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Sun overhauls low-end servers

Sun's "Enchilada" server has been written about many times at El Reg, but now the two processor system has arrived.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Apr 2003

Intel and VIA are friends again

Hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth of lawyers in five countries on three continents as Intel and VIA decided to stop suing each other over who owns what.
Drew Cullen, 08 Apr 2003

Nvidia to debut NV35 at E3?

Thanks to Reg readers for pointing out this page on the E3 expo web site.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2003

QDI springs Springdale mobo

Mobo maker Legend QDI has announced a board based on Intel's Springdale chipset.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2003

Roam from wireless LAN to phone network, on a single bill?

Normally, "strategic relationships" aren't worth much of a look; but a deal done between Transat and Gemplus could open up a new universal roaming system from phone to WLAN and back again, as users move around cities.
Guy Kewney, 08 Apr 2003

How to turn your iBook into an iMac (sort of)

Reg Kit Watch
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2003

Windows CE to outship PCs in five years – researcher

In five years' time, more Windows CE devices will be shipping than Windows PCs. So reckons PC and PDA market researcher eTForecasts.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2003

South Korea asks US to kill Hynix 57% import tariff

The South Korean government has sought the suspension of the punitive import tariffs the US Department of Commerce last week imposed on Hynix memory products.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2003

Corp Windows 2003 Server WPA key escapes

Microsoft has suffered another one of those embarrassing corporate Windows Product Activation key leaks, for Windows Server 2003 this time, almost three weeks ahead of the product's scheduled release. According to discussion at Neowin, this key is for three versions of 2003 Server, i.e. Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter editions; it does not however apply to the retail edition of the software, which is similar to the case of the fabled XP corporate key leak, which did not work with XP Home.
John Lettice, 08 Apr 2003

FAST recovers $14,000 for independent software developer

Piracy watchdogs at the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) are hailing their success as recovering $14,000 on behalf of independent software developer, Thomas Kelty, from a larger firm who attempted to rip him off.
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2003

e-Pharmacy sites offer risky prescription

A brace of studies released yesterday has raised concerns about the safety of buying drugs online.
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2003

MS Media Player tech gets InterVideo Linux port

The business-devouring GPL drew closer to Fort Redmond this week, with the news that InterVideo has been licensed to port the company's Windows Media Technologies to Linux. Which means if Microsoft's highly-imaginative past claims about open source are true (which they're not), the dreaded cancer will munch its way first through Windows Media Player, then by virtue of that product's integration in XP, through the Windows empire, then through the whole of Microsoft and before you know it, rats, there goes the whole world economy.
John Lettice, 08 Apr 2003

Affinity Internet Holdings goes titsup

Affinity Internet Holdings today went into administration. We understand that a massive hole has been discovered in the accounts of Affinity Internet Ltd, the virtual ISP business sold to CleverView Investments last month.
Drew Cullen, 08 Apr 2003

NTT DoCoMo to trial mPayments

NTT DoCoMo is to trial a credit card linked mobile payment service in June. However, it may be found that the new payment system fails to present a strong enough business case. Conversely, there seems to be much more room for success in the micro-payments market. Yet even that niche will prove difficult to crack.
Datamonitor, 08 Apr 2003

War hits beleaguered networking sector

Economic uncertainty due to the war in Iraq is piling fresh misery on the already beleaguered networking equipment companies and their channel partners in the US, and more particularly, in Europe.
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2003

Sun revamps midrange storage

Like an innocent child running into a wall, Sun Microsystems has released new midrange storage products to make yet another attempt at gaining share in the storage market.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Apr 2003

UK workers should get IT skills ‘passports’

Workers in the UK could be given "skills passports" that would log their IT training and expertise.
Tim Richardson, 08 Apr 2003

AOL Time Warner takes grip of net radio

An off-guard comment by an attorney for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) - revealed here for the first time - shows how sanguine the lobby group is about the destruction of diversity in the nascent Net radio scene.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Apr 2003

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