28th March 2003 Archive

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  • Intel Tanglewood's first voyage

    Sailed off only to find IBM, Sun already landed

    Channel 28 03:29

  • OpenGoose suite speaks in tongues

    Beta drop

    Software 28 03:32

  • Infineon turns to Chinese fab

    More memory

    Channel 28 05:22

  • Acer preps cut-price PocketPC

    Sub-$300 n10

    Personal 28 09:48

  • NTL 128K price hike confirmed

    Cough up

    Broadband 28 10:52

  • Sega Europe to publish all its own games

    Maybe others' too

    Software 28 11:20

  • Winchester chosen for BB Powerline trial

    Socket to 'em

    Broadband 28 11:39

  • AMD ‘evaluating’ 400MHz FSB for Athlon XP

    But will it ship the thing?

    Channel 28 11:40

  • Lucent will pay $315m to settle class action

    Line drawn under the affair

    Data Networking 28 11:44

  • Fujitsu preps Linux-based robot

    From our Robo-tux correspondent

    Personal 28 12:15

  • Unlocks all round! Orange frees SPV developers

    And what do we have here? A developer programme...

    Mobile 28 12:58

  • BT plays BB price guessing game

    Grow up

    Broadband 28 12:59

  • Opening Sun's Pandora's Box

    Fangs for the memory

    Bootnotes 28 13:04

  • Palm faces WLAN gaming patent infringement suit

    Multi-player gaming via wireless 'invented' in 1995, apparently

    Mobile 28 13:14

  • New build of WinXP SP2 leaks out

    Maybe looks a bit finished, but there's the legal matter...

    Software 28 14:21

  • ID theft: a $1bn a year crime

    Consumers and banks suffer the pain

    Security 28 14:25

  • Websense wants to ban online gaming

    Killjoy or corporate bandwidth guardian?

    Data Networking 28 15:46

  • Use a firewall, go to jail, and send Bill Gates too

    DMCA enhancements pose tough decision for free-thinkers

    Media 28 16:49

  • Windows on Itanic

    Limited edition drops 'limited' tag

    Servers 28 22:46