23rd April 2003 Archive

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  • Deep inside Apple's Piles

    Forgotten UI innovation to be exhumed? Inventor speaks to The Reg

    Mac Channel 23 02:13

  • Music Pigopolists aim snouts at finance capital

    VC's Napster 'shame'

    Media 23 05:08

  • SAP results outperform rivals

    Can it be sustained?

    Data Centre 23 07:08

  • EU roaming probe delayed

    Bullet dodging

    Mobile 23 07:08

  • Washington State to ban sale of violent games to minors

    A kinder, gentler Seattle

    Personal 23 07:10

  • Oregon Open Source bill not dead yet

    Keep that pressure on

    Software 23 07:30

  • Mortal Kombat ad ‘condoned violence’

    Ad watchdog not happy

    Media 23 11:06

  • Oftel and Freeserve competition row rumbles on

    War of words

    Media 23 13:39

  • New virus exploits SARS epidemic concerns

    Small viral outbreak on the Net, nobody dead

    Security 23 13:41

  • Palm tunes Tungsten PDA line into Wi-Fi

    Brings ARM-based Palm OS 5 to consumer devices too

    Personal 23 13:41

  • Florida spammers sue anti-spam groups

    How dare you block our penis enlargement ads!

    Media 23 13:42

  • Social software author ‘not miffed’ by conference shutout

    Control freakery

    Software 23 13:46

  • Apple and AMD working together, claims senior AMD official

    Mac OS X on Opteron rumours revived?

    Mac Channel 23 14:54

  • Man found hanged ahead of Net suicide pact trial

    Bleak end

    Media 23 16:39

  • Lucent pensioners up in arms at benefits cuts plan

    Rough deal

    Business 23 18:10

  • EMI in Europe music download deal

    Burn This

    Media 23 18:10