19th March 2003 Archive

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  • So, farewell then, original iMac


    Mac Channel 19 10:16

  • What the hell is… SiS' HyperStreaming technology?

    We asked the fellow who knows

    Channel 19 11:16

  • Easynet undercuts BT with unbundled leased line

    BT mum on whether it will follow suit

    Small Biz 19 11:21

  • US to disrupt GPS, satellite comms in Gulf?

    Switch and 'bate...

    Media 19 12:02

  • Amazon offers sub-£10 iPAQ

    Going, going, gone

    Personal 19 12:27

  • AOL UK lines up for Net-related awards scheme

    Community groups could get £2,000 for e-stuff

    Media 19 12:32

  • Amazon.co.uk pulls down the shutters on bargain hunt

    iPAQs for £7.32, no more

    Business 19 12:53

  • Shell out less on Unix Programming

    This week's reader book offer from IT-minds

    Site News 19 13:50

  • MS shared source twitches towards liberal licensing

    A small twitch, but a twitch, nevertheless...

    Software 19 13:59

  • No legal recourse for buyers as Amazon rejects £7 iPaq pricing

    No breach of contract because there was no contract

    Personal 19 15:57

  • VX writers latch onto Gulf War II tricks to spread worms

    Unfriendly, but largely ineffective, fire

    Security 19 16:05

  • BT releases latest ADSL exchange update

    Let's hear it for Frinton-on-Sea

    Broadband 19 16:09

  • People are the biggest security risk

    Send your workers to security bootcamps today!

    Security 19 16:13

  • Cisco buys SignalWorks – and soon its own shares

    Stereo sound for IP phones

    Data Networking 19 17:20

  • ‘External attack’ under control – Tiscali UK

    Will prosecute if culprits found

    Media 19 19:13