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Intel Tanglewood's first voyage

Analysis The appearance this week of Intel's Tanglewood processor has added yet another high-end multicore chip onto the grand 64-bit roadmap and complicated the battle between Chipzilla, IBM and Sun.
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OpenGoose suite speaks in tongues

A new beta version of the OpenOffice suite was delivered earlier this week. The open source project is the foundation of Sun Microsystems' StarOffice.
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Infineon turns to Chinese fab

Infineon has turned to China's SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.) to help boost production for its DRAM chips.
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Acer preps cut-price PocketPC

Reg Kit Watch Reg Kit Watch PDA Acer yesterday extended its PocketPC PDA range at the low end with the n10, a budget machine set to cost under $300 when it ships next month. Betting both ways, Acer also offers the s series of Palm OS-based handhelds. The n10 is more curvaceous - ie. consumer-friendly - than its higher-end siblings. It's …
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NTL 128K price hike confirmed

NTL has confirmed that the price of its 128Kbps 'broadband' service will increase to £17.99 a month from May 1.
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Sega Europe to publish all its own games

Sega Europe is to form is own publishing operation, the games development company announced today.
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Winchester chosen for BB Powerline trial

Winchester has been selected for full-scale commercial trials in the summer of a broadband service provided directly over electricity power lines.
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AMD ‘evaluating’ 400MHz FSB for Athlon XP

AMD has said it is at least thinking about upping the Athlon XP's front side bus speed to 400MHz.
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Lucent will pay $315m to settle class action

Lucent Technologies announced yesterday that it reached an agreement to settle all pending shareowner and related litigation against the company, its current and former officers and directors, and certain other defendants.
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Fujitsu preps Linux-based robot

Fujitsu has launched a humanoid robot - based on a real-time version of the Linux operating system.
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Unlocks all round! Orange frees SPV developers

Several months after creating a storm by - effectively - locking developers out of its SPV smartphone, Orange has relented, and is offering an unlock procedure. Orange had muffed the SPV developement issue quite heroically by deciding that all applications running on the beast needed to be signed, without first figuring out a route whereby developers could get them signed. But the latest system seems to provide at least some the answers.
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BT plays BB price guessing game

What exactly is BT playing at? The telco seems to be gaining some perverse pleasure from leading people up the garden path concerning whether or not it plans cut the price of its broadband service.
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Opening Sun's Pandora's Box

Staffed with so many clever people, Sun Microsystems always has research wonders that can enthrall and amaze. In the most unexpected ways. This is why it's fun to hang out with Sun people. And look: the two even rhyme. Sun and fun.
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Palm faces WLAN gaming patent infringement suit

Palm has been hit with a law suit claiming that the ability of its PDAs to network wirelessly with other such devices on an ad hoc basis, in turn allowing users to compete in multi-player games, infringes the intellectual property of one Peer-to-Peer Systems.
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New build of WinXP SP2 leaks out

Service Pack 2 for Windows XP has leaked again, Neowin.net reports, and while The Reg has observed in the past that Microsoft code leaking is scarcely news, the site's suggestion that it looks pretty close to beta stage is maybe significant.
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ID theft: a $1bn a year crime

Identity theft, reportedly America's fastest rising crime, cost US lenders at least $1 billion last year.
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Websense wants to ban online gaming

Uncontrolled online gaming is putting organisations at risk from legal problems from illicit software and robbing corporates of valuable bandwidth.
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Use a firewall, go to jail, and send Bill Gates too

The (DMCA) Digital Millennium Copyright Act clearly isn't enough for some people. Massachusetts and Texas are - in curious formation - considering bills that will extend it to make firewalls (among other things) illegal.

Windows on Itanic

What's the world's oldest port? [*]