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Sendmail vuln. Patch now

A serious flaw in Sendmail creates a way for attackers to take over email servers, security tools firm ISS warned yesterday.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2003

Summer wait for revised Handspring

The next generation of product from Handspring won't ship until late summer, but the company hinted to us on Friday that it would involve a major redesign.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Mar 2003

BEA updates WebLogic Portal

Yesterday (3rd March) BEA announced version 8.1 of BEA WebLogic Portal, which is due to be generally available in mid-summer, writes Phil Howard.
IT-Analysis, 04 Mar 2003
SGI logo hardware close-up

IBM Global Services: billion dollar deals

IBM Global Services is to provide server, mainframe and storage systems and services to French insurance company AXA. France has proved a tricky market for foreign services providers, due partly to the strength of unions. This latest deal may prompt further French interest as it is structured to allow some of the jobs to stay in French hands.
Datamonitor, 04 Mar 2003

EMC and Hitachi kiss and tell

EMC and Hitachi are kissing cousins again: they are to drop their legal action against each other and will swap APIs, the enterprise storage world's equivalent of exchanging precious bodily fluids.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2003

FIC leaks ATI R350 data

Details of ATI's R350 graphics chip have been inadvertently made public days ahead of the company's official announcement at CeBit. Oops.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2003

Freeserve mulls dial-up usage limit

Freeserve is mulling over following BT Openworld's lead and introduce usage caps for its flat-rate unmetered AnyTime service.
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2003

Energis ‘anticipates’ Irish job losses

El Reg has had some interesting feedback from readers concerning yesterday's story that UK telecoms group, Energis, is to create more than 100 jobs thanks to increased sales.
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2003

Psion flogs online store to Expansys

Psion is to sell its online store to Expansys, the self-dubbed Europe's "largest specialist retailer of wireless technology in Europe and North America".
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2003

Dell offers $899 desknotes

Dell has updated its Inspiron notebook family with two low-end and mid-range models based on desktop processors aimed at users willing to sacrifice mobility for price and power.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2003

MS aims at Linux with $399 Server 2003, Web Edition

There will be no price increases (as such) when Microsoft ships its next server OS, Windows Server 2003, on April 24th, but there will be a new budget-priced version of the product aimed squarely at the web server market. Server 2003 Web Edition comes without client access licences, with a 2gig limit on memory, 2-way SMP, and is $399.
John Lettice, 04 Mar 2003

ATI confirms Nintendo gig (we think)

ATI today issued a short press release even shorter on detail proclaiming that it has "entered into a technology development agreement with Nintendo". In the next breath it says the same thing again, only with the words in a different order. "Under the agreement, ATI and Nintendo are developing technologies for use in Nintendo products."
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2003
Broken CD with wrench

Lexmark slapped with anti-trust suit

Lexmark is facing a potential damages payout of over $100 million if an anti-trust suit filed this past Friday by Static Control Components (SCC) goes against it.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2003

Calling time on mobile crime

The mobile phone industry and police have teamed up in an initiative designed to clamp down on mobile phone crime.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2003

14 more exchanges to get ADSL

Fourteen more exchanges have passed their trigger levels and are being readied for their conversion to ADSL.
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2003

Tiscali UK mulls roll-out of Sat service

Tiscali UK has decided to delay the commercial roll-out of a broadband-via-satellite service until it has finished evaluating the results of a year-long trial.
Tim Richardson, 04 Mar 2003

Google promises relevant ads!

Google today unwrapped an new advertising programme with a twist - the ads are relevant! In Googlespeak, these are "content-targeted ads" - nothing new about that, is there? But Google has, as it did before with news and link rankings, automated the process.
Drew Cullen, 04 Mar 2003

IBM recalls 117,000 dusty old monitors

IBM has demanded the return of up to 117,000 monitors because they might catch fire.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2003

Apple v MS lawsuit to walk again in Lindows.com trial

Home of the chutzpah Lindows.com has been handed a spectacular victory by Seattle District Court in its trademark battle with Microsoft. No, it hasn't won, it hasn't achieved an honourable settlement whereby it can keep the name, or just continue business under another name - it's been allowed to introduce Microsoft documents covering the famous Apple-Microsoft copyright case, and the trial has been delayed from April to December because of that.
John Lettice, 04 Mar 2003

Apple gears up to sell music online

Apple is to launch an online music service, perhaps as early as next month, sources cited by the LA Times have claimed.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2003

SonyEricsson unveils T68i, T300 successors

SonyEricsson might be winning the plaudits for its pioneering P800 smartphone, but it still depends on its bread and butter range to bring in the revenue.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Mar 2003

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