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Beeb calls time on ‘my BBC’

The BBC pulled the plug on its personalised Web-based information service my BBC yesterday.
Tim Richardson, 13 Mar 2003

HP debuts pay per use pricing on Superdome

HP yesterday introduced a new utility pricing model to its top-of-the-range Superdome severs, based on automatically measuring how much computing power customers use every month.
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2003

Reg Kit Watch

Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2003

Beeb axes 100 new media jobs

The BBC is axing around 100 jobs in its new media division in a bid to scale back spending.
Tim Richardson, 13 Mar 2003

IT spending: the Y2K effect, Mark II

A few years into their IT systems cycles, businesses are looking at the next development stage. Many companies are reluctant to upgrade again, often with good reason, but changes in the market mean that they would be likely to gain more valuable benefits than previously.
Datamonitor, 13 Mar 2003

Nvidia brings latest GeForce FX chips to notebooks

Nvidia today followed up last week's desktop GeForce FX 5600 and 5200 launch with the introduction of two mobile versions.
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2003

Sparks fly as BTo hit by electrical fault

Up to 300,000 of BT Openworld's customers suffered an Internet blackout on Monday after an electrical fault damaged the ISP's kit.
Tim Richardson, 13 Mar 2003

Lindows opens Click-N-Buy shop

Lindows.com, the Linux distro for consumers, is opening an online shop to sell software downloads from third-party vendors to owners of LindowsOS PCs.
Drew Cullen, 13 Mar 2003

Opera in fresh browser security drama

Opera today released a fix for a serious security flaw with its browser which could let crackers load and execute malicious code on victim's PCs.
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2003

Creative preps MS-based Nomad video player

UpdateWhen Apple failed to launch a video iPod earlier this year, as it had been rumoured to be planning, it disappointed many of its fans. And now it looks like Microsoft is going to get just such a device to market ahead of it.
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2003

Suddenly, the personal phone hub is respectable

A year ago, the idea of the personal mobile gateway was just a piece of speculative fiction from IXI. Suddenly, both Motorola and Samsung have launched conspicuously similar bits of technology around the concept.
Guy Kewney, 13 Mar 2003

UK.gov blows £1.5bn on botched IT projects

More than £1.5 billion in taxpayers' money has been wasted on delayed or cancelled UK government projects over the last six years.
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2003

Decoding Centrino

AnalysisThere's no doubt that Intel's Centrino platform is impressive technology. Exactly how much performance it delivers over existing processor solutions, and how much longer it will allow mobile users to operate on battery power we'll see in the coming months as Centrino notebooks are put through their paces.
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2003

UK sees strong DSL growth

The number of DSL lines in the UK grew 90 per cent in the second half of 2002, according to the latest stats from broadband research outfit Point Topic.
Tim Richardson, 13 Mar 2003

Big church group urges states to punish WorldCom

WorldCom may be clawing its way back to financial stability. But it isn't out of the woods yet - the perpetrator of the world's biggest fraud has been ambushed by theologians.
Drew Cullen, 13 Mar 2003

NatSemi CEO looks to China

InterviewExtremeTech's Jim Louderback had a chance recently to sit down with Brian Halla, CEO of National Semiconductor to get an idea of how National is approaching the future. Since this interview was conducted, things have gotten dicey for the Silicon Valley chip company. The company announced that it was shedding its system-on-a-chip Geode business, and then late last week investor-activist Ralph Whitman announced that he wants two seats on the board.
Extremetech, 13 Mar 2003

IDC forecasts 2003 will be a good/bad* year for Itanium

IDC appears to suffering from some confusion concerning the future of Intel's Itanium processor.
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2003

ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 to sport on-chip DDR RAM

Not to be outdone by Nvidia's GeForce FX Go 5200 and 5600 announcement, ATI had a mobile chip launch of its own today, unveiling the Mobility Radeon 9600. It also announced the Mobility Radeon 7000 Integrated Graphics Processor.
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2003

New Symbian phones from Mitsubishi, BenQ, Samsung

The next wave of Symbian OS phones is well under way this week, with groovy new designs from Mitsubishi, BenQ and Samsung. Cameras, big screens, swivelling bits - yup, looks like we're about to witness an entertaining envelope-pushing contest.
John Lettice, 13 Mar 2003

Dell shuns Microsoft's hate-radio toilet shockjock

A hate-radio shockjock whose toilet rants have proved too deranged even for readers of the extreme right-wing Free Republic has received a massive career boost thanks to Microsoft here in the United States.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Mar 2003

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