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Al Gore joins Apple

Former Vice President Al Gore has joined the board of Apple, his first such position in the private sector.
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BT boss slams union over jobs-to-India

BT Retail boss Pierre Danon has accused the Communications Workers Union (CWU) of "distorting the true situation" concerning the telco's move to open two new call centres in India.
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IEEE preps notebook battery standard

International electronics standards organisation the IEEE is to draft a specification for rechargeable Lithium-based notebook batteries. If the draft becomes a standard, it will guarantee battery quality, reliability and safety.
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Micron touts first 4GB DDR DIMM

Memory maker Micron yesterday sent what it claims is the industry's first 4GB DDR SDRAM registered DIMM to Intel - presumably for verification and (it hopes) endorsement.
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Point! click! get! root! on! Yahoo!

A simple scan for unpublished websites within Yahoo's Internet address space gave an unemployed and bored IT worker access to several of the portal company's internal systems, including root access inside the company firewall, the worker says.
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LEGATO releases NetWorker 7

The battle of the storage software vendors jumped up a gear this week as LEGATO announced the release of LEGATO NetWorker 7, writes Tony Lock. NetWorker is one of the most widely recognised and deployed data protection tools and the new version release keeps LEGATO in the storage management battle with long time rivals CA, VERITAS, Tivoli and HP.
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Dixons to axe 350 HQ jobs – report

Dixons is to axe up to 350 jobs at its HQ in Hemel Hempstead, according to Ananova.
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Brussels awards .eu domain to Brussels-based consortium

The European Commission has awarded management of the new .eu top-level Internet domain to Brussels-based consortium EURid, bringing the seemingly endless quest for a dedicated European domain one step closer to reality.
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Software sales start climbing again

Economic uncertainty and low business confidence in software spending are hurting software sales, but the sector will experience an upturn in 2003.
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Lindows CEO attacks Intel's Centrino Linux lockout

Intel is going through a major internal struggle over desktop Linux, and the pro-Microsoft marketing droids are currently winning, according to Lindows.com CEO Michael Robertson. As evidence, Robertson puts forward the lack of Linux support for Centrino, the mysterious blocking of his company's request to participate in an Intel roadshow, and the last minute pullout of Intel speakers at his Desktop Linux Summit earlier this year.
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Dell revamps PC recycling scheme

Update Dell touted its eco-credentials yesterday when it announced it would pick up users' old computer equipment for $15 an item. In return, recyclers get up to ten per cent off their next software or peripheral purchase made through Dell.
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Bugs found in EU, US doesn't get blame. Yet.

Bugs have been found in an EU building used by the council of ministers, and intended to host a meeting between Tony Blair French president Jacques Chirac tonight. It is not however clear who planted them and how long they've been there.
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Supanet offers 256kbs service

Burnley based ISP Supanet has unveiled a 256kbs 'broadband' service costing less than £18 a month. Called Broadband Silver 256, the service is five-times faster than traditional dial-up services.
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3 UK gains 1-year repayment extension

3 UK has secured an agreement with lenders to finance the next stage of its 3G mobile network rollout.
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Text message freezes Siemens 35 and 45 phones

Users of Siemens 35 and 45 series phones have been warned of a bug which allows the handsets to be disabled by an incoming text message.
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Reg Kit Watch

Monitors Sony today said it plans to expand its LCD monitor range for business and home users with a new line of products. For the latter, it will offer the HS series comprising 15, 17 and 19in panels available in three colours: white, dark blue and grey. More conservative corporate buyers get plain panels, presumably. But the …
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NTL gets new COO

NTL Inc has appointed former Orange CFO Simon Duffy as the cableco's new COO. Mr Duffy - who takes up his new position on April 1 - will be responsible for running the company's day-to-day operations and will be charged with ensuring the outfit heads towards "profitable growth".
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Only kidding? MS may ship Longhorn server after all

Microsoft senior VP for Windows Brian Valentine has brought a certain pleasing symmetry to Longhorn roadmapping by telling the good people at IDG that there may well be a server version of Windows Longhorn after all. This, says Computerworld, "despite claims to the contrary."
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Siemens offers ASP tech support for small businesses

Siemens is looking to tap into the small business market with an office application package from its ASP division, Solution 1, designed specifically for businesses with between five and ten employees.
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3Com teams up with Huawei

Networking suppliers 3Com and Huawei Technologies yesterday announced a joint venture partnership in China to target the country's emerging networking equipment market.
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UK to get broadband co-ordinator

The Government is to appoint a civil servant to take overall responsibility for coordinating the implementation of its broadband strategy.
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Terrorism: How do I protect myself at home?

Here is a new public safety announcement from the Home Office. As government web sites are supposedly under severe strain today (they appear no more sluggish than usual to us), Al Regizeera is doing its bit for the Home Front by publishing in full the British Government's advice on anti-terrorism measures for homeowners. So when you see those anthrax spores coming, duck and cover. Don't forget, folks, to stock up on batteries and baked beans. And never, never let those credit cards out of your sight.®
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Cisco snaps up Linksys in home networking assault

Cisco Systems has made a major expansion into the home networking market with the acquisition today of Linksys in a $500 million all stock deal.
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The MS ‘friendly’ security alert service – just say d'oh

Last month Microsoft introduced a security alert notification service for the masses, intended to be less frightening and confusing to normal people than the Technet advisories, and maybe giving them some advice as well. There have been a couple of security alerts under the bridge since then, so as a service to the readers we at The Register feel it's time to do a compare and contrast.
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Airstrike! The Pentagon simplifies media relations

Should war in the Gulf commence, the Pentagon proposes to take radical new steps in media relations - 'unauthorised' journalists will be shot at. Speaking on The Sunday Show on Ireland's RTE1 last Sunday veteran war reporter Kate Adie said she had been warned by a senior Pentagon official that uplinks, i.e. TV broadcasts or satellite phones, that are detected by US aircraft are likely to be fired on.
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Stressmarks already as the Web goes to war

War and worries about terrorist attacks has put severe stress on government Web sites in the US and UK, reports Reuters. The US Army home page and the US Marines are said to be having trouble, while over on this side of the pond dubious advice about terrorism is sometimes unobtainable.
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US Irish in St Patrick's Day Iraqi banner outrage

They say that truth is the first casualty of war. Apparently not always. Common sense seems to have sustained a sucking chest wound in Gulf War II with the news that The New York Monaghan Association decided against carrying its traditional banner in the New York St Patrick's Day parade.
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Dial 999 for bomb advice

Letters Reg Readers are a public-spirited and pedantic bunch at the best of times. But at the worst? Natural born saboteurs, as demonstrated by these letters, two on the Home Office's misleading advice to call 999 carried on its new anti-terrorist web site, and one from a Siemens 35 victim.
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Minor glitch in Win2K patch

A patch for a serious flaw in Windows 2000, which prompted a major Microsoft alert earlier this week, is causing problems for a small percentage of users.
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EDS fires Dick Brown

It's what the Americans call an ouster: Dick Brown, EDS CEO and chairman has been removed from his posts at the troubled computer services giant with immediate effect.