26th March 2003 Archive

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  • Tanglewood: the next Itanium revealed

    Runs cool with cores aplenty

    Servers 26 02:15

  • Sun's Enchilada, Chalupa ready to serve

    Low end revved with new SPARC CPU

    Servers 26 02:15

  • Nvidia books IBM fab for GeForce FX

    Tough on TSMC

    Channel 26 09:01

  • Conspiracy theories abound in security mailing list launch

    Fighting Vikings

    Security 26 09:42

  • I shot the Woolly Mammoth

    SA hack retails his MS ad complaint

    Bootnotes 26 09:44

  • EU bigwig bangs on about eGovt

    Blah, blah, blah

    Media 26 09:45

  • Intel granted overclocking blocking patent

    Overclock this...

    Channel 26 12:49

  • BT Tower preserved for the nation

    Monument to the 'white heat of technology'

    Bootnotes 26 14:07

  • O2 slashes number of free Web-based texts

    'Increasingly competitive market' blamed

    Mobile 26 14:26

  • UK business confidence in open source grows – survey

    And it's not just about licence costs...

    Software 26 14:32

  • Data propels mobile telco growth

    ARPU stabilises

    Mobile 26 14:56

  • Gamecube tops UK console charts. For one week only?

    Will GBA SP keep up momentum?

    Personal 26 15:05

  • NAI re-cooks the books

    In the shadow of an SEC probe

    Business 26 15:08

  • A brief note on Sun's Project Orion

    Making friends and influencing people

    Data Centre 26 15:10

  • Windows Server 2003's bits are modular, not MIA

    Redmond finds innovative escape hatch...

    Servers 26 16:02

  • Treasury shuts software tax avoidance schemes

    Cunning loophole plugged

    Small Biz 26 16:03

  • House builders claim broadband a ‘selling point’

    Do we need new regulations?

    Broadband 26 16:37

  • Nominet holds off on domain reservation plans

    Come back and see me in six months

    Media 26 16:37

  • Too cool for secure code

    Mucho Macho

    Security 26 16:56

  • Notebook sales on the rise

    Ready to take a quarter of all PC sales this year

    Personal 26 17:02

  • Opera breaks Register shock

    Bork bork yourselves...

    Bootnotes 26 17:12

  • Critical Win2K flaw yields multiple attack vectors

    Get patching

    Security 26 20:29

  • Dogblogs promise canine liberation


    Media 26 20:33

  • Wanted: House band for Reg anthem

    Achieve fame and win stuff

    Bootnotes 26 21:07