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Samsung 1GB DDR 2 DIMM enters mass production

Samsung announced this morning that it is now producing a 1GB DDR 2 DIMM in volume.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

Why the Dogs of Cyberwar stay leashed

OpinionAs the U.S. and U.K. campaign to "shock and awe" the Iraqi leadership and population continues, as "bunker buster" bombs hit the Iraqi Presidential palaces and coalition forces attempt to disrupt the command and control of the Iraqi military, one widely-reported offensive capability is nowhere in sight: the United States has not yet officially used the tools of cyberwarfare.
Mark Rasch, 24 Mar 2003

Argos to retain Cube following massive sales increase

After suggesting that it would follow Dixons Group in dropping the GameCube from its range, UK retailer Argos has seen a surge in interest in the cut-price console and has confirmed that it will continue carrying it.
gamesindustry.biz, 24 Mar 2003

Elpida licenses Rambus Yellowstone

Memory maker Elpida has licensed Rambus' Yellowstone high-bandwidth interface technology, the pair announced today.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

Eircom sets wholesale DSL price

Esat BT has described Eircom's new wholesale price for DSL as positive, with both firms now set to roll out retail services at dramatically lower prices.
ElectricNews.net, 24 Mar 2003
DVD it in many colours

F5 starts patent litigation bunfight

Application switching firm F5 Networks this week filed suit against three rival firms after securing a patent on a key aspect of its technology.
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2003

Iraq war architect in Global Crossing conflict of interest

Among the neo-conservatives advising US President George W. Bush on matters military and imperial, Richard Perle looms large as Chairman of the Defense Policy Board, an unpaid policy brain trust appointed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Perle, a former Reagan-Administration Assistant Defense Secretary, is associated, through numerous radiating lines of Washington patronage, to a gaggle of Reaganite and Bush Senior re-treads moving and shaking in Washington today.
Thomas C Greene, 24 Mar 2003

Europe judges Hynix rescue funding illegal

The European Commission wants punitive tariffs of 30-35 per cent imposed on all Hynix chip imports after it found the world's third largest memory maker guilty of receiving aid from the Korean government. Such aid is banned by the World Trade Organisation and illegal in the EU.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

The price of failure: $35m

EDS is to take a $35 million charge in Q1 to cover the severance package of Dick Brown, the CEO and chairman who was fired last week. No wonder his valedictory email to the EDsers was so touchy-feely.
Drew Cullen, 24 Mar 2003

Affinity Internet shares suspended

Shares in Affinity Internet Holdings PLC were suspended on the London Stock Exchange this morning.
Tim Richardson, 24 Mar 2003

Amazon iPaq imbroglio moves Reg reader to song

Reg reader Paul Smith (no relation) was inspired to verse by last week's Amazon iPaq pricing gaffe.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

Hulme exitsTadpole

Bernard Hulme has resigned from Tadpole as CEO and director with immediate effect. He's available to the board for six months thereafter for advice. Hulme used to run SCO's European ops.
Drew Cullen, 24 Mar 2003

End in sight for UK IT tax holiday

A treasury initiative to give small and medium-sized businesses 100 per cent tax relief on IT purchases runs out at the end of the month. There is no sign from Chancellor Gordon Brown that he will extend the gig in the next Budget, accountancy firm Hacker Young warns.
Drew Cullen, 24 Mar 2003

Yellow Pages launches new DQ service

Yell - the outfit behind Yellow Pages and the online business information service, Yell.com - has launched its own-brand directory enquiries (DQ) service.
Tim Richardson, 24 Mar 2003

Apple WWDC delay prompts PPC 970 speculation

Apple's decision to postpone its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from mid-May to mid-June might at first seem nothing more than panic caused by too few pre-registrations.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

Hacktivists DDoS 10 Downing St site

UK government website 10 Downing Street (also at this URL) was briefly rendered inaccessible yesterday after a co-ordinated denial of service attack protesting the Prime Minster's role in the conflict.
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2003

Leeds Uni, MS teach undergrads to write secure code

Microsoft has teamed up with the University of Leeds to develop the UK's first undergraduate computer security module to focus on the skills which developers need write secure code.
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2003

France Telecom sells €15bn in new shares

France Telecom today began its much-touted €15bn today, flogging new shares at €14.50 apiece to existing shareholders.
Drew Cullen, 24 Mar 2003

Samsung readies Nexio ‘super PDA’ for Europe

Samsung is due to ship its Nexio S160 PocketPC "super PDA" into Europe later this year, during the third quarter.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

Intel Xtends Xscale

UpdateIntel is growing its Xscale family with the addition today of two new chips: the PXA260 and 263. And it officially announced the PXA255.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

Last post for BT's trumpet bloke

Lester Haines, 24 Mar 2003

IT worker burnout gets critical

Morale among IT workers is at rock bottom, with workers struggling to cope with increased workloads.
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2003

AMD roadmap slots 400MHz FSB Athlon XP launch in April/May

Japanese Web site PC Watch has posted what it claims is the latest iteration of AMD's roadmap.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2003

Public Records Office to preserve digital documents

The Public Records Office (PRO) is to reveal at a conference next month how it intends to preserve electronic documents for the future.
Tim Richardson, 24 Mar 2003

Sun adopts Write Once, Revise Anywhere license

Tired of outrageously restrictive software licenses?
Ashlee Vance, 24 Mar 2003

Met police use spam to warn against 999 timewasting

The Metropolitan Police Service is to reinforce the message that 999 calls should be made in the event of an emergency - by spamming up to 250,000 Londoners.
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2003

GNOME, KDE get their kicks from XFree86

Leading GNOME and KDE developers have borrowed a leaf from the Hans Blix diplomacy manual in a joint statement on the XFree86 schism.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Mar 2003

Is this the end of the domain transfer nightmare?

An end to the frustrating, illogical and frequently abused system of transferring domain names between registrars may finally arrive this week at the ICANN meeting in Rio de Janeiro.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Mar 2003
Cat 5 cable

EMC chief cashes in on losses

EMC's chief executive officer Joe Tucci was rewarded handsomely last year with a gutsy salary and piles of options even though the company lost ground to the competition.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Mar 2003

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