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Email bullying on the rise

If you're the victim of email bullying, you're not alone. A survey of 3,400 people by job site reed.co.uk found that bullying in the workplace by email is on the rise with one in six of staff claiming to have been victimised in this way.
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Mobile phones ‘give away locations of soldiers’

It's just as well that they didn't manage to install the magical CDMA mobile phone system that Qualcomm would have liked to see in Iraq; they'd have had to prevent their soldiers from using it. At least, that's the logical deduction from new field orders.
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Sendmail suffers second major flaw

Makers of Sendmail, the popular e-mail transmission software, were taken by surprise over the weekend by a public announcement of another flaw in the program. Systems affected by the vulnerability include all versions of Sendmail Pro, as well as systems running open-source Sendmail versions prior to 8.12.9, including UNIX and Linux systems. A complete list of affected systems is available from CERT.
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Qualcomm ‘superhacker’ wins change of venue

Accused superhacker Jerome Heckenkamp is saying goodbye to sunny San Diego, California after winning a venue change for a 10-count indictment accusing him of sophisticated hack attacks against telecom equipment-maker Qualcomm.
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BMC grabs IT Masters

BMC Software has acquired IT Masters International S.A. and its 75 staff for around $42m, writes Tony Lock.
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Contractor loses crucial IR35 High Court case

On March 28, Justice Hart gave his verdict in the Gordon Stutchbury versus Inland Revenue case. He ruled in favour of the Inland Revenue. He didn't even send it back to the General Commissioners.
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Chafford, Essex gets broadband

BT has released the names of a further 102 exchanges which have now been set targets which, if reached, will prompt the telco to convert the exchange to ADSL.
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HP axes UK contractor rates

HP is to cut contractor pay rates from April 7 by 10 per cent as a "first step" to bringing its remuneration packages in line with the rest of the industry.
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Bomb planted outside IBM Bologna offices

Police today safely defused a bomb planted outside IBM Italy's offices in Bologna. No-one has claimed responsibility, but Italian police think that the bomb was planted in protest against Gulf War II. If this assumption is correct, US and British multinationals will have to tighten security even further.
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What do you give the man who had everything?

There were tears on Thursday as Net luminary and myopic visionary Dr Stuart M Lynn handed over power of ICANN to successor Paul Twomey in Rio de Janeiro.
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ViewSonic to launch UK PDA

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch PDA ViewSonic is to bring its V35 PocketPC PDA to the UK market. The V35 contains a 300MHz Intel XScale processor, 64MB of SDRAM and 32MB of Flash ROM. Expansion is provided by a single SD card slot. ViewSonic claims that, at £249, the V35 is the "lowest-priced" PocketPC in its class, but we note that Dell's …
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The security appliance is dead – report

Yankee Group is advising clients to stop buying security appliances and to consider investing in security switches instead.
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MM02 issues upbeat(ish) trading update

MM02, the mobile network operator formerly owned by BT, has reported an improved performance in most regions, although it will be reviewing the carrying value of its assets. MMO2's lack of size may eventually result in it becoming a takeover target, and an improved performance should help it drive a harder bargain.
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NTL racks up BB numbers

NTL - which recently emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after last year's annus horribilis - attracted almost 400,000 new high speed Internet customers in 2002, the company announced today.
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Chip sales slide as recovery ‘stalls’

The chip industry's fifteen-month recovery "stalled" in February, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reported today.
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Broadcom wins HP support for ‘54g’ WLAN brand

Broadcom's cunning plan to dominate the 802.11g WLAN market by attaching its '54g' brand name to the putative standard took a step closer to fruition today when HP said it will not only integrate a 54g-based chipset into its Compaq Presario 2100 and 2500 notebooks, but both machines will sport the '54g' logo.
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Klez-H hangs around like a bad smell

Klez, yet again, was the mostly reported viral menace on the Internet this month.
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The Bastard wants to know – How's your interviewing style?

Episode 5 Episode 5 BOFH 2003: Episode 5 Due BOFH 2003: Episode 5 Due to an unfortunate spate of Onion Bhaji poisonings at the staff cafeteria, you have been called upon to act as a member of the interview panel to select some computing 'professionals' for work at a distal site. Your company needs your help, but first, we need to …
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UK SMEs are sitting ducks for crackers

More than one million UK businesses are vulnerable to hacker (or more properly cracker) attacks.
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Oftel in tizz over broadband

Oftel is in a right old tizzy about its definition of broadband.

Oracle aims low with App Server

Oracle continued its assault on BEA Systems with the release today of a new lost-cost version of its application server and a program to move BEA customers onto Oracle free of charge.
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Staff penalised for Dick Brown's failure

Letter This letter from Colin Sambrook Senior National Officer of the Public and Commercial Services Union was published in the weekend edition of The FT (Mar 29/30). We republish it with permission from the PCS.

Adaptec scoops up Eurologic

Adaptec will pay a cool $30 million to acquire Eurologic Systems and build out its storage hardware portfolio.

SAP costs too much – customers

Every now and then, an analyst firm gathers up its collective courage and issues an ROI study which contradicts everything a vendor's marketing department would have you believe.