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Red Hat to certify ISV software

Red Hat is growing up.
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You are the weakest link: hello

Here's an April Fool's joke for you: What entirely Internet-based organisation fails to use Web technology to keep people abreast of what it is up to?

Brocade adds SAN security

Brocade has added a clutch of new firmware features to its Fibre Channel switches, including SAN security and scripting tools to automate repetitive tasks. Its director-class SilkWorm 12000 switch also gains high-availability features and FICON support for mainframe connectivity.
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Telco price war breaks out

BT has fired the first shots in a telco price war aimed at defending its market share and beating off rivals such as Telewest, One.Tel and British Gas.
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A small correction by Congressman Issa…

He's not going to give up gracefully, is he? Having been exposed in a factual inaccuracy - the GSM network isn't French, as he claimed - Congressman Darrell Issa has removed the allegation that it is. And then he's resorted to innuendo...
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US hits Hynix with 57% import duty

Hynix will have to pay a 57.37 per cent surcharge on any memory chips it imports into the US, the US Commerce Department said yesterday.
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AMD ‘super’ SOI to boost chip speeds by 30%

AMD boffins have extended silicon-on-insulator (SOI) chip technology to create a transistor that can operate 30 per faster than the best of today's metal-oxide semiconductor transistors.
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DVD Jon gets retrial date

Norwegian teenager Jon Lech Johansen has been given a date when he must once again face DVD piracy charges.

Sun touts Opteron over Itanic

Sun continues to fete AMD's Opteron, even though it has yet to formally announce support for the 64-bit processor.
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NAI buys IntruVert for $100m

Network Associates yesterday announced a deal to acquire intrusion protection company IntruVert Networks for $100 million in cash.
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April 1 ADSL outage hits ISPs and users

Part of BT's ADSL network was knocked out last night causing disruption to thousands of Net users in the UK.
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Reg Kit Watch

Update Update Graphics ATI will ship it latest TV-on-a-PC card, the TV Wonder Pro, in the Spring, the company said today. The $69 TV tuner card joins the $49 TV Wonder VE. Both provide a 125-channel TV tuner - stereo in the Pro's case - digital VCR functionality, GemStar GuidePlus schedule support, and can be used to provide picture- …
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ATI to ship Radeon 9600 early

ATI has brought forward the release of its Radeon 9600 chip. The part will now ship "later this month", the company said today - well ahead of the original late May target that it was talking about in the run-up to the chip's launch.
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BT to cut wholesale ADSL prices

BT is expected to announce shortly a cut in the monthly wholesale charge for its ADSL service.
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HP doubles recycled PC rebates

Not to be outdone by Dell's recent revamp of its PC recycling programme, HP has said it will double the incentive it offers to consumers for handing in their old, unwanted computers.
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BOFHs boasts bigger pay-packets despite declining budgets

Corporations may be spending a little less on IT these days, but they're paying their BOFHs higher salaries, a survey conducted by the Meta Group reveals.
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BT ‘second best’, says Telewest

Telewest claims BT is still "second best" despite today's announcement that the UK's dominant telco is to cut the cost of some of its phone calls.
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IT managers trust Microsoft on security…

OK, so our headline isn't exactly an accurate summation of a Forrester briefing document on security which received widespread coverage this week.
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Eircom introduces ‘low-cost’ broadband

Eircom has formally introduced a cheaper broadband product, which the government and lobby groups have warmly welcomed.
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Dell promotes Linux clusters… again

Dell continues to forge stronger ties with Oracle with the introduction of some pre-packaged clusters pitched as replacements to multiprocessor Unix systems.
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