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SCO offers Linux and UNIX courseware for sale to all

SCO announced that anyone can now purchase the company's Linux and UNIX courseware for the purpose of conducting training and certification, but only "authorized partners" will get the best deals.
Tina Gasperson, 26 Feb 2003

M-Commerce for All

Four big European mobile network operators are clubbing together to form the Mobile Payments Services Association.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2003

US drags down HP sales

HP produced sales of $17.9bn for Q1, ended January 31, down slightly on the previous quarter. But cost-cutting fed through to a 49 per cent increase in earnings to $721m.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2003

Easynet is UK LLU leader

Pan-European broadband business Easynet has more than 90 per cent of all unbundled lines in the UK, making it the country's leading local loop unbundling (LLU) outfit.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2003

California High Court refuses to interject in Sex.com case

ExclusiveThe High Court of California yesterday refused to be dragged into the ongoing legal battle between the owner of Sex.com, Gary Kremen, and domain registration giant Verisign.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Feb 2003

Terra Lycos in €2bn loss

Terra Lycos lost a whopping €2bn last year as the global Internet group wiped off €1.4bn in the value of the company's assets.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2003

Three-wheeler in drive for ADSL

Teenagers Alan and Marko Fleming have jumped on the broadband (band)wagon - literally - in a bid to bring ADSL to their hometown of Cupar in Fife.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2003

Existentialist errors, Lent, and other gripes

LettersBill Longman, who describes himself as "Just Another MIS Manager", knows how to get into The Register's postbag:-
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Feb 2003

"OK – I smell a bit" – but leave us BoFHs alone!

LettersOur story SME's sniff at smelly techies brought this impassioned letter to our Tim, which we reproduce in full.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Feb 2003

AOL intros US-only music service

AOL's two million punters in the UK should ignore today's announcement from the US concerning the Internet giant's decision to offer a subscription music download service.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2003

Low-tech solution beats London's hi-tech congestion charge

Unscrupulous motorists are thieving the identities of other cars to beat London's £200m hi-tech congestion charge scheme.
Tim Richardson, 26 Feb 2003

Cryptome Hacked

Cryptome.org was hacked yesterday (February 25) and all files on the site deleted. A message on the site says the files will be restored later today.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2003

You got Flowers! Email scam targets AOL users

Andrew Goodwill, who runs Early Warning, a scheme to warn UK retailers of credit card fraudsters, has uncovered a new email scam targeting AOL users. It's a weird one, which appears to be set up simply for harvesting AOL account details through false pretences. What for? Identity fraud maybe? The scam appears to have been in operation for no more than a couple of days, Early Warning says
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2003

DoJ seizes ISOnews site over Xbox mod chip sales

The US Department of Justice has seized the ISOnews web site, which was a kind of bible for the discerning software copier, and is turning it into a repository of anti-piracy propaganda. The site's remarkable switch of role stems from the sale of Xbox mod chips, in violation of the DMCA.
Drew Cullen, 26 Feb 2003

US given direct access to data on EU airlines' computers

The recent EU-US deal giving US Customs access to personal data on all European citizens flying to the US is far more drastic than originally seemed to be the case. Rather than 'merely' having airlines send the data within 15 minutes of the departure of all flights, the deal means that the US authorities will be accessing it on the airlines' own databases, held on computers that are within EU jurisdiction.
John Lettice, 26 Feb 2003

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