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BEA Systems: long term logic

Much has changed in the 12 months since BEA Systems unveiled the first version of its web services development environment WebLogic Workshop. BEA now seems to be in the second phase of what is emerging as a long-term strategy to win the backing of enterprise developers.
Datamonitor, 21 Mar 2003

Hackers claim NSA breach

Hackers claim to have compromised a computer at the National Security Agency in Ft. Meade, Maryland. But their target was the least secretive organization imaginable within the massive intelligence agency: the public affairs office.
Kevin Poulsen, 21 Mar 2003

EC calls on member states to free up WLAN spectrum

The European Commission has called for member states to promote public wireless broadband services such as Wi-Fi.
ElectricNews.net, 21 Mar 2003

PalmSource in the black as Palm Q3 slides

UpdateThe seasonal hardware sales dip and the weak IT economy pulled Palm's Q3 2003 figures, announced yesterday, well below the results it posted for the same period last year.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2003

Silicon Valley staff help paralyse SF with swarm tech

Silicon Valley techs and engineers helped paralyse the city of San Francisco in a day long series of actions and surprises, which closed off freeways and most of downtown. Over one thousand were arrested - and the final total may be much higher - creating havoc as a demonstration against the war on Baghdad.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Mar 2003

Govt web sites bashed by new report

Government web sites run the risk of wasting taxpayers' money, according to yet another critical report into the public sector online.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2003

Telcos and ISPs prepare for charity bar battle

Some of the biggest names in the telecoms industry are meeting up next week for a charity pub quiz in aid of the Samaritans.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2003

Is SSL safe?

Czech security researchers this week claimed to have uncovered weaknesses in SSL that might permit crackers to decypher transmissions over supposedly secure links.
John Leyden, 21 Mar 2003

ATI income down, revenues up

ATI lost $8.3 million in its last quarter, the second of its 2003 fiscal year, on revenues up to $318.5 million from the $266 million it recorded for the same period last year.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2003

Micron sheds more red

Memory maker Micron lost $619 million ($1.02 a share) during Q2 2003, which ended on 27 February. Exceptional charges account for around half that figure - without them the company lost $386 million.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2003

PalmSource spin-off slips again

Palm will now not spin off its operating system subsidiary, PalmSource, until the summer, CEO Eric Benhamou has revealed.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2003

Apple lead on 17in notebooks challenged

HP and Acer, to name but two, are preparing a Windows-based alternatives to Apple's 17in PowerBook.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2003

Monaghan-Iraq – the outrage continues

LettersOh dear, oh dear. Our piece yesterday, snappily entitled US Irish in St Patrick's Day Iraqi banner outrage, has itself provoked a fair bit of reader outrage.
Lester Haines, 21 Mar 2003
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UK.biz ready for disaster, says UK.biz

UK enterprises are ready for a major disaster.
John Leyden, 21 Mar 2003

Reg Kit Watch

Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2003

Dick Brown: Action, urgency, excellence!

MemoWatchYesterday we noted the absence of Dick Brown in the EDS ouster press release. But he did pop up, in an email missive to fellow "EDSers", as he calls himself (yuck!). So here is Brown's valediction, followed by a statement to the troops from the new guys in charge (we have reversed the order of the messages in which they appeared in the memo).
Drew Cullen, 21 Mar 2003

Office work is a pain in the neck

Office workers risk health problems as communications technology makes them slaves to their desks.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2003

MS takes axe to Xbox Japan

The Japanese arm of Microsoft's Xbox division is to see personnel reductions across the board, as the console continues to struggle in the Far East - but the company denies any scaling back of the Xbox operation itself in the territory.
gamesindustry.biz, 21 Mar 2003

The Pentagon's tactical Internet – a war too early?

The Pentagon is furiously buying up commercial satellite capacity in order to meet the bandwidth needs of a new kind of IT-driven war, reports the Washington Post. But Register sources suggest that the US military has other, rather larger problems in delivering on the digital battlespace vision.
John Lettice, 21 Mar 2003

XFree86 dust-up questions X11 model

The furious row over the vital open source software project XFree86 has raised questions over what future direction the group should take. One of the project's founders, David Wexelblat (actually the fourth guy - see this good history), has suggested that the X model is anachronistic and needs a fundamental garbage-can shaped overhaul.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Mar 2003

Norton SystemWorks heisted for terror war spam scam

Spammers/scammers have reinvented irksome unsolicited emails promoting Norton SystemWorks to hype up the terror angle.
John Leyden, 21 Mar 2003

Birmingham council gets tough on personal email

Birmingham City Council is clamping down on staff sending personal emails while at work.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2003

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