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Sun aims StarOffice PC bundles at Joe User

Sun wants, and expects, to see StarOffice 6.1 "on the shelves of Fry's, CompuUSA and BestBuy" when the suite is released this Fall.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Mar 2003

One printer, one virus, one disabled Iraqi air defence

Did U.S. infowar commandos smuggle a deadly computer virus into Iraq inside a printer? Of course not. So why does it keep getting reported, George Smith asks.
George Smith, 10 Mar 2003

Brocade lines up partners

Earlier this year Brocade Communications Systems Inc. completed the acquisition of the assets of Rhapsody Networks, writes Tony Lock. Last week Brocade announced the first fruits that the new technology will bring as it released details of the initial tranche of software vendors that are writing to the platform.
IT-Analysis, 10 Mar 2003

BT staff protest jobs-to-India move

BT is facing a wave of protests today as the Communications Workers Union (CWU) steps up its campaign against the telco's bid to create new jobs in India.
Tim Richardson, 10 Mar 2003

Deloitte Consulting fires up the whalesong and joss sticks

LogoWatchIt seems like only last July that we were rubbing our hands in glee as we reported that Deloitte Consulting rebrands as mineral water.
Lester Haines, 10 Mar 2003

Blair up for Lifetime Menace gong

Tony Blair figures high on the shortlist of nominees for UK's fifth annual Big Brother awards.
John Leyden, 10 Mar 2003

Scots BB over power lines trial goes commercial

Scottish Hydro-Electric (SH-E) is to begin full-scale commercial trials in the summer of a broadband service provided directly over electricity power lines.
Tim Richardson, 10 Mar 2003

So, why join Orange?

There are some eagle-eyed Reg readers out there, make no mistake. None more so than Brent L. Damms, who recently spotted something strange on the Orange website.
Lester Haines, 10 Mar 2003

Sony unveils UK PS2 online gaming beta plans

Consumers in the UK will get their first taste of PlayStation 2 online gaming at the end of this month, as public trials for broadband users begin on March 31st with an online starter kit being made available to selected users.
gamesindustry.biz, 10 Mar 2003

Transmeta TM8000 to bring AGP, HT, DDR buses on die

Transmeta has posted details of its next-generation Crusoe processor, the TM8000, codenamed Astro.
Tony Smith, 10 Mar 2003

Braxton logo springs into the light

LogoWatch update
Lester Haines, 10 Mar 2003

Hutchison 3G UK taps shareholders for £1bn loan

Hutchison 3G is to start dishing out handsets in Italy on March 10 and in the UK on March 15. It says it will have 700,000 available within three months.
Drew Cullen, 10 Mar 2003

Register Kit Watch

Tony Smith, 10 Mar 2003

419 scammers take US con artist for $750,000

A businessman in Winona, Minnesota, has been taken for a cool $750,000 by Nigerian 419 scam artists, the Winona Daily News reports.
Lester Haines, 10 Mar 2003

2 mch txting cud corz RSI

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has warned that too much texting could lead to injuries in later life.
Tim Richardson, 10 Mar 2003

VIA chipset targets Athlon XP 3000+

VIA has unwrapped its latest Apollo chipset, the KT400A, which it claims is the fastest single-channel DDR chipset designed for AMD's Athlon XP 3000+ and more than ten per cent faster than previous Apollo offerings.
Tony Smith, 10 Mar 2003

Lawyer cleared in Bloomberg extortion case

Charges against a Kazakhstan lawyer imprisoned for more than two years on charges of extortion against Michael Bloomberg were dropped last weekend, after a judge ruled key evidence was inadmissible.
John Leyden, 10 Mar 2003

WLAN hot spots get hotter

Despite a slow start, the public wireless LAN hot spot market will show strong growth over the next four years.
John Leyden, 10 Mar 2003

Network worm uses weak Windows passwords

Say hello to a network worm which attempts to compromise and spread through Windows machines with weak, default passwords. Called Deloder, the worm also tries to drop a backdoor component.
John Leyden, 10 Mar 2003

Telcos more upbeat about hiring – report

Telcos are more positive about recruiting staff than they have been since the end of 2001, according to a survey published by the IT industry group e-skills UK.
Tim Richardson, 10 Mar 2003

Henry Raddick returns with War statement

Celebrity Amazon.com reviewer Henry Raddick has broken a six-month silence with a hawkish statement on the Iraq war.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Mar 2003
server room

Intel announces 3GHz+ Xeons

Intel has officially released the 3.06GHz Xeon processor despite shipping the chip to system vendors some time ago.
Tony Smith, 10 Mar 2003

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