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Samba vuln – get your patches on

A buffer overflow has been found in Samba that requires immediate action, the team's Jeremy Allison tells us.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Mar 2003

RIAA website now hidden in plain sight

For those of you who have been following the RIAA's "Hide The Website" game, you'll be relieved to hear it's moved on again, and now can not be accessed at an entirely new location.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Mar 2003

Content-based backup cuts PC storage needs

A new breed of content-based backup technology is on show at CeBIT. Designed for corporate PC networks, it can back up email and application data on individual PCs without requiring huge amounts of storage space on a server.
Bryan Betts, 17 Mar 2003

US consumers to ‘dump fixed-lines’

Fixed-line telecom companies are facing a "potentially staggering" threat to their consumer business from wireless operators.
ElectricNews.net, 17 Mar 2003

The state of SuSE

InterviewI spent a little time on AIM with SuSE U.S. rep (and all-around nice guy) Holger Dyroff, discussing SuSE's new products, trends in Linux desktop/consumer use, and the state of Linux market penetration in general. This transcript has been edited (very lightly) only for grammar and spelling, not content. Make sure you read all the way to the end, where Holger mentions SuSE's take on SCO's decision to commit corporate suicide.
Robin Miller, 17 Mar 2003

Lawscot domain dispute gets to court

The ongoing legal battle over domain lawscot.co.uk between the Law Society of Scotland and Glasgow resident Tommy Butler finally ended up in court at the start of the month - and promptly came back out again.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Mar 2003

Adaptec shows SATA at CeBIT

Adaptec joins the Serial-ATA party today, with the launch at CeBIT of a set of SATA RAID cards at prices from £56. The two, four and eight channel cards are expected to replace low-end SCSI RAID controllers over time, as well as supplanting some of Adaptec's IDE (parallel ATA) RAID products.
Bryan Betts, 17 Mar 2003

Symbian and Microsoft sign RIM deals

Symbian and Microsoft both announced deals with Canadian pager company RIM for a piece of their email gateway today.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Mar 2003

DDS-DAT is back from the dead

Two years after terminating DDS-DAT with extreme prejudice, customer pressure has pushed HP and Seagate into reviving the popular mid-range tape technology. Showing at CeBIT, the new version is called DDS Generation 5 and stores 72GB of compressed data per cassette.
Bryan Betts, 17 Mar 2003

Freeserve mulls another Madeira VAT move

Freeserve is considering relocating its broadband operation to Madeira to take advantage of the island's lower VAT rate.
Tim Richardson, 17 Mar 2003

cd-wow fights BPI over imported CDs

The music industry last week won an important legal battle in its bid to prevent discount etailer cd-wow from selling imported CDs in the UK.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2003

NTL in BT Broadband complaint

NTL has complained to the telecoms regulator that a broadband marketing deal between BT and satellite TV operator BSkyB is anti-competitive.
Tim Richardson, 17 Mar 2003

Euro SAN groups merge at last

The two main European storage networking associations have completed their merger, emerging as the "new" Storage Network Industry Association Europe (SNIA-E). This combines the resources of the old SNIA-E with those of the Fibre Channel Industry Association Europe (FCIA-E)
Bryan Betts, 17 Mar 2003

Lock up your computers! Crime is everywhere

Did you know that 61 per cent of British businesses suffered computer-related crime last year? This astonishing statistic is supplied courtey of the British Chamber of Commerce. And if that were not hyberbolic enough for you, how about another "fact":
Drew Cullen, 17 Mar 2003

Wrox hit the rocks as Glasshaus cracks

IT publisher Wrox Press is set to close following the collapse into liquidation of US owners Peer Information last Friday.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2003

How much does it cost to oversee the Internet?

How much do you think it costs to oversee the Internet a year? Not pay for any servers or cables or set up any domains or deal with customers or anything like that, but simply act as an overseeing body, listening to what people are saying and, if necessary, making a decision on what should be done.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Mar 2003

BT Tower in St Patrick's Day green light stunt

BT Tower in the heart of London was lit in emerald green last night as part of a stunt to plug a new directory enquiries (DQ) service.
Tim Richardson, 17 Mar 2003

Win2K Web Server software brown alert goes out

An unchecked buffer in a Windows component could cause web server compromise, Microsoft warns today.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2003

Hole in Sun ONE

A potentially serious vulnerability in Sun ONE Application Server creates a mechanism for crackers to run malicious code on Web servers.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2003

Freeserve clamps down on heavy users

Freeserve is clamping down on 1,500 heavy Net users warning them that unless they curb their activities they could face usage limits - or even the chop.
Tim Richardson, 17 Mar 2003
Broken CD with wrench

MS revamps eBiz server licensing

Microsoft is to introduce revised licensing terms from April 1 to make it cheaper to run its business applications on partitioned servers.
John Leyden, 17 Mar 2003

Molesting Google

LetterDear Editor -
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Mar 2003

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