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150 Brits x 419 fraud = £8.4m

You'd like to think that after all the publicity generated around Nigerian 419 advance fee fraud, the boys from Lagos would be pretty well out of business. Sadly not.
Lester Haines, 03 Mar 2003

Massive growth ahead in Net traffic

Traffic over the Internet is set to double every year for the next five years, according to IDC.
ElectricNews.net, 03 Mar 2003

Why criminalizing Crypto is wrong

OpinionThe Justice Department's plan to make routine encryption illegal in the hands of criminals will hurt law abiding citizens, and prove catastrophic for Internet security, writes Mark Rasch
Mark Rasch, 03 Mar 2003

Getting Red Hat Network support for free just got harder

With the impending rollout of Red Hat Advanced Workstation the company has made another move to 'encourage' users to pay for Red Hat Network support. As you'd expect it's a mixture of carrots and sticks, but some of the sticks look quite painful for people who're trying to run businesses off of the free RHN service - presumably this is deliberate.
John Lettice, 03 Mar 2003

Wanadoo makes a profit

French ISP Wanadoo has notched up a profit a year ahead of forecasts.
Tim Richardson, 03 Mar 2003

Colt gets new MD

Telecoms outfit - Colt - has a new UK
Tim Richardson, 03 Mar 2003

Friends Reunited ditches sale, plans to go global

Friends Reunited has shelved plans to flog itself. Instead, the UK schools and colleges reunion outfit has recruited former FT.com COO, Michael Murphy, to help expand the business.
Tim Richardson, 03 Mar 2003

DVD Jon faces summer retrial

Norwegian teenager, Jon Lech Johansen, is to be tried again by an appeal court this summer despite being cleared of cyber piracy crimes earlier this year, his lawyer confirmed last Friday.
John Leyden, 03 Mar 2003

Gates gives China peeking rights at Windows source

Explaining Microsoft's Government Security Program a while back Craig Mundie intimated that it applied to practically everybody except Cuba and Iraq, and he even gave China as an example of a qualifying country. So Bill Gates goes to China and it's not exactly a surprise that Chinese participation in the GSP is announced. Hey, it's free, so why wouldn't they?
John Lettice, 03 Mar 2003

Leaked NSA email exposes UN bugging offensive

The US National Security Agency is mounting a bugging offensive against UN delegations in order to gain "information that could give US policymakers an edge in obtaining results favorable to US goals or to head off surprises" in the Iraq debate. According to an email from one Frank Koza leaked in yesterday's Observer, UN Security Council members are prime targets, but paying attention to non-Security Council members "UN-related and domestic comms for anything useful related to the UNSC deliberations/debates/votes" is also important.
John Lettice, 03 Mar 2003

DDR surge favours Infineon, Nanya

Surging DDR SDRAM sales backed by higher prices drove Infineon and Nanya respectively into the top three and top five global DRAM suppliers for the first time, according to preliminary data from US market research organisation iSuppli.
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2003

IETF aims to can spam

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the influential Net standards body, has set up a research group geared to fighting the spam menace.
John Leyden, 03 Mar 2003

Pricey Tungsten T prompts Palm sales slide

Palm's current quarterly sales will be $25-40 million less than it had hoped, the PDA maker admitted to shareholders today.
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2003

World chip sales rise despite seasonal dip

Global chip sales in January were up significantly on the same month last year despite a fall against December 2002's figures, according to data released today by the Semiconductor Industry Association.
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2003

The US M1A2 Abrams, and war as a video game

Over the past few months there's been no shortage of improbable military technology stories lauding the latest in risk-free smart weaponry and cyberwarfare techniques. Today, for example, AP posits spoof text messages from Saddam giving his generals misleading orders. Which we suppose would be dead clever if Saddam habitually texted orders to his general staff, and if Iraq actually had a GSM network. Which it does, kind of, but if you look at the map you'll see a slight snaggette.
John Lettice, 03 Mar 2003

Energis creates 100 jobs

Energis is to create more than 100 jobs after announcing that it has generated more than £1bn in sales in the last six months.
Tim Richardson, 03 Mar 2003

UK distie fingered for selling pirate MS software

UK software distie Blue Solutions has settled with Microsoft for inadvertently dealing in counterfeit Microsoft software. Settlement terms weren't disclosed.
John Leyden, 03 Mar 2003

RIAA website now routable and public

The Recording Industry Association of America website is once again up and running.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Mar 2003

Microsoft quits OpenGL board

ExclusiveMicrosoft has tendered its resignation from the consortium governing the OpenGL standard, signalling an intention to go it alone with its Direct3D graphics platform.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Mar 2003

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