*] with a weblog, William Gibson, is departing the "blogosphere". This we learn from journalist Karlin Lillington, who interviewed him recently for the Irish Times. He will no longer be "terraforming" his "memes" to the "hypermesh".
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London's Soho to get blanket 802.11 cover for voice, data

London's City of Westminster Council is to bring 802.11b wireless networking to the streets of Soho. The scheme, dubbed the Westminster 4G project, will initially provide Wi-Fi connectivity for council operatives and remote systems.
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Cisco switch password flaw could give access

Cisco yesterday urged users of a particular version of its core router operating system to upgrade following the discovery of a potential serious password vulnerability.
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Amazon narrows Q1 loss

Amazon claims its strategy of cutting costs and offering lower prices for its books, CDs and other stuff is beginning to pay off.
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Brightview out of administration

Brightview Ltd - the independent outfit that owns ISPs including callnet, ic24, madasafish and Totalise - is no longer in administration.
Broken CD with wrench

Demo gremlins fail to derail Win 2003 juggernaut

The traditional demo gremlins once again made an appearance at Microsoft's launch of Windows Server 2003 in London yesterday.
Cat 5 cable

Roll up! IBM is giving away hardware

An Arizona State University representative committed one of the ultimate blunders in the delicate world of customer win announcements and did so at the expense of IBM.
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Writing history with Microsoft's Office lock-in

Sometimes, very small decisions can have a very big impact on how people work in the future. So join us, on a journey into the future: a story that begins with a little fudge.