10th April 2003 Archive

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  • Microsoft's Mundie muddies derivatives market

    CE licensees go to work for free

    Software 10 03:19

  • Western Digital offers glowing red 250GB hard drive

    Plus: Group Sense unveils Palm smartphones and Sony launches UK Clies

    Personal 10 08:53

  • Put a Z in ISONews

    DoJ seizure is 'illegal and abusive'

    Media 10 08:55

  • Court date set for ‘landmark’ Freeserve case against Oftel


    Broadband 10 08:59

  • UK ‘must redesign’ e-gov sites

    Leaked e-Envoy report

    Media 10 09:08

  • Hoaxster hacker discovers infinite-wealth algorithm

    Pennies from Heaven

    Business 10 09:21

  • Microsoft licenses WinCE source code for commercial use

    But is it any more appealing to the embedded market?

    Software 10 10:12

  • Western Digital offers glowing red 250GB hard drive

    Plus: VIA launches KM400 Athlon chipset, and Group Sense unveils Palm smartphones

    Personal 10 10:53

  • Flexi-working not so flexible

    Letter from HR tech firm bod

    Small Biz 10 11:00

  • Mobo makers dash to prep VIA-based P4 boards

    Now the war's over

    Personal 10 11:38

  • Nokia Networks axes 1,800 staff

    More networking industry woes

    Data Networking 10 11:56

  • UK.Gov Web sites get another bashing

    Shooting fish in a barrel

    Media 10 11:58

  • 3 UK extends half price handset promo

    By one month

    Mobile 10 13:00

  • UK Xbox price to drop this week


    Personal 10 13:03

  • Unlucky Demon tries to restore email

    Touch wood, fingers crossed etc

    Media 10 13:30

  • Apple preps remodelled, dockable 30GB iPod…

    ...as Dell drops Windows version

    Mac Channel 10 15:27

  • DMCA strikes again in N2H2 filtering list case

    First amendment does not apply

    Media 10 15:45

  • Dell whips up sub-$1200 Centrino notebooks

    Rose-tinted spec.

    Personal 10 16:12

  • Google washes whiter

    Where did that story go?

    Media 10 16:29

  • Poison applet could wipe Windows PCs

    A brace of MS alerts

    Security 10 16:59

  • 115 staff optimized out of Brocade

    Switch Bitch

    Storage 10 22:11