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Samsung unwraps first Centrino notebook

Samsung is first off the starting-block with a Centrino-based notebook, the X10, this morning, ahead of the mobile processor platform's official launch later today.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2003

Reg Kit Watch

Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2003

AMD rolls out mobile Athlon XP dozen

AMD today got its mobile processor announcement out ahead of arch-rival Intel's by unveiling 12 mobile CPUs and four notebook manufacturers who've bought the parts.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2003

PayPal switches off indy news site account

A US independent news site which relies upon reader donations has had some of its air supply cut off by PayPal.
Drew Cullen, 12 Mar 2003

BOFH is now passé – consultant

Rick Freedman, IT consultant and author, says he sees changes coming in the typical IT admin job description. No longer will sysadmins or network administrators be able to get by on technical talent alone. In the near future, they're going to need - gasp - people skills.
Tina Gasperson, 12 Mar 2003

CWU steps up action over BT jobs-to-India

BT's new workers in India will be earning just 70p an hour while the monster telco rakes in 40p for each and every directory enquiry it receives.
Tim Richardson, 12 Mar 2003

Teen delinquents laugh in the face of CCTV

Hopes that the extensive deployment of CCTV cameras in high streets the length and breadth of the UK would see an end to violent criminal behaviour by teen ne'er-do-wells seem to have been dashed.
Lester Haines, 12 Mar 2003

Intel launches Centrino mobile platform

Intel's Centrino has arrived, though given the volume of co-marketing partnership press releases issued over the last few weeks, you have to wonder whether a launch is entirely necessary now.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2003

Buy this supercomputer on eBay

Once a million dollar vector-parallel supercomputer for research projects at the Australian National University, this Fujitsu VPP300 is now being auctioned off at eBay.
John Leyden, 12 Mar 2003

Slim pickings for cybersecurity in DHS budget

As the new Department of Homeland Security swallows nearly every cybersecurity office in the U.S. government, high-profile leaders are jumping ship, and analysts worry that only meager funding and muddled goals remain.
Michael Fitzgerald, 12 Mar 2003

Latest CodeRed variant lacks built in obsolescence

Eighteen months after Code Red wormed its way through insecure Microsoft IIS Web Servers, yet another variant has found its way onto the Internet.
John Leyden, 12 Mar 2003

Europe finds MS guilty, but wonders what to do about it

The European Commission's experts have decided they should do something about Microsoft, but face two problems - how to make the solution legally watertight, and how to make it work. That, according to Reuters, means the the Commission's move against Microsoft could still be some way off.
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2003

Psion-Tek netBook in Swiss 4,000 unit GPRS deal

Psion-Teklogix's netBook labours under many disadvantages, among these being: it's a Psion; nobody much buys it; and The Register loves it. Any two out of these three would surely be enough to defeat Hercules, but somehow it doesn't die - and oddly enough it just twitched today, we have a customer.
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2003

France's Thales wins key UK ‘robo-squaddie’ contract

French defence contractor Thales has been awarded the £15 million contract for the assessment phase of the UK's version of the digital battlefield, the FIST (Future Integrated Soldier Technology) programme. Thales beat deadly rival BAE Systems to the deal, which in total could be worth something like £2 billion, and is actually somewhat broader-ranging than its name might imply.
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2003

VIA chipset targets mobile Athlon XP-M

VIA has followed AMD's Athlon XP-M launch with a chipset designed for the new mobile processor family.
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2003

Francestinks.com sinks.com

We considered sharing francestinks.com and germanystinks.com with you last week, but took the view that you could live without information on puerile exercises in xenophobia that seemed to have the (perhaps not entirely) subsidiary goal of selling related merchandise. We thought we'd leave off writing about it until vengeful hackers downed it, and although when we looked the French version had had a lot more visitors than the German, our money was on the Germans.
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2003

Swiss move to block Al Qaeda mobile phone supply

With commendable swiftness the Swiss parliament has moved to cut off Al Qaeda's mobile phone supply, reacting to an almost entirely imaginary scare set off by intelligence services just a few days ago. Switzerland, you'll recall, was allegedly one of the few places where you could buy a prepaid GSM SIM module for cash, without the phone network ever having to know who you really are.
John Lettice, 12 Mar 2003

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