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College girl's breasts get $4,500 lift

Those readers with a keen memory for such things will remember the recent case of mammarily-challenged college girl Michel. Poor old Michel launched a web appeal for a boob job and, A-cup in hand, threw herself on the tender mercies of the world's web community.
Lester Haines, 17 Apr 2003

Baan: SSA may take on the challenge

Baan is among a batch of companies that Invensys has put up for sale. Invensys now wants to focus on production management after a dismal financial performance in weakening trading conditions. While Baan is likely to sell for a fairly low price in the current market, Invensys will finally be able to concentrate its attentions elsewhere.
Datamonitor, 17 Apr 2003

On joining up physical security and cyber-security

A group of US technology firms have formed an alliance to develop better integration between physical and cyber security systems.
ElectricNews.net, 17 Apr 2003

Voda peers into dark tunnels

Vodafone has started talks with Network Rail, the non-profit making UK Network rail provider, about extending its mobile phone coverage into railway tunnels, writes Bob McDowell, of Bloor Research. The objective is to improve the coverage and service to the lucrative, high spending business market.
IT-Analysis, 17 Apr 2003

Apple sees flat second quarter sales

Apple last night announced it made a profit of $14 million ($0.04 a share) on sales of $1.475 billion during its second quarter, ended 29 May of its current fiscal year.
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2003

AMD loss narrows on sales rise

AMD's first quarter of its current fiscal year yielded sales of $715 million, down 21 per cent on the year-ago quarter and up four per cent on Q4 2002's $686 million.
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2003

Samsung debuts surround sound MP3 player

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2003

Grampian police trial facial biometrics

Grampian Police are to use a biometric facial recognition systems to help identify and process suspects more rapidly.
John Leyden, 17 Apr 2003

EC talks up Tech for the disabled

The European Commission has committed itself to improve access to mobile communications and interactive TV to the disabled.
John Leyden, 17 Apr 2003

Leave your Cisco WiFi mobile phone at the door

Cisco has demonstrated a mobile phone that uses 802.11 wireless ethernet for use on "campus networks", which means enterprises with WiFi access.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Apr 2003

419 scammers move into the French air disaster market

Continuing our ongoing reportage of new 419 scams, we're pleased to announce that Nigerian advance fee fraudsters have moved into the foreign language and air disaster markets.
Lester Haines, 17 Apr 2003

Networks drag Nokia sales

Andrew McLindon: Mobile phone maker Nokia said hardship in its networks unit resulted in lower first quarter sales, with second quarter results not expected to be any better. Nokia said on Thursday that pro-forma net sales in the first quarter of 2003 were down 3 percent on the same quarter a year ago to EUR6.77 billion. Nokia said the fall reflected the "continuing weakness" of the company's network infrastructure business.
ElectricNews.net, 17 Apr 2003

Use a honeypot, go to prison?

Using a honeypot to detect and monitor computer intruders might put you on the working end of federal wiretapping beef, or even get you sued by the next hacker that sticks his nose in the trap, a Justice Department attorney warned Wednesday.
Kevin Poulsen, 17 Apr 2003

Sproqit serves real-time PC access to PDA owners

Mobile data devices, such as PDAs and smartphones, may now be fully part of the wireless world, but they still suffer from a major drawback: the information they provide often isn't real-time data. Remote synchronisation allows you to back-up your data while you're out of the office, but it won't let you pick up and edit that Word file you forgot to include in your last sync.
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2003

Office 2k reg. bug in code used to block registrations

The source of the Office 2000 SR-1 Registration Wizard bug striking corporate PC users around the world appears to have been identified as glitch in code incorporated in the software to prevent requests for product registration after 15 April 2003.
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2003

Should You Hire a Hacker?

Should corporations hire known hackers with criminal records to test and secure their networks?
Deborah Radcliff, 17 Apr 2003

VMware opens UK office

Partitioning software maker VMware has set up a small shop in the UK to head overseas operations in EMEA.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Apr 2003

MS legal threat derails Foxpro on Linux demo

Microsoft has enraged the developer community after a Redmond executive last week threatened a software developer to prevent him from demonstrating a Microsoft application running on Linux.
John Leyden, 17 Apr 2003

File swapping students – quit toking, start voting

LetterRe: Liberation abroad, repression at home - a student's tale
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Apr 2003

HP cements the Bastille

Hewlett-Packard has released Version 2.0 of the Bastille security tool and a new Install-Time Security product for its HP-UX operating system.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Apr 2003

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