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Apple boosts Bluetooth – Bluetooth boosts Apple

Apple has updated its operating system to include support for Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and peripherals.
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Windows comes to AMD Opteron

Illuminata analyst Gordon Haff tells us that Microsoft informed developers to expect x86-64 support with the first Service Pack for Windows .NET server.
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PwC unveils VAT help site for e-tailers

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)has set up a new Web site at www.pwcebiztoolkit.comto help e-tailers comply with new European Union regulations that come into force in July.
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UK ebiz owners are bird brains

UK Internet firms lack "business brains", according to first national IQ test of small business entrepreneurs.
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Administrators called in to Brightview

Brightview Ltd - the independent outfit that owns ISPs including callnet, ic24, madasafish and Totalise - has gone into administration.
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Juniper returns to profit

Juniper Networks has met analyst expectations for Q`.
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Jobs hope for IT contractors

If you're an IT contractor "in between jobs" here's a crumb of hope for a Friday.
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Novell goes a bundle on small biz networking

Novell is giving away a small business networking starter pack to small businesses free of any licensing costs. The move is designed to court sales from smaller businesses as they grow.
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Apple in talks to buy Universal Music Group — report

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may once have dated Joan Baez, but is he really itching to become a music industry player? If the LA Times is correct, that could well be what he achieves.
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Acequote shuts doors to new subs

Acequote.com, the veteran UK e-marketplace, is shutting its doors to new subscribers, following the decision of German parent, DCI, to withdraw from the sector.
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Why we love the Iraqi information minister

Updated One unfortunate side effect of Gulf War II has been the complete disappearance of affable Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf.
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Reg Kit Watch

Motherboards FIC has extended its range of mobos with two products based on SiS' 645DX and 651 chipsets, respectively. The VI35VL micro-ATX mobo supports Pentium 4 processors with a 400/533MHz frontside bus. It can take up to 2GB of DDR 333 memory, sports one AGP 4x and three PCI slots, 10/100Mbps Ethernet, ATA-100/133 support …
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Vibrating Nokia self-pleasure – yours for £1.50

Girls, are you tired of spending your evening staring at your mobile, waiting for a man to call?
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Smart credit on UK cards. Will it cut fraud?

UK banks, building societies and retailers are to introduce a more secure method of authorising credit card payments.

HP wins $3bn P&G outsourcing mega deal

HP has won a 10-year IT outsourcing deal with Procter & Gamble, worth an estimated $3bn.
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NZ ISP is content monster

Net users in New Zealand are threatening to cut their ties with the country's biggest ISP, Xtra, after it introduced sweeping new terms of service (ToS) that effectively hands it ownership of all content passing through its system.

HP signs IT outsourcing MOU with Ericsson

Ericsson is planning to outsource its IT infrastructure operations to HP, and the pair have signed a memorandum of understanding today setting out how they will work together. A final agreement should be in place before the "end of Q2, 2003, Ericsson says.
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BT helps ADSL campaigners

BT Wholesale is trying to make life easier for its unpaid army of volunteers who are trying to muster enough support to get their local exchange converted to ADSL.
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Sunderland FC and the Iraqi minister of information

News of another of Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf's blinding predictions comes to us via www.nufc.com, a non-official website dedicated to UK footie outfit Newcastle United.
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Sanera ready to beta SAN switch

Sanera Systems has been touting its switch of enormous proportions for a long time now, but come next week beta product will be on hand.
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Grifter jailed for Mac auction fraud

A conniving conwoman who ripped off an estimated $880,000 from almost 350 victims through online auction fraud was sent to jail for four years and nine months this week.
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Greece stunned by ADSL charges

Spare a thought for Net users in Greece. First the Government banned (temporarily) all computer games. Now, they've finally found out that they're about to get ADSL after waiting two years or so for incumbent telco, OTE, to complete its trial.
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DNS inventor calls for security overhaul

Web site impersonation could become as great a risk as ID theft, Paul Mockapetris, the co-inventor of DNS warns.
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WorldCom to adopt MCI name

WorldCom will rebrand itself as MCI possibly as early as next week in an attempt to move away from its tainted past.
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The self-healing, self-hopping landmine

Only the well-funded geniuses at DARPA would describe their creation of hopping, networked explosives as "Self-Healing Mines."
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Sparks over US power grid cybersecurity

A new measure aims to protect the networks that control electric power distribution throughout North America. But not everyone is juiced over plans to hold utilities accountable to tight security practices, says Kevin Poulsen, of SecurityFocus.