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Virgin Mobile to launch mobile phone breathalyser

Those wags at Virgin Mobile claim they are about to launch a new phone that has an in-built breathalyser.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2003

Uncle Roger's improper Ganda

OpinionThe Ganda virus shows why the Internet isn't the best source for reliable war news, and malicious code isn't a good medium for anything, writes SecurityFocus columnist George Smith.
George Smith, 01 Apr 2003

Free software gives hackers taste of own medicine

April FoolIT security specialist Backfire Security today announced the availability of a software download as a discrete desk-top client application which wreaks revenge on those hackers and culprits attacking your network or infecting users with worms and/or viruses.
Team Register, 01 Apr 2003

£18,000 buys you surrogate ‘cyberbaby’

April FoolWell, it had to happen. After the highly distasteful internet auction of twins last year and the temptation for unscrupulous chancers to exploit the web's potential audience in the search of profit, an outfit calling itself "The National Society for Social Change" (NATSOC) is offering busy executives the chance to procure a "2d kid".
Lester Haines, 01 Apr 2003

Is your website accessible? Probably not

The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) is to conduct a formal investigation to focus on web access, writes Peter Abrahams, of Bloor Research. One thousand websites spanning the public and private sectors are to be tested for basic compliance with recognised industry accessibility standards. According to the DRC, Britain's disabled comprises one in seven of the population - 8.5 million people.
IT-Analysis, 01 Apr 2003

AMD, Fujitsu to merge Flash ops

AMD and Fujitsu have agreed to merge their Flash memory operations in a bid to mount a direct challenge to Intel's dominance of the market.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2003

419 scammers surface in Baghdad

With Gulf War II less than two weeks old, we're impressed to see that Nigerian advanced fee fraudsters - or "419ers" as they're known in the parlance of international scams - have rapidly deployed to offer Western partners a bite of the Iraqi oil billions falafel:
Lester Haines, 01 Apr 2003

Intel extends Celeron range

Intel yesterday grew the Celeron desktop line with two new processors running at 2.3 and 2.4GHz, respectively.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2003

Cost turns UK punters off 3G – survey

Researchers are warning the mobile phone industry that the high cost of phone calls and handsets could dent the uptake of 3G mobile technology.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2003

CSC gets tough on file-sharing employees

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has warned employees that they face "counselling" or even the sack if they are found to be using the firm's network to download and store illegally-held copyright material.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2003

MPs question Inland Revenue over C&W tax deal

Cable & Wireless today announcing that it's got "its" £1.5 billion, set aside to cover a secret potential tax liabilities, back from escrow.
Drew Cullen, 01 Apr 2003

Nortel looks to boost security and mobility in WLANs

Nortel Networks yesterday announced a set of products designed to help customers tie wireless LANs into corporate networks, with security and mobility improvements to improve the scalability of the technology.
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2003

Are Scott, Carly and Larry risking time at Camp X-Ray?

Making a charitable donation could find you in Camp X-Ray. Scott McNealy, Larry Ellison and Carly Fiorina, please note, you've been doing it too. As we'll explain. And you could be at risk too, dear reader: if it's the wrong charity ... at the wrong time.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Apr 2003

Apple 12in PowerBook G4

ReviewIt's easy to be impressed by a new computer when you've only had it for a few days. It still smells fresh, nothing's been spilt on the keyboard, it still looks shiny. And the idiosyncrasies and glitches haven't had time to emerge. Unless there's something spectacularly wrong with the machine, it will get the thumb's up.
Tony Smith, 01 Apr 2003

UK drivers face fines for ‘wrong type of hands-free device’

Six million UK drivers face fines for using the wrong type of hands-free device.
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2003

BT to reveal price cuts this week

BT is expected to reveal details of its much-hinted-at broadband "price cuts" later this week.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2003

What the hell is a ‘proximity server’, and why should you care?

How interesting: more strange fusions at the edge of the network.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Apr 2003

Third of tech firms ignore customers

A third of tech firms fail to reply to Web-based enquiries from customers, according to a survey by US-based consultants.
Tim Richardson, 01 Apr 2003

Content is king for 3G. But what content?

AnalysisContent and applications are the key to spurring uptake in 3G mobiles.
John Leyden, 01 Apr 2003

EMC backs Brocade on SAN applications

EMC is developing volume management software to run on Brocade's SilkWorm Fabric Application Platform (FAP), and in the process declared its intent to push hard for standards in the nascent SAN application platform market.
Bryan Betts, 01 Apr 2003

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