1st April 2003 Archive

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  • Virgin Mobile to launch mobile phone breathalyser

    April flipping fool

    Bootnotes 01 07:25

  • Uncle Roger's improper Ganda

    Swedish school system let him down

    Security 01 07:48

  • Free software gives hackers taste of own medicine

    Controversial retaliation

    Bootnotes 01 08:12

  • £18,000 buys you surrogate ‘cyberbaby’

    Web organisation hits new low with '2d kids'

    Bootnotes 01 08:35

  • Is your website accessible? Probably not

    Deaf not leading the Blind

    Media 01 09:39

  • AMD, Fujitsu to merge Flash ops

    Chance to become number two in the biz

    Channel 01 09:55

  • 419 scammers surface in Baghdad

    Hard times in Nigeria force relocation?

    Bootnotes 01 10:06

  • Intel extends Celeron range

    Now runs at 2.3 and 2.4GHz

    Channel 01 10:10

  • Cost turns UK punters off 3G – survey

    Counting the pennies

    Mobile 01 10:19

  • CSC gets tough on file-sharing employees

    Offenders face counselling - or the boot

    Media 01 10:54

  • MPs question Inland Revenue over C&W tax deal

    Flogs some Euro biz

    Business 01 12:01

  • Nortel looks to boost security and mobility in WLANs

    Products due Q2

    Data Networking 01 12:02

  • Are Scott, Carly and Larry risking time at Camp X-Ray?

    Donations can cost you your liberty

    Media 01 12:06

  • Apple 12in PowerBook G4

    A Reg long-term, in-depth test

    Mac Channel 01 12:17

  • UK drivers face fines for ‘wrong type of hands-free device’

    Bluetooth in-car restrictions are 'unworkable'

    Mobile 01 15:19

  • BT to reveal price cuts this week

    Busy bees

    Broadband 01 15:23

  • What the hell is a ‘proximity server’, and why should you care?

    Bridging last-yard data

    Mobile 01 21:34

  • Third of tech firms ignore customers

    Only a third, hmmm?

    Small Biz 01 22:53

  • Content is king for 3G. But what content?

    I want my Killer app

    Mobile 01 23:25

  • EMC backs Brocade on SAN applications

    But demands software standards in the longer term

    Storage 01 23:58