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Sun's stealth mode P2P gets modular

Sun released its Jxta Peer-to-Peer technology two years ago, just at the moment, that the P2P hype was imploding in on itself.
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VIA chipsets to sport WLAN, 3D audio tech

VIA is moving to beef up the technology integrated into its chipsets. The Taiwanese manufacturer yesterday revealed it has licensed Sensaura's 3D Positional Audio (3DPA) technology for future sound controller chips. Today, it announced it has bought the wireless applications design center it founded with Swedish research institute Acreo in May 2001.
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Dell extends top-end of Inspiron line

Dell will extend its Insprion notebook line today at the top-end, having beefed up the low-end and mid-range on Monday.
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Nildram in 2Mbps BB trial

Bucks-based Nildram has launched a trial for higher speed broadband services which it claims should prove popular with speed-hungry ADSL users.
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Wireless Net startup plots 30K-ish UK hot spots in 2003

Next Monday, a thunderbolt will hit the British wireless Internet world, as Inspired Broadcast launches a "pubs and clubs" chain of WiFi hotspots in three thousand different locations, with the possibility of seeing this rise to 30,000 locations before the end of the year.
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ASA clamps down on spam

Britain's ad Watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), has established tough new rules governing the use of email and text messages for marketing purposes.
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Open Source puts down roots in Finland

Some 400 IT managers and other decision-makers from throughout Northern Europe explored the business climate, for GNU/Linux specifically and Open Source generally, in Helsinki last week. Government ministers as well as IT people from academia, large and small businesses and even a monk listened and debated with some of the leading lights of the GNU/Linux world. And The Register talked to a couple of local success stories.
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Telewest trials wireless BB for the home

Telewest has brought forward trials of a new self-installation wireless connection that gives its punters the freedom to get broadband anywhere in their home.
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Flame Carly!

Exclusive A quarterly report on emails sent to HP chief exec Carly Fiorina reveals growing dissatisfaction among users about the company's outsourced support services.
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EU waves through French 2G rural roll-out subsidy

Europe's Competition Commissioner has given the go-ahead for member states to invest millions in high-speed Internet and mobile networks in disadvantaged areas.
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Toshiba boffins prep laptop fuel cell

Toshiba has figured out how to power a portable computer using fuel cell technology without the need for a power unit larger than the PC itself.
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MP ‘takes up cudgel’ in NTL broadband cap row

Campaigners working to get NTL to overturn its decision to cap its broadband service have received a boost after winning the support of Geoffrey Robinson.
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Sony keen to buy PalmSource

Sony's chairman and CEO, Nobuyuki Idei, would buy Palm's system software division given half a chance - or "if they want to sell", according to the man himself in an interview with web site AlwaysOn.
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Contractors lose out in Concept Telecom collapse

Several IT contractors have been left high and dry by the collapse into receivership of mobile phone testing and contracting services outfit Concept Telecom.
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Windows Longhorn leaks again

A new build of Longhorn, Microsoft's follow-up to XP, has leaked, and although it's still an alpha, reports of increased stability make it sound almost worth stealing. Build 4008, also labelled Longhorn M4 Build, doesn't implement the new WinFS file system yet, as you'd expect, but has had a lot of cosmetic and semi-cosmetic work done it. Some of this gives indications of the kinds of functionality Microsoft client operating systems will have when WinFS does roll out.
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T-Mobile signs up RIM in Europe

T-Mobile is to start flogging Blackberry wireless email devices from Research in Motion in Europe.
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Linksys PC card to support 802.11 a, b and g

Linksys has begun shipping what it claims is the world's first wireless LAN product capable of operating across both 802.11 WLAN standards: a and b, and the as yet un-ratified 802.11g specification.
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Tiscali UK signs MESH pre-install deal

Tiscali UK has signed a one-year distribution deal with MESH Computers to pre-install dial-up and broadband software on the PC-maker's machines.
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LSD puts Sendmail bug under the microscope

Polish ethical hackers Last Stage of Delirium (LSD) yesterday published proof of concept code for a serious flaw in Sendmail which emerged this week.
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Orange in the pink. And the red. And the black

Orange made a net profit - a first - of €633m in 2002 and declares Earnings before Bad Stuff of €15.1bn for the year. Of course, there's a lot of Bad Stuff - asset writedowns for Wind and Dutchtone, closure of Sweden etc. contributing to $5.2bn in exceptional costs.

Ofcom to set sail in December

Oftel - the UK's telecoms regulator - will cease to exist from December 15 2003 [tear slides down face, lip trembles under weight of emotion,..Ed]
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T-Mobile takes axe to data prices

T-Mobile aims to stimulate mobile data usage by cutting prices in Europe by between 50-70 per cent. The price cuts, along with simpler tariffs, come into play in April in all European subs where the mobile network operator has majority control.