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HP's will to invent ebbing?

A report by an analyst company casts a shadow on the sincerity of HP's corporate logo: Invent.
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Cleaner, lighter Mozilla vowed

The Mozilla project, largely sponsored by AOL-TimeWarner, has taken a dramatic turn.
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SARS freezes tech travel, threatens supplies

Intel and Sun Microsystems became the latest tech companies to cancel major industry events in China, fearing SARS.
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Skullcandy links iPod to phone to ears

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch Mobile Bizarrely named Skullcandy has launched Link, a headphone set with a standard 2.5mm jack - handy for your iPod or Discman - and a cellphone connector so you can listen to music, and make and take calls all at the same time. Skullcandy supports Nokia, Samsung and Ericsson connector formats, plus a standard …
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Cut software piracy and jumpstart ‘stagnant’ economies

Clamping down on software piracy could help "jumpstart the world's stagnant and struggling economies" by creating new jobs and business opportunities.
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ATI to expand TSMC's production role in 2H

Nvidia may have turned to IBM to share production of its GeForce FX chips with TSMC, but rival graphics chip maker ATI is quite happy with the Taiwanese foundry, thank you very much.
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AMD plan to offer 400MHz FSB Athlon XP slips out

AMD will indeed release a version of its Athlon XP with a 400MHz frontside bus, mobo maker Abit announced this morning.
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One Luddite, one web site = AUS$4m

The world's biggest Luddite strikes again!
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BT confirms ADSL price cuts

BT today confirmed that it is to cut the wholesale cost of its ADSL service.
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Intel v. Hamidi case tests Net freedoms

California's Supreme Court this week began hearing a case that will test the legitimacy of using bulk mail as a protest tactic.
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Tiscali blasts BT's ‘anti-competitive’ ADSL price cuts

Tiscali UK has launched a savage attack against BT's price cuts, accusing the dominant telco of "anti-competitive" behaviour following today's announcement of wholesale price cuts for its ADSL service.
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Anti-war slogan coined, repurposed and Googlewashed … in 42 days

This year marks the 100th anniversary of George Orwell's birth, and the writer who best explained the power of language on politics would be amazed what can be done with the Internet.
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Dell stands firm on revenue outlook

Despite tough conditions for corporate IT spending, Dell said its Q1 outlook has not weakened, with revenue still expected to rise 18 per cent to USD9.5 billion.
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MS smartphones: Pope Juha marshalls his divisions

Microsoft Mobile Devices Division VP Juha Christensen, it has to be said, currently has a similar number of divisions to the Pope; so deploying them this week at the Microsoft Mobility Developer Conference in Paris* was something of a challenge. Although there are now several operators in the MS smartphone camp, the only one that's been running with the platform long to enough to have what you'd call realistic shipping figures is Orange. AT&T and T-Mobile will join in during the summer, and may even sell in sufficient volume to give poor Juha a market share that can be measured in whole numbers - but that is not now, not this week in Paris, where Orange was the only game in town.
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Whitehall dips toes into open source purchasing

The government today announced the successful roll-out of an open source-based online purchasing system.
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AOL UK won't pass on BT ADSL price cuts

AOL UK says it has no plans to pass on today's wholesale ADSL price cuts because it claims there is "nothing new to pass on".
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Govt cool on BT's advances

The Government has given a lukewarm response to BT's suggestion that closer ties could help boost broadband Britain.
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Swings and roundabout in mobile phone price changes

Pay as you go pricing plans from Orange and T-Mobile are to change from the start of next month following tough action by regulators earlier this year. Vodafone's similarly-induced changes kicked in on April 1.

HP cuts Unix server prices

HP has cut the prices on some systems in its Unix server line, as it battles to maintain supremacy in the mid-range market.

IBM's DB2 blamed for Danish banking crisis

Danske Bank is pointing fingers at IBM's DB2 database as the culprit for a massive outage that caused the Danish bank's trading desks, currency exchange and communications with other banks to shut down.
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US info sharing centers not sharing so much

The private-sector information sharing centers once envisioned as the keystone of a national US cyber security program aren't doing much sharing with the government, according to a year-long review conducted by the General Accounting Office, released Wednesday.