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Poor change control hits SAN expansion plans

Robust change control and security will be the two biggest headaches for SAN users as they try to integrate and expand their storage network infrastructures, says Andy Norman, founder and CEO of UK storage specialist Sagitta.
Bryan Betts, 11 Mar 2003

Fly Egyptair and earn a place in paradise

Globetrotting Reg readers who are looking for a bit more from their airline's frequent flyer programme might be interested in a new initiative from Egyptair.
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 2003

Dixons ditches GameCube

UpdateDixons is ditching the Nintendo GameCube from its stores, according to a leaked memo from PC World seen by the Mirror.
Tim Richardson, 11 Mar 2003

Music for mobiles, the O2 way

02 today claims a world first for a music download service on GPRS, or 2.5G, networks.
Drew Cullen, 11 Mar 2003
finger pushing first in set of dominos

Confusion over serious Notes, Domino vulns

Lotus Notes and Domino are subject to an unholy trio of serious security vulnerabilities which could exploited in denial of service or privilege elevation attacks on the vulnerable system.
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2003

Reg anthem – The Red Flag explained

Compo updateOur announcement yesterday that we are looking for top artistes to record our Reg anthem caused a bit of confusion among those not familiar with "The Red Flag".
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 2003

Mobile handset sales up 6 per cent in 2002

Global mobile phone sales rose some 6 percent last year to 423.4 million units, according to new figures, and double-digit growth has been predicted for 2003.
ElectricNews.net, 11 Mar 2003

CIM-SAN-2 ready to hit road

Today the Storage Networking Industry Association (known as the SNIA to its friends) announced news of CIM-SAN-2 and the next steps forward in storage management.
IT-Analysis, 11 Mar 2003

Register Kit Watch

Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2003

Hebrew Office for Mac looms – enough to head-off anti-trust suit?

Sources close to Apple Europe are adamant that a Macintosh version of Microsoft Office which supports Hebrew will be announced within the next few weeks.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Mar 2003

Nokia narrows Q1 sights

Nokia is pinning back Q1 profit estimates to the low-end of previously-stated guidance. It now forecasts earning for the quarter ended March 31, 2003 of €0.15 and €0.17.
Drew Cullen, 11 Mar 2003

Hilton hotels to host hotspots

Hilton Hotels are hopping on the Wi-Fi bandwagon - due to be given a hefty shove forward tomorrow, courtesy of Intel's Centrino launch - and rolling out hotpsots across the US, Canada and Mexico.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2003

Apple iMac – the PC you really want, says MSN

Hats off to Apple Canada, which as far as we can make out appears to have pulled off a small but embarrassing heist at the expense of the local version of the Microsoft Network (MSN). The stunt would seem (naturally, we conjecture) to have taken advantage of the collision between MSN's thirst for ad revenue and what some might call the dubious presentation of advertising material undifferentiated from editorial.
John Lettice, 11 Mar 2003

UK Govt publishes revised ‘snoopers charter’

The Government has watered-down its proposed "snoopers charter" following public concerns about widespread access to phone, email and Internet records.
Tim Richardson, 11 Mar 2003

BT publishes latest ADSL exchange upgrade list

BT Wholesale has published the latest list of exchanges to be converted to ADSL. All should be completed during May, except Wentworth and Brimscombe, which are earmarked for June.
Tim Richardson, 11 Mar 2003

Intel posts 104% productivity gain…

Intel registered in unexpected 104 per cent productivity boost last year - in its efforts to reduce its workforce.
Tony Smith, 11 Mar 2003

Poor People! Wanna play Internet?

So you're too poor, or too feeble, or too indifferent to own, or have access to, a PC. Hey, check out this Internet thing and see what all the fuss is about with a free introductory offer from Her Majesty's Government.
Drew Cullen, 11 Mar 2003

Affinity Internet flogs ISP operation

Affinity Internet Holdings - which provides white label ISP services for companies including Powergen, the Royal Bank of Scotland and WHSmith - has flogged its Internet operation.
Tim Richardson, 11 Mar 2003

Observe the chickens of America, clucking towards Baghdad

In simpler times it was the canary. But today's avian suicide jockeys are chickens, which are to be press-ganged into service by the US Army when/if/when it invades Iraq.
Drew Cullen, 11 Mar 2003
DVD it in many colours

Gartner predicts slow recovery next year

European IT budgets will show marginal growth this year, with discretionary spending almost non-existent, and only sluggish growth next year.
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2003

New spec heralds digital video broadcast on 3G handsets

First picture messaging, then mobile phone camcorders, next, broadcast digital TV? Not quite, but a new transmission specification, DVB-X, is intended to combine Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) and 3G mobile telephony, providing a mechanism for broadcast distribution of music, video and general multimedia content. The spec was announced earlier this month at the DVB 2003 conference in Dublin, reports EETimes, and according Nokia director for concepts and technology (sounds a seriously trekkie job to us) Goeran Wahlberg will become a mandatory spec for handheld devices in the future."
John Lettice, 11 Mar 2003

Nominet's PAB election results in

Nominet has announced the election results for its Policy Advisory Board and it's two old PAB hands retained and two new names - both renowned for their defence of the small man - welcomed in.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Mar 2003

Win a computer science bursary at Queen Mary

Queen Mary, University of London has teamed up with Microsoft and Philips to launch a competition offering to fund the winner through a Computer Science degree.
John Leyden, 11 Mar 2003

Would-be Internet domain chief demands Privacy™

The man named on Friday as the leading candidate for the vacant ICANN hotseat, has an interesting personal perspective on domain names that is likely to raise serious questions about his suitability for the job.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Mar 2003

Senate leader explains poll “hack”

Senator Frist's office has elaborated on its explanation of why it pulled a website poll about the Iraq war last week. We could find no evidence of a security breach at the Senate, although this was the primary reason suggested by a Frist spokesperson on Friday. In fact, the poll was hosted outside the Senate firewall, his office now confirms.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Mar 2003

Kapor quits Groove

Mitch Kapor has left Groove Networks, and according to friends cited in the New York Times, it's because of his concern about the company's role in the fast-developing surveillance infrastructure.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Mar 2003

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